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  1. I have just had to hide almost 50 posts in this thread. Some of the behaviour in here has been completely ridiculous, and a few of you will be receiving warnings shortly. Read them carefully because if this sort of behaviour continues bans are going to start going around. I am keeping this thread open because the discussion before this utter mess was mostly civil and I hope it can continue in such a way. But let me be clear - stick to the community standards. If anyone breaks them again in this thread the mod team will have no choice but to lock it, and you will receive a warning or suspension from the forum. Keep it civil. If you can't keep it civil, don't participate in the thread.
  2. That was a very interesting read, thanks for posting it. I fully agree with him. I'd love to see a day where DRM dies entirely. Sure, some DRM implementations aren't particularly intrusive - but that's not the issue. The prevalence of DRM in general allows for the presence of DRM which is intrusive, as much of it is. And even if all DRM weren't intrusive, it's still unnecessary. As you've said before in this thread it doesn't benefit the content creators in terms of increasing the money they get, and it certainly doesn't improve the experience for consumers. It's just a hacky way of trying to retain control over the content, which I'm entirely opposed to. I'm someone who believes that if a person purchases something they should be free to use it as they see fit. DHCP is a perfect example. It is conceptually broken, as it hasn't prevented the piracy of modern content to any extent - all it has achieved is preventing those who have legally purchased 4K media from being able to view it on the vast majority of devices out there. My computer was built in 2013 and is still a powerful machine which I feel no need to upgrade. It is easily capable of playing back high bitrate 4K video... yet I can't, because there's an arbitrary copyright protection mechanism preventing me from being able to do so.
  3. Intentionally abusing a flaw with the intention of crashing or breaking someone's device is malicious. There have been reports of people being unable to boot their iPhones after receiving these characters, so I don't see how anyone can consider it mere trolling. It's pretty appalling that Apple allowed for such a bug to exist (and it's one of many such bugs to have existed on iOS in the last few years), but just because Apple screwed up doesn't make it alright for people to abuse the flaw.
  4. Ah, fair enough. The personal opinion part came across more as a summary of the article's contents rather than an opinion. In that case, don't worry about it.
  5. Badge icons have been updated; they should now appear a little crisper and more legible than before (thanks to @Ryan_Vickers for their work on them). With Whaler retiring from the LTT Mod Team, I will now be the one to contact if you have reached a new tier for a Folding badge. Please send a PM to myself and I'll assign the badge to your account when I can.
  6. Just a quick reminder for everyone - we don't allow for political discussion on LTT. I understand that this thread (and all threads revolving around Mr. Pai, the FCC and Net Neutrality) inherently has a lot of political interplay; but please, do your best to discuss the thread at hand without discussing political parties, political figures, political ideologies etc. We know from experience that political threads are inherently a no-no, as they invariably descend into personal attacks and insult-flinging. So stay on topic and try to keep politics out of it, please. Any posts that are too politically focused will be removed, and if people can't control themselves the thread will unfortunately need to be locked.
  7. @SFGEV I have merged both of your threads. If you ever post your topic in the wrong section, please use the report button to notify the mod team and in your report message explain that you wanted to post it elsewhere - don't post a second topic. Using the report button on your own posts or thread won't result in you receiving punishment - it just lets us see your thread and act upon what you've said in the report, allowing us to move it to the correct section for you. Edit: I see you're new to the forum. Welcome!
  8. UK gov unveils extremism blocking tool

    @ppdragos Please update your post with a summary of your own thoughts on the article, as per the section's posting guidelines.
  9. @GabD Please update your thread to follow the Tech News & Reviews Posting Guidelines. Edit: Oh, and welcome to the community.
  10. Get your rigs ready!

    Thread moved to PC Gaming section.
  11. You can also send PMs to myself, I'll mostly be the one handling the badges going forward.
  12. (FIXED) Pc Ethernet Slower than wireless!!

    Alright I've cleaned out this thread. This topic is not for arguing about fiber, duplex, ethernet or anything else; help the OP with his problem or don't bother responding. If anyone starts arguing here again or throws more insults around, your posts will be hidden and you'll receive warning points. Keep it civil, keep it friendly and help the OP. If you can't help, don't post.
  13. Metal Gear Solid V can't start

    @DeaD sh0T I have split your post into its own topic. The Community Standards thread is for discussing the forum's rules, not for troubleshooting things.
  14. Why is windows 10 so hard to use?

    I have quite a few problems with Windows 10's UI too. The first example that comes to mind is the notification popup; why does it have an arrow icon for the button to dismiss the notification instead of a traditional X like it used to have before the Creator's update? Visually the arrow would indicate an intent to act upon the notification, not to dismiss it.
  15. dbrand being imature and unprofesional.

    You're stating your opinion as a fact. You might not like them personally and there's nothing wrong with that, but you shouldn't dictate that opinion to others. Their skins are made of fairly high quality materials, certainly compared to the majority of other skin manufacturers. They also put their skins through a testing programme to ensure they don't in any way damage the device they're applied to; this is why they don't sell skins for the Nintendo Switch as the Switch's paint is damaged by the adhesive used by the skins.