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    Games, cars, computers, Chinese cartoons, football (Seahawks), baseball (Mariners).
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    Honda technician, ASE certified master automobile technician


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    ASUS z370-a prime
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    2019 Razer Blade Stealth

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  1. Yeah truck prices are way crazy right now. Got 15 year old trucks with 150k + going for 2x what they are worth. "I may know a lot, but I am still pretty dumb." -me 2020
  2. most the time the parts will come with the needed seals. The issue isn't acquiring them, its installing them without tearing them
  3. Or just worn suspension components. If it is power steering related those old fords used teflon seals on the power steering fittings that you have to replace when you open a line.
  4. As far as repair? We don't get any in really. You can do the brake pads on the electric parking brake ones without a scan tool quite easily. For owning? Meh.... the basic C class is like a civic. I'm sure the higher up stuff and AMG stuff is great. Only used cars we get are C classes though.
  5. Depends. Like the N20 has clear design flaws. Whats weird is with a similar setup on the N55, there isn't issues like on the N20. BMW electrical connectors are pretty traditional. Its VWs I sometimes struggle with. Best tip is to use a pocket screwdriver to loosen stubborn lock tabs that wont disengage. Gotta be careful because they break easy. New civic looks terrible. Clear Jetta copy. Wouldn't even consider it.... very disappointing.
  6. I would run em till they are torched and then replace them for non RFTs. Tires for my Honda are nearly 200 a piece and I want to replace them because the OEMs get loud AF after like 5k miles... they are terrible tires. The maintenance wasn't that bad. I researched it all on FCPeuro. The common thing on those are control arms needing replacement. They are cheap enough and I do my own work so not a huge issue. The worst thing I saw was front diff fluid. They wanted to use the BMW G2 fluid, which is like crazy expensive. I think plain 70-90 works instead... at least I think thats what
  7. Honda and probably others sells just the rubber inserts. Which was nice because I could get wipers at employee cost for nothing essentially... but the wipers were pretty bad and I ended up getting bosch anyway lol. About your Touraeg question, I believe the powertrain on those are solid, its everything around it thats a nightmare. I almost bought a BMW X5 recently. The F15s are really nice. Older ones are dumpster fires. Decided to just wait for a truck to pop up that I like instead.
  8. Blizzard has native day 1 support of ARM Macs with World of Warcraft. Hopefully somebody runs it and posts results, because that game is really CPU intensive in certain areas. Saw one review running it but it was likely through Rosetta because the patch came out this morning. https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/t/mac-support-update-november-16/722775
  9. I really don't think you could. The system normally works in tandem with other modules and systems. To code it out, you would have to do it to each of those modules as well. I just think if you tried, you would kill CC all together. Have you tried clearing the code to see if it returns instantly? Also looked up part costs for that unit. Thats insane. On a Honda you could buy both the multipurpose camera and radar for less than the price of one of the distance sensors on that audi, and theres 2. I had to replace a rain/light sensor on my car. That was pretty spendy. Nearly 500 dolla
  10. If its not working it likely has a fault and disabled cruise control completely Honda does this and its pretty annoying... had a loaner that I took to training and as soon as I began the 3 hour trip home the dash lit up like a christmas tree and disabled cruise control. So basically if theres a fault, CC wont work. Otherwise there should be an option in the cars settings itself to disable ACC. Thats in a normally functioning system though.
  11. Yeah. With EVs and hybrids they are just gonna make stuff more difficult and annoying to work on. Service is money to the manufacturer after the sale at the end of the day.
  12. Super fast. Didn't get to go on any backroads nor did I want to because the roads are quite wet right now. The way it just hooks and scoots is intoxicating and feels super dangerous because the grip feels unlimited. I am glad it wasn't disappointing because the 996 was always an icon of my childhood. 488 is pretty crazy though. I still wana drive something in the upper 600-700 hp that isn't some tuner trainwreck. So like that, or a hellcat/camaro zl1. I just have a feeling it won't be as... unique as the 911 was.
  13. @bcredeur97 Finally got to drive a Porsche. I'd say its a good one to start out with
  14. Specific to my car? The LED lights on touring trim civics. Adaptive cruise is nice, but I could with without it.
  15. Apple totally gonna come out with a icon theme and watch face store so they can get their 30% off those purchases as well. Personally I've never cared for icon themes on my phone, even on android. They look neat, but going through the effort or money in this case for something you spend little time looking at on your phone seems silly. 90% of my use time on my phone is in an app.