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  1. Linus's video on the drama appears so dramatic that it in itself may spark drama instead of diminishing it.

    1. lewdicrous


      He didn't mention anyone (not directly at least) and used it more to teach people about the difference between content ID claim and copyright strike.


      The only way I see it making more drama is if the guy in question makes other baseless claims and/or throws out insults

    2. FIXXX


      Not like there haven't been previous videos from other people and Linus generally addresses that in the next WAN show and that's that. Giving this such attention seems to feed trolls rather than abate their rampage.  

    3. lewdicrous


      The WAN show was/is down, so I'd understand why he'd want to make another vid.

  2. FIXXX

    Do With These, As You Please EDIT 02/17 10:06am PST

    And to think that people spent months (if not years) of their lives for these games. And here we are getting them for pennies.
  3. There's so much music to listen to, and I have so little time actually get into it. Such a shame that there are most assuredly tracks among all that mass - that I'd be relistening to for years, yet I'd have to find them first :(

  4. FIXXX

    Steam Lunar New Year Sale

  5. FIXXX

    Steam Lunar New Year Sale

    Here's a tip. Install the games you would like to play. Even if you cannot play right now.
  6. I'm from a poor part of the world
  7. Steam has it on sale so i'm wondering if I should get it at $17.50.
  8. FIXXX


    And I wonder if OP realizes that he effectively misled readers by saying that he: "just write a thing in the chat and I did nothing that bad but I got permantely banned". So nice to get a truth bomb.
  9. FIXXX

    Green Man Gaming

    This is rather a "member review" than a Hot Deals kind of a post.
  10. FIXXX


    So strange to see how people don't realise that they did something bad, even though to most everyone else it's clear. Perhaps OP is rather young? That could explain this, though not excuse it.
  11. FIXXX

    Final Fantasy XIV Fan Fest 2019 Paris

    Warrior of Light How adorable 4500 may seem like a lot, but did it feel crowded outside the main stage area? It'll feel crowded there of course.
  12. Until it does you can totally get your $8-$9-worth of enjoyment. Thus when the 2nd one comes out you may have a better idea of what the playstyle is and may buy the new game so you have more people to play with.
  13. FIXXX

    [Canada] Visions Electronics NAD HP50 $130

    Yup the HP50 are one of my purchase candidates a few years back. When the the chief engineer went to an audiophile conference. RMAF .. I think it was? And reviewers were pretty impressed by them.
  14. No outtages here as far as I can see. For now the biggest annoyances are using the Cover technique (why doesn't it always understand a command to LEAVE cover instead it just moves to a different spot, and other times is understands leaving cover perfectly) and having to run so much from one place to another.