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  1. Hi, I have a Devolo dLAN device that I use to get internet to my computer, using the ring main of course. I was bought a Raspberry Pi and need to connect it to Ethernet, is there such a thing that can split the cable as it enters my Desktop PC so one connection can go to the Raspberry Pi? Googled it and it seems a bit of an art? Cheers D
  2. Just saw this on the news http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-25196031 My question is are we concerned by this? Will the PC be a dinosaur in the future? Please discuss....................... D
  3. Driver 13.11 beta 8 is out that solves a red screen problem on BF4 not heard of blue screen though :-) Try the new driver if you have not already :-) Commodore 64 without the SID?? Whatever!!
  4. Can you get your profile name changed after you set it?

  5. 3 x 120's good idea, don't have enough fan headers, is there some sort of 3/4 pin adapter?
  6. Hi people, Just as above; What is the best for max airflow/Px etc Thanks ;-)
  7. Yep just get the new drivers on a USB stick and BAM your sorted ;-)
  8. http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct.php?prodid=CA-006-IW
  9. Well windows 8.1 on and after having to use an iMAC to get the network driver files it corrupted we are a go!!!1 I like it ;-)

    1. Lord Pantaloons
    2. xxx_skywalker_xxx


      Its okay, had the beta and that was a bit slow to be fair. This seems much faster and seem to have acquired 4GB extra on my SSD? Corsair H80i controller stopped working with it, so cannot change the colors of the LED's. That's it really but overall it feels fresh. The home button is a God send, didn't know I missed it so much!!!

  10. Thanks for the info, had to use the wifes iMAC to get the files......I feel dirty!!!!! lol
  11. Hi, I have a MSI Z77a-G45 gaming board. It has the above network adapter built in. It did work but just installed windows 8.1 new update. Now it doesn't, put the MSI disk in to reinstall but states 'your hardware is not supported on this windows configuration' Any ideas how I can get around this and get my PC back connected to the net? Thanks guys :-) Commodore 64 without the SID?? Whatever!!
  12. Ahh gutted!! I wasn't sure, it may be coming for android you never know!! Commodore 64 without the SID?? Whatever!!
  13. It's brilliant!! Go to spread the word!!! Commodore 64 without the SID?? Whatever!!