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  1. Ram does not really get cheaper they just get bigger sizes and faster speeds. As long as it works on your motherboard and its fast enough for what you are using your pc for then go for it, sales are always a good thing. : )
  2. That will be the final result probably but I am just asking is it possible to run 3x monitors off 2x 7970s that are in crossfire and it will utilize both?
  3. I am currently running 7970 Ghz Edition 6Gb Graphics card @ 7680x1440 and getting not very great FPS at that resolution but I was wondering if I get another card can I CrossFire them and still run my 3x 1440p monitors at the same time for better surround gaming?
  4. Well I am assuming since you clicked on the post you know what I'm about to ask. Do I need a dedicated a sound card? My sound board is the Asus Crosshair V Formula-Z. Would a dedicated sound card improve the quality of my audio or is the on-board good enough? Leave examples of good sound cards if you think I need one.
  5. 1080p gaming or higher? If you are above 1080 you might have issues if not then you will be fine.
  6. What monitor will you be running? 1080p 1440p 1600p if you are only going to have 1080 or under you can get by decently but wont have the best viewing experience. I would say go 2GB just incase, whats your budget for graphics card?
  7. Its not gonna be cheap but what is posted here is 100% correct unless you dont mind waiting around and tons of lockups. I do this stuff daily trust me its not overkill.
  8. Can I ask your current rig specs? Most Photo/Video Softwares benefit with GPU acceleration. How do I know this you ask, its because I am a multimedia producter for few companys. What that means is I do Audio/Video/Photo/Web design and thanks to my dedicated graphics I get it down much faster when less wear and tare on my machine. Also GPU is way faster then CPU so if you have a dedicated GPU things get done much faster. integrated graphics actually use your RAM which is super slow. Example: Current memory standards are 1600Mhz where GPU's are 6000Mhz. Just saying.
  9. This is probably the most amazing this I have ever seen but I have no way of building this I work on computers. lol I wish I could buy it. : ) Thanks for the link.
  10. The cache is just one part that determines the speed of the drive. The platter speed and density and the interface speed also play important roles. As long are you are not editing off the drive and its just for storage you will be fine with a 32mb cache.
  11. I know this is probably a little weird but I need some help picking out a new desk for my gaming rig. I am trying to find a cool desk that is able to hold 3x 27" 2560x1440 display and the rig itself. They type of desk I am looking for is U Shaped Executive style with a hutch. Examples below. http://www.bush-furniture-online.com/pics/5/bush-furniture/bush-series-c-mahogany-u-shaped-desk-and-hutch.SRC004MA.24._raw.jpg http://www.bestar-furniture-online.com/pics/bestar-furniture/bestar-connexion-slate-and-bordeaux-u-shaped-desk-and-hutch.93863-39.26._raw.jpg Looking forward to see wha
  12. Unless I am downloading a huge file or game overnight then I put it into sleep mode because I run Raid 0 SSD so wake up is faster then turning on the monitor. Why waste power and wear your parts down faster.
  13. I usually use my 3 2560x1440 display for surround gaming but lately I have been using my Center display for gaming, my Left monitor for movies/ videos and the Right for browsing the internet or forums for games and what not.
  14. 1090T FTW lol I remember when I got that CPU I still think it was a great multitasker to say the least.