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  1. Speedyv

    I need a phone for $200

    Do you know where they bought it? And have they experienced any screen ghosting?
  2. Speedyv

    I need a phone for $200

    Replacing the battery is a huge pain in the ass (need to heat the glue) and has a good chance of damaging the OLED display. And I'm not exactly sure what the problem is with the battery as it went from being totally normal with good life (it's a 3500 mAh) to dying right when I unplug it. So it might be a completely unrelated hardware issue.
  3. Speedyv

    I need a phone for $200

    I love my S6 active but the battery is wrecked and it dies instantly. I can't afford a new phone rn being a college student and all so I'm looking for a used phone in the $200 price range with a decent battery and good features. Right now I'm thinking LG V20. But was wondering if there are other options that I haven't thought about.
  4. Been away from PCs for a while. Just need the best 250 gig SSD for the price for an OS nothing amazing.
  5. Anyone ever installed power door locks on a car with factory manual locks? I'm looking to do it on an 07 Corolla with factory keyless only for the driver's door. So I assume it already has the reciever and alarm and lights wired so I don't need to wire that stuff.
  6. Speedyv

    Any advice on losing weight?

    This is all you need to know bro:
  7. Am I the only who would really like a Camry XSE they look sweeeeet
  8. That's like the difference between Taco Bell and a nice restaurant. They'll both fill you up but they're not really even competing with each other. The Aston is a more special car than a Corvette.
  9. 2018 V8 Vantage: 500 hp around 150k, I think it beats all of the competition around its price.
  10. Speedyv

    How old are you?

  11. Kinda nostalgic. My first post was on page 6 lol. Now there's 5000+
  12. I feel like we've had the burger discussion at least five times before in this thread...
  13. Speedyv

    Why are mods removing Net Neutrality threads?

    There wouldn't be a dispute if it didn't do anything, would there?