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    Intel Core i5-3570K @ 4.5 GHz
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    Biostar TZ77B
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    12GB of random brands DDR3-1600
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    500GB Crucial MX200 and 3 x 160GB drives I found lying around. (in RAID 0)
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    The good old Corsair GS700
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    Logitech G710+
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    Mionix Naos 7000
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    Sennheiser PC350's with a TOPPING VX1 DAC/amp
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    Windows 10 Pro x64

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  1. last resort is get towed. that's by far the best for MPG
  2. Intel falls further behind as ~0nm transistors created

    but it's been covered that those are more for specific purposes rather than general purpose computing like transistors are
  3. Intel falls further behind as ~0nm transistors created

    so what do we do after this? I mean... smaller is no longer an option at that point are we just forever stuck?
  4. Is a PC worth the money

    can't do your school work on a console. PC is just more versatile. that's value to me.
  5. tailgating a semi does work but I HIGHLY DO NOT RECOMMEND it But I did use that to set my 38 mpg record in my miata over a 80 mile drive found the one semi that would only drive 60-65mph and I stuck behind him the whole time
  6. I bought a '01 corolla that did 38 mpg and was in pretty good shape cept for a couple dings that weren't much (that no one noticed) for $3k you can find something...
  7. quote from a friend of mine: "don't be like my brother and sell your truck for gas money"
  8. sapphire HD6950 2GB GDDR5 15 euros?

    used to have one of these. They worked for me well. but the power consumption for what they are is terrible. but hey! if it works it works. If you're thinking about getting a second one OP for crossfire (I did this myself), I don't recommend it. The 6950/6970 in particular was very buggy with XFire. Had lots of strange issues and even sometimes bluescreen loops that were hard to fix and not to mention it didn't work that well in many games. That's the main thing that made me tired of those cards and I had moved to a single GTX 970 haha
  9. Onedrive...

    there's a registry key to remove it from windows explorer as well... Here's the path and the key you change (to zero): HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT > CLSID > {018D5C66-4533-4307-9B53-224DE2ED1FE6} System.IsPinnedToNameSpaceTree = "0" I took this out of my notes; but please google this to confirm what I'm saying is 100% correct especially since this key is not really human-interpretable as "oh that's the one drive thing" by just looking at it.
  10. @warmmilk resist the temptation to make it a race car like your miata
  11. drive like you don't have brakes. Use them as little as possible. coast (preferably in gear) a LOT. that'll by far save you the most fuel out of anything. and this is coming from someone who pretty routinely gets 30mpg out of a miata when im just commuting. no one gets 30 mpg out of a miata.... (though it is mostly highway)
  12. think of the psychology too. "oh man we're at $20k and im up 500%+ lets keep this train rolling" when in reality you should probably think about selling. But what if you sell and it keeps going? im sure people sold at $10k and saw it go to $20k and wish they hadn't missed out. How can one define when "the price is high" in reality NO ONE knows when it will reverse. but when it does; it does. trading is not easy. And if you write a bot to do it; someone can just write a bot that effectively works against you. It's a never ending battle.
  13. if they are using 2.4 GHz then airport wifi just literally got worse. yet more interference lol I'd hope they are using 60 GHz or something if it's just for screening.
  14. I really want to be able to completely rid my life of windows. Plz valve do et
  15. USB to Video output adapters

    looks like a good option for a gpu alternative for people who need lots of screens but dont necessarily need power. First thought is stock trading. Still pretty cool tho