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  1. That's like the difference between Taco Bell and a nice restaurant. They'll both fill you up but they're not really even competing with each other. The Aston is a more special car than a Corvette.
  2. 2018 V8 Vantage: 500 hp around 150k, I think it beats all of the competition around its price.
  3. How old are you?

  4. Kinda nostalgic. My first post was on page 6 lol. Now there's 5000+
  5. I feel like we've had the burger discussion at least five times before in this thread...
  6. Why are mods removing Net Neutrality threads?

    There wouldn't be a dispute if it didn't do anything, would there?
  7. How do you guys get your news

    Reddit mostly. I got tired of all the political stuff and stopped using it. But I was way more informed when I did use it though. Not just politics but world news and occourances and such as well.
  8. Saw a Carrera GT this week while walking to school through a tunnel. Sounded amazing. Couldn't snap a picture unfortunately. Also saw two kids driving together in a 458 spider and a Huracan recently. Definitely international students.
  9. If I skipped lecture I wouldn't read the slides either. So I drag myself to all the useless classes I have to take. Seriously, why do MEs have to take bio. Not to mention everybody has to take useless history, religious studies, English, etc. regardless of what you study.
  10. I have black and tan vans pros. They go with anything and look great with some khaki colored laces.
  11. That comes with having dealerships and needing to make a quota.
  12. Im talking about their innovation. And if they wanted to im sure they could. 720s tops out at 360 km/h with no electric motors.