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  1. Perfect, thanks! One last thing, in "chipset" tab, do i need both the " Intel_Chipset_V10.1.1.27 " and " MEI: V11.0.5.1189 " ?
  2. So the only things i need to install manually are chipset/usb/audio and lan?
  3. So my asus z170a+ i3 6100 combo arrived. Can you guys point me to the right direction? Which drivers should i install right after a fresh copy of 10s, chipset/usb/audio/lan? There's like a bunch of drivers there.
  4. Yup read a ton of posts, turning bluetooth on solved many cases. Can i have a link to that?
  5. So i bought a 32gb Nexus 5x, straight outta the box had a wifi issue. While starting a download from playstore, first couple of mb would download at max download speed and then decrease to about 10% of max speed. Problem was solved after turning on Bluetooth. Even though, updated to nougat and installed the hotfix, issue persisted. Went back to store for DoA, they took the phone and send it to service. Service did patch it with some update (no clue why that hotfix is not distributed through the software update settings), got my phone back today. Wifi issue solved, at l
  6. Nope, havent oc or installed Afterburner since my cpu bottlenecks the whole system, i was planning to go harder on the gpu when i got a new mobo/cpu and a monitor. I do not own a second psu, so there's no way of testing that. Will a system crash with the current psu tell us if it's psu issue? Which tab in the Event Viewer is that? edit: Installed msi's afterburner, went to advanced settings put a check on "Enable user defined software automatic fan control", played for about 30-40mins of Shadow warrior, no crash.. Played 10mins Watch Dogs on ultra with
  7. Thing is 380 requires 2x6pins while the 6700hd only 1x6pins, so i tested the 6700hd with both connectors and didnt get a crash. Maybe i can return it, since it hasnt been a year since i bought it, if not then am gonna try it on a friends pc. Psu: https://www.scan.co.uk/products/550w-xfx-core-edition-p1-550s-xxb9-80-plus-bronze-1x135mm-fan-atx-psu
  8. Yeh sure, once i get back home. Had a couple other issues today, one keyboard and mouse stop working while their led was still on. Second, had that "screen freeze-sound goes bananas" crash. Seems that overpushing the system to diagnose whats wrong is killing it.
  9. Its on a drawer, not in. Case has legs so there's an air gap inbetween them. I did change the paste when i switched the cases (about 2 weeks ago).
  10. Yup case is on a wooden drawer. I dont own any other psu to try it. No, i didnt use any antistatic straps. I do think that the pci-e slot is damaged though, what am trying to say is that the first of the two slots(the small one) seems not to make a good contact as the second one, not sure. MoBo is ~6,5-7 years old.
  11. Just inspected them, they dont seem to have any cuts.
  12. Greetings, Got an issue after changing pc cases. Everything is working fine till i load a game to play(tried with Watch Dogs and Shadow Warrior). While playing a game, in the first couple of minutes screen will turn black and pc will restart, going into a loop while speaker is doing a long beep. This wont change unless i remove both 2x6pins connectors from gpu and manually boot the system. I just cant figure out whats wrong. I used to play long sessions with the exact same rig before the pc case switch. Running: Radeon Software Version - 16.9.2 Rad