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  1. Import and shipping fees

    Thread moved to Off-Topic. Please check and see which subforum is most appropriate for your topic before posting. General Discussion is for tech discussion topics which have no other suitable section.
  2. College or work?

    Please avoid political discussion in this thread, as it's against the Community Standards.
  3. Wow ltt look at those subs

    Thread locked. Please do not submit topics focused on only a single image, piece of text or meme as it is generally considered status update material or spam.
  4. Important reminder for everyone: discussing politics is against the Community Standards. Any more political discussion and this thread will be locked. I understand this topic is inherently political to a large degree, but there is room for discussion which doesn't lead to a war of words between users of varying political beliefs. Keep it civil and respectful please or the thread will be locked and warnings will be sent out.
  5. Are unoriginal windows 10 safe?

    Please remember that it is against the Community Standards to discuss how to or enable another user to engage in piracy. This includes discussing any techniques which can be used to bypass Windows' activation process.
  6. Add UPlay to the list of Contact Methods

    An entry for UPlay has been added. The list has also been sorted alphabetically which will hopefully make it a little easier to work with.
  7. LTT Overwatch Resolution (Not a video game)

    By and large if it couldn't be brought over to the main site we wouldn't be testing it on the beta site.
  8. LTT Overwatch Resolution (Not a video game)

    Again, on a technical level it isn't feasible. The current reporting system is far too deeply integrated with the rest of the forum software to easily code and implement a replacement. It might be possible - but it would be a huge amount of work and would be a constant source of problems whenever we continue to update the forum software itself.
  9. LTT Overwatch Resolution (Not a video game)

    This isn't possible for two reasons, unfortunately. First it isn't feasible on a technical level. The only way we could currently achieve this would consequently provide those users with almost full access to our reporting and warning systems (which is obviously out of the question). Second it would be at odds with the intended nature of the forum; that all users are equal. Although it sounds like a positive thing to provide longer-term members with benefits for their contributions over the years, this would result in some inherently negative repercussions. It would suggest that longer-term members are worth more / are more important than newer ones (a type of elitism which we have always been against).
  10. PS4 Emulator

    Emulation has always been a bit of a grey area legally. In general we have no issue with discussion of game emulation, provided the discussion doesn't touch on how to illegally obtain copies of the game software or the console BIOS etc.
  11. The best phone I've ever had

    The best phone I've ever had was my BlackBerry Z30. I miss it. I wish BlackBerry 10 had succeeded.
  12. Killer Robots?

    Just to remind everyone, it's against our Community Standards to argue about politics and / or religion. I understand this topic is somewhat inherently political but please try to keep it reasonable - no "country A sucks", "country B shouldn't do this" etc. If things get too political the mod team will need to close the thread.
  13. @The_Tron This topic currently doesn't meet the Tech News section's Posting Guidelines. Please update it to properly quote content from the article (which you can do by clicking the "quote" icon on the editor toolbar) and add an original opinion or thoughts of your own.
  14. Community Standards

    Not at all, we have quite a lot of members with a very high post count who make sure each of their posts are of value or substance. This rule is mostly to weed out people spamming the forum with low quality posts like "first", "yes", "no" etc. It's usually handled on a case-by-case basis because it depends a lot on the context in which their post was submitted. It's also to point out that we don't allow users to intentionally manipulate the reputation or post count systems in any way.
  15. Thread cleaned. Any more insults or "I have more money than you" posts and it'll be locked. Keep things civil please.