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  1. how about this 1x RX 570 4GB 1 motherboard AM4 or 1151 1 ram 8 GB 1 Ryzen 5 or Core i5 ?
  2. thanks all for the advices i plan run 2 GPUs on one motherboard can you recommend me any CPU (for run 2 mining GPUs) ?
  3. Is time to make an ALL iGPU PCs round (no GPU, only iGPUs)
  4. i still like more the old apple trash can ? it be so cool have a new machine in there ? (and not necessary a apple machine lol) ?
  5. only $6,000 ? just... shut up!!! and take my money!!! ?
  6. but... where is the AMD laptops in the charts ?... oh... nevermind... ?
  7. for me, the best distro to "jump" from Windows 7 is Linux MINT 19.1 they work the same, and in many ways m19.1 is better than w7 (for me at least) one cool program you can also download, Pinta = Paint
  8. yes, i've tried 10, 15, and 20 GB and over time it's not enough ? 30 GB has worked well, but over time it get too close to the limit ? so 50 GB will be the new "standard" to me "for all Linux partitions" from now on ?
  9. Thanks man, they make so complicated such simple questions, you win, Flawless Victory ?
  10. my "Linux machine" works (yay ) i am running a "Linux MINT 19" machine (not a virtual one, a real one) plus STEAM with PROTON and i "download" and installed a FREE game "mmorpg" call in DDO (Dungeons and Dragons Online) and runs well on Linux (and all is free, Linux+Steam+Proton+DDO), i am so happy today ? the process: get Mint 19, get Steam, activate Proton on steam, get and install DDO, play (is that simple) the machine: A10 6800K (apu gpu HD 8670D) + 8GB (at 1866mhz) of ram (yep, that it)
  11. GPU = how much power i need - - - - - RX 570 = 650 watts
  12. CPU - Ryzen 5 2400G (is an APU) Cooler - you "don't need" (use the stock Cooler) GPU - you "don't need" (use the APU gpu) Motherboard - AM4 RAM - 8GB (2x4GB) HDD - 1TB OS - Windows 7 (Windows 10 can kiss my @$$) Case - "any" with a cheap PSU "included" Keyboard - an old PS2 will be fine Mouse - "any" is fine WIFI - "any" wireless usb WIFI
  13. i think that the "8 threads" APU will fit you GREAT (2400G)
  14. take out the 950 off (and price) and use the APU "gpu" and retest
  15. today i use a A10 that is my CPU and my GPU and i am so happy with him thanks all for the many replies