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    Customer Support and QA


  • CPU
    AMD Ryzen R7 1700
  • Motherboard
    Asus Prime x370 Pro
  • RAM
    16 GB Corsair LPX 3000 Mhz (stable at 2933)
  • GPU
    EVGA Nvidia GTX 1070 8GB
  • Case
    Phanteks Enthoo Pro M
  • Storage
    ADATA SU800 m.2 256GB / 500G Crucial CT500MX / 1TB WD Caviar / 4TB WD
  • PSU
    Corsair RM1000
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    34" 3440x1440 Philips BDM3470UP
  • Cooling
    Corsair H100i
  • Keyboard
    Corsair K70 MX Brown (red LED)
  • Mouse
    Utechsmart Venus Mouse / Logitech Marble Trackball.
  • Sound
    Audinst HUD MX1 -> 2x Mackie MR5 MK2 / Sennheiser HD 6XX
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Pro (Retail)

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  1. https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/sunless-sea/home Part of their regular release of free stuff.
  2. Cleared my reddit posts and comment history. Not that it had anything reprehensible but it was just too good of a resource for someone to gather information on me. 

    Should probably have it as "spring cleaning" every year.

    Definitely feels like a weight off me that I didn't realize was there.

  3. Finally EGS has a game on giveaway that I didn't purchase yet and wouldn't mind playing. Thank you
  4. I see there's a Mass Effect package deal on sale. Does that mean we're about to get a Mass Effect 4 release date?! At least there's a chance of that?

    1. Levent


      You mean Mass Effect Legendary Edition? Its just updated rerelease of original trilogy. Upcoming ME game is apparently is still at an very early stage of development.

    2. FIXXX


      1 hour ago, Levent said:

      You mean Mass Effect Legendary Edition? Its just updated rerelease of original trilogy. Upcoming ME game is apparently is still at an very early stage of development.

      Ye. Isn't it common practice for previous series' to be refreshed somehow and brought into the limelight when there's something new coming? I'm certain I've seen this happen several times before.

  5. Robinhood app finally got its' approved ratings. 1 Star. They'll probably re-release under a slightly different name soon after this hullabaloo blows over. 

    1. lewdicrous


      5 minutes ago, FIXXX said:

      They'll probably re-release under a slightly different name soon after this hullabaloo blows over.

      Sheriff of Nottingham would fit perfectly.

  6. For those wondering how long it takes - here's my result: 24 GB (3 sticks of 8GB each) 2933Mhz = 4 passes = 10h 46m
  7. Looks like amazon has those for $356 https://www.amazon.com/Intel-i9-9900K-Processor-Unlocked-BX806849900K-dp-B089J731BX/dp/B089J731BX/ref=dp_ob_title_ce The price isn't far off from the 3700x while the 9900k is up to 10% faster due to slightly better IPC. Your path is clear.
  8. If he's ok with not going Zen yet - a sweet Core I9-9900K will be ballin' for him. @GloredexLook around for a deal.
  9. If you switch from Intel then you may need a RAM upgrade, to 3000 - 3200Mhz since Zen loves fast RAM. On paper the 3700x aint that much worse than 5600x. BUT - it's older. This will likely be your only AM4 CPU, so think on it. They're going to a different socket after this.
  10. https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/darkest-dungeon/home#
  11. Outside of some videos on ShortCircuit and WANShow, I barely watch any LTT videos :( Am I getting old or are the videos just not as interesting as they used to be?

    1.   Show previous replies  2 more
    2. FIXXX


      @Windows7ge it's understandable since they're a business supporting dozens of employees. Thus passion projects are an exception, not the main content that it used to be.

      That's why ShortCircuit was made, I guess. It'll go the way of LTT soon anyway. 


      Even with so many more people, their ChannelSuperFun is basically dead. No way to make money from it thus "fun" is not feasible for them. Being and adult is sad :(

    3. Windows7ge


      Sometimes that's how things have to be. At the end of the day they're a business. If something they do isn't profitable it's subject to receive less attention than something that is.


      You should be happy about one thing though. Last I heard the forum here is an active loss for the company. What they get from advertisers and donations doesn't exceed the forums operating costs and yet they keep it going for us. That's pretty cool of them if you ask me.

    4. FIXXX


      Yes I do recall Linus mentioning. And think he added we are quite active, compared to similar tech forums.

  12. That Electroboom video was boring :( May have sounded fun on paper, but it was quite repetitive.

  13. It was reported just 2 hours ago tho right there undeneath ya
  14. Hey, is it true that you have Bowers and Wilkins PX7? You had a post about them. How is your experience with them? I am thinking of getting those or the on ear PX5 but am looking for experiences thats why I am asking. (See my recent post in Audio Forum)

    1.   Show previous replies  1 more
    2. kanister


      Oh okay. It was a Topic where you wrote: "Bowers & Wilkins PX7 aren't pairing as Audio device." from January 2020. I thought you had them and were trying to figure something out. 


    3. FIXXX


      Aaaa I remember! I have a friend in UK that has these and was having trouble pairing. Since I didn't have them on hand, and his English is not solid enough to seek assistance online - I asked around for him.


      Really sorry for the confusion! Just a year ago and I didn't remember this post at all.

    4. kanister


      No prob haha. Thanks anyways!

  15. Seeing that it's the holidays a'comin' i'd expect AMD has some stock set aside so that there are sales of their products at that time. Even if just as an ad to have "Best seller" next to their icon.