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About Ramamataz

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    The Razgriz ( Ash )

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    Sand Island Airforce Base
  • Interests
    Video games, Engineering, PC's Fixing things. Cars etc.
  • Biography
    A big Boi w Big Dreams
  • Occupation
    Soaring the sky looking for angels


  • CPU
    Ryzen 5 1600
  • Motherboard
    Asus B50M MOBO
  • RAM
    16 GB of DDR4 Corsair RAM
  • GPU
    GTX 1050 TI 4GB
  • Case
    Enermax Ostrog
  • Storage
    Inland 120 GB SSD (OS) 2TB WD Green ( Mass storage and video games) 1TB WD BLUE ( For games and files)
  • PSU
    ThermalTake 600W
  • Display(s)
    Vizio Tv And Sony Monitor
  • Cooling
    Multiple Fans
  • Keyboard
    Wireless Mechanical Keyboard.
  • Mouse
    Rechargeable Wireless Mouse from Friend
  • Sound
    MPOW 051 headsets and Amazon USB speakers
  • Operating System
    Windows 10
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  1. Ramamataz

    Failing HDD

    Hmm if you could, you could clone the drive/make a copy of the drive contents and post it somewhere then pick and pull what you want to the new HDD
  2. I got a big boi surface go with some good attachments. I got a hub, xbox basic controller, a stylus, cover, screen protector. Its literally my mini gaming PC you can run a surprising amount of games on here especially with the 8GB of RAM. I got Dead space 2 running with a good solid 50-40 FPS when using a program that tweaks games for running on low spec stuff. 

  3. Ramamataz

    Unauthorized amazon purchased on my own laptop

    Probably someone remoted into your laptop probably. If you were the only one and you're 100% sure someone didn't access when you were asleep I'm guessing you got remote accessed. Turn off remote access for your laptop, get an anti-virus program and run malwarebytes to find any type of trojan horses or rootkits. Get a dedicated firewall if you can like ZoneFireWall or make sure you turned off any type of remoting into your laptop.
  4. got my self a Surface Go 8GB RAM/128SSD pretty nifty if  I do so say my self

  5. Ramamataz

    gamers nightmare!!! the worst day of my life!!

    YOU COULD fix it, MAYBE. If you take them apart individually and soak them in isopropyl alcohol, then let them dry off completely the alcohol will help make the water evaporate faster. Just make sure not to give them power, sometimes if you let the soak in the alcohol then you might be able to fix them.
  6. Ramamataz

    Boku no Hero

    BIG BOI RIP. Well foruthone I meant.
  7. Ramamataz

    Boku no Hero

    Probably every week, no third season confirmed and the manga is still ahead so yea. read the manga after anime is done.
  8. Ramamataz

    Non-DIY cases using wood?

    you could make you're own case you have all the templates right there. I would suggest using the MOBO as height and then some, GPU as length, then add soem bits and pieces for HDD. But hey that's just me.
  9. Ramamataz

    FC5 worth picking up?

    Far Cry 5 gameplay just like bloody Far Cry 4 and the story is the same both bullshit, both endings garbo. etc
  10. Ramamataz

    How to choose gaming mouse?

    A gaming mouse should have additional mouse keys. Where your thumb rests, this is what I define as "gaming mouse" honestly other than that find one that fits you or your budget. I use a 20$ one my friend got for my birthday.
  11. Ramamataz

    How much is my college isp tracking?

    use VPN or hell TOR even. If you're really that worried.
  12. Ramamataz

    Can someone make this software?

    But do you have money though.
  13. Ramamataz

    What to Get for My Birthday?

    Get a Pocket Operator they're pretty cool little music devices for only 60$ I really like mine it allows you to create music in the form of a small pocket calculator and plenty of tutorials for them. If you would get one I recommend the Pocket Operator 20 Arcade. Though there are several flavors for many people, such as drums & bass, chiptune, live sample configuration and etc.
  14. did ya make sure to turn on your GPU in bios some APU's have that setting I think.