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I'm Batman

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    The Dark Knight
  • Birthday Feb 11, 1914

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    Gotham City , Batcave
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    Tech,Gaming and saving people from the gotham city terrorists... also hanging out with joker too
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    I'm Batman

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    Saving people (not really only ones i love)

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  1. ughm.. what? :huh: dude keep it secret
  2. it has stickers so you can make it any colour you want... well red and yellow is all we know atm
  3. 'You asked for it,We delivered it' -ASUSUSA
  4. seriosly? i used those things to make my lights dimmer? im sure they are not timers :huh:
  5. i dont know what they are called in english but no they are not timers they basicly lower the amount of V that the plug outputs
  6. im basiclly asking will i be able to adjust (lower) the brightness of my LED Strip by using this;
  7. it is 151x65 too small? should i go for a bigger one?
  8. İ was thinking of MALM it is 155x65 i belive (not sure) it is a bot expensive compared to some other İKEA but looks so hot and i cant use the GALANT because i need to run LED STRİPS behing the desk so it has to have thick legs
  9. What do you guys think? what size is the best for a ; -FullTower Case -2 Monitors (1- 27' and 1- 20') -Full sized keyboard -Mouse i was trying to find a desk and i couldnt decide what size to get so what do you guys think , what size should i go for?