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    Games, cars, computers, Chinese cartoons, football (Seahawks), baseball (Mariners).
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    Honda technician, ASE certified master automobile technician


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    i7 8700k
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    ASUS z370-a prime
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    32gb gskill trident z
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    EVGA 2080 Super
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    phantecs eclipse silent w/ window
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    Samsung 850 evo 1tb ssd
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    Corsair hx 750
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    LG 34GL750 / Dell sg2716dg
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    nzxt kraken x52
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    Logitech G513
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    Logitech g502
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    Sennheiser hd 599
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    Windows 10
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    2019 Razer Blade Stealth

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  1. Yep I wear gloves all day at work, and my area is socially distanced so I don't wear a mask in it. Face ID is what I miss most from my iPhone. The face detection on my S21 is okay, but it can't use it for banking or password managers. The under display fingerprint reader is pretty bad in that use case. Leakers totally got baited with the matte black iPhone and the watch 7 redesign.
  2. Q6600 or 2600/2500k. Both were very good CPUs that lasted a long time before becoming obsolete.
  3. I used it to fix that cracked engine block on the pilot I posted a few months ago. Lasted long enough for the person to sell it.
  4. On anything thats too rusty its very likely to bend/break the caliper mounting ears. Doesn't take much force to start bending them. Saw someone here snap one off a knuckle doing a wheel bearing going full gorilla with the press.
  5. My solution to life Yep they are very good aside from those things. Unfortunately the timing chains are enough to total most the rigs they are in. Old push rod version was great.
  6. We discussed that in discord, its the v6 and has had chains done recently. So all he has to worry about is lower thermostat housing leaks lol.
  7. Oh they better do something about it. Sounds like if theres metal in the pan they just do a new long block. Thats like 9k dollars right there. Likely gotta wait for the district manager to make a trip down here. They doing everything remote again unless for cases like this. On the topic of VCM, I finally did plugs on one of these newer v6s at 110k. This is the person that never takes care of their car, but the timing belt was making a chirp noise (theres a bulletin on it with a kit to install). So they okayed a full service. All the plugs looked very clean. Not oil soaked like the older VCM ge
  8. No its definitely a metallic knock. The phone doesn't pick it up well. The timing belt tensioner noise is pretty different. These motors have issues with lost motion springs on the rocker assembly but those are a tap noise, not a knock.
  9. Been trying to kill my engine. Has had a knock since 1.5k, now at 6k. Been driving it hard. Knock getting worse, but hasn't exploded. Gonna be taking it up with the district manager tomorrow as I also have a rear door rusting from a paint defect.
  10. Currently playing Halo MCC and Destiny 2. Don't play many games anymore. Halo Infinite is about the only game I am looking forward to, and the next D2 expansion.
  11. Its the best time to be seeking employment around here. Everybody is looking right now, and offering bonuses for being vaccinated.
  12. I really like how they look aside from the soft top versions. They look pretty silly.
  13. I've had people pass me on a double yellow while I am going 15 over. Its why I don't go for drives anymore.
  14. Doesn't help that you have to add people driving like absolute maniacs post shutdown, at least where I am at. Hoovies Garage was talking about how his old Gladiator got wrecked and then totaled because you can't get front axles for them right now. Yesterday I found rust on my drivers rear door and I imagine Honda is gonna want to replace the door and repaint. I wonder if I am gonna run into issues with availability.