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  1. Informative
    FIXXX reacted to itswillum in The First Tree, Deponia: The Complete Journey, and Ken Follett's The Pillars of the Earth free this week on EGS   
    Here are their respective steam pages:
  2. Informative
    FIXXX reacted to Grand Admiral Thrawn in Shadow of Naught for FREE on Google Play Store   
    Award winning interactive drama is available for free on Google Play Store.
    – Grand Prix (IMGA MENA)
    – Best Meaningful Play (IMGA MENA)
    – Excellence in Storytelling (IMGA MENA)
    – Best Upcoming Game (IMGA MENA)
    – Colossal Leap Award (ADVENTUREJAM)
  3. Agree
    FIXXX got a reaction from AzzaNezz in New PS4 for $100. Is this scam or real?   
    Posting gone. That answers your question.
  4. Informative
    FIXXX reacted to VEXICUS in SSD TIER LIST   
    Welcome to the SSD tier list.
    SSD or Solid State Drive is a storage device containing non-volatile flash memory, used in place of hard drive because of its much greater speed. Unlike a hard drive, a solid state drive doesnt have any moving parts. It has two main components - A flash controller and  NAND flash memory chips.
    More information on solid state drives can be had from here..
    This guide differentiates SSDs in different tiers based on their DWPD, sustained writes, controllers, NAND types and value for money.
    Make Ctrl + F your Best Friend...
    Tier A (Ultra High-end)
    ADATA - S50 (Phison E16), S70 (Innogrit IG5236) Addlink - S90 (Phison E16), S92 (Phison E16), S95 (Phison E18) Apacer - AS2280Q4 (Phison E16) Corsair - MP600 (Phison E16), MP600 Pro (Phison E18), MP600 Core (Phison E16) Essencore - ECT455 (Phison E16) Galax - HOF 4.0 (Phison E16), HOF 4.0 Extreme (Phison E18) Gigabyte - AORUS PCIe 4.0 (Phison E16) Goodram - IRDM Ultimate X (Phison E16) Inland - Performance (Phison E16) KingMax - PX4480 (Phison E16) MSI - Lightning (Phison E16) Patriot - Viper VP4100 (Phison E16) PNY - CS4040 (Phison E16) Sabrent - Rocket 4.0 (Phison E16), Rocket 4 Plus (Phison E18), Rocket Q4 (Phison E16) Samsung - 970 Pro (Samsung Phoenix), 980 Pro (Samsung Elpis) Seagate - FireCuda 520 (Phison E16) Silicon Power - US70 (Phison E16) Team Group - Cardea Zero Z440 (Phison E16), Cadea Ceramic C440 (Phison E16), Cardea Zero (Phison E16) Western Digital - Black SN850 (WD Proprietary), AN1500 (WD Proprietary)  
    Tier B (High-end)
    ADATA - SX8200 Pro v1 (SMI SM2262EN), Gammix S11 Pro (SMI SM2262EN), S50 Lite (SMI SM2267), SX8800 Pro (Realtek RTS5762), Spectrix S40G / RGB (Realtek RTS5762), SX8100 (Realtek RTS5762), Gammix S7 (Realtek RTS5762) Addlink - S70 (Phison E12), X70 (Phison E12) Asgard - AN3 (SMI SM2262EN), AN3+ (Starblaze STAR1000P) Asura - Genesis Xtreme (Phison E12) Corsair - MP510 (Phison E12) Digifast - Ace (Phison E12) Galax - HOF (Phison E12) Gigabyte - AUROS RGB AIC (Phison E12) Hikvision - C2000 (Phison E12) HP - EX950 (SMI SM2262EN) Inland - Premium (Phison E12) KingMax - PX3480 (Phison E12) Kingston - KC2000 (SMI SM2262EN), KC2500 (SMI SM2262EN) LiteOn - MU X1 (Phison E12) Mushkin - Pilot-E (SMI SM2262EN) MyDigitalSSD - BPX Pro (Phison E12) Patriot - Viper VPN100 (Phison E12), Viper VPR100 (Phison E12) Pioneer - APS-SE20G (Phison E12) Plextor - M9PeY/G/GN (Marvell 88SS1093) PNY - CS3030 (Phison E12), CS2130 (Phison E12S) Toshiba / Kioxia - RD500 (Phison E12S), Exercia Plus (Phison E12S) Sabrent - Rocket (Phison E12) Samsung - 970 EVO Plus (Samsung Phoenix), 970 EVO (Samsung Phoenix), 960 EVO (Samsung Polaris), 960 Pro (Samsung Polaris) SanDisk - Extreme Pro NVMe (WD Proprietary) Seagate - BarraCuda 510 (Phison E12), FireCuda 510 (Phison E12) Silicon Power - P34A80 (Phison E12) SK Hynix - Gold P31 (SK Hynix Cepheus), Platinum P31 (SK Hynix Cepheus) Team Group - Cardea II (Phison E12), Cardea Liquid (Phison E12), MP34 (Phison E12), Z340 (SMI SM2262EN) Transcend - SSD 220S (SMI SM2262EN), SSD 240S (SMI SM2267) Western Digital - Black / SN750 (WD Proprietary) Zadak - Spark (Phison E12)  
    Tier C (Mid-end)
    ADATA - SX8200 Pro v2 (SMI SM2262G), SX8200 (SMI SM2262), Gammix S11 (SMI SM2262), Falcon* (Realtek RTS5762DL) [1] Corsair - MP400 (Phison E12S)  Crucial - P5 (Micron DMO1B2) Drevo - D1 Xtreme (SMI SM2262) HP- EX920 (SMI SM2262) Inland - Platinum (Phison E12S) Intel - 760p (SMI SM2262), 670p (SMI SM2265) Lexar - NM700 (Marvell 88SS1092) Mushkin - Pilot (SMI SM2262) Pioneer - APS-SE20Q (Phison E12) Plextor - M9P+ (Marvell 88SS1092)  Sabrent - Rocket Q (Phison E12S) Samsung - 950 Pro (Samsung UBX), 980* (Samsung Pablo) Silicon Power - UD70 (Phison E12S) Western Digital - Black 2018 (WD Proprietary)  
    Tier D (Budget)
    ADATA - SX6000 Pro* (Realtek RTS5763DL), Gammix S5* (Realtek RTS5763DL), SX6000 Lite* (Realtek RTS5763DL), Swordfish* (Realtek RTS5763DL) [1] Addlink - S68* (Phison E13T) [1] Asgard - AN1/AN2* (SMI SM2263XT) [1] Biostar - M700* (SMI SM2263XT) [1] Colorful - CN600* (SMI SM2263XT) [1] Corsair - MP500 (Phison E7) Crucial - P1 (SMI SM2263), P2* (Phison E13T) [1] Gigabyte - NVMe v2* (Phison E13T) [1] Greenliant - ArmourDrive* (Phison E13T) [1] Goodram - PX500* (SMI SM2263XT) [1] HP - EX900* (SMI SM2263XT) Inland - Pro QLC* (Phison E13T) [1] Intel - 660p (SMI SM2263), 665p (SMI SM2263) Kingston - A2000 (SMI SM2263) KLEVV - KRAS C700 / RGB (SMI SM2263), KRAS C710* (SMI SM2263XT) [1] Lexar - NM600* (SMI SM2263XT), NM610* (SMI SM2263XT) Mushkin - Enhanced Helix-L* (SMI 2263XT) MyDigitalSSD - BPX (Phison E7), SBXe 2nd Gen* (Phison E13T) Orico - V500* (SMI SM2263XT) [1] Patriot - P300* (SMI SM2263XT or Phison E13T) [1] SanDisk - Ultra* (WD Proprietary) [1] Silicon Power - P34A60* (SMI SM2263XT) TC SUNBOW - NVMe* (SMI SM2263XT) Team Group - MP33* (SMI SM2263XT or Phison E13T), Z330* (Phison E13T) [1] Toshiba / Kioxia - RC500 (Phison E12S), Exercia (Phison E12C) Transcend - SSD 110S* (SMI SM2263XT) Verbatim - Vi3000* (Phison E13T)[1] Western Digital - SN500* (WD Proprietary), SN550* (WD Proprietary)[1], SN350* (WD Proprietary)  
    Tier E (OKAYish)
    ADATA - SX6000 (Realtek RTS5760), Gammix S10* (SMI SM2260) Apacer - AS2290P2 Pro* (Phison E8T) [1] Corsair - MP300 (Phison E8) Gigabyte - NVMe* (Phison E8T) [1] Inland - Basic* (Phison 8T) [1], Professional (Phison E8) Kingston - A1000 (Phison E8) Lexar - NM500* (Marvell 88NV1160), Lexar NM520 (Phison E8) MyDigitalSSD - SBX (Phison E8), SBXe* (Phison 8T) Patriot - Scorch (Phison E8) Silicon Power - P32A80* (Phison 8T) Team Group - MP32 (Phison E8)  
    Tier A (High-end)
    Samsung - 850 PRO (Samsung MEX), 860 PRO (Samsung MJX) Seagate - Ironwolf 110 (Seagate 500021768)  
    Tier B (Mid-end)
    ADATA - SX950U (SMI SM2258), SU800 (SMI SM2258), SX850 (SMI SM2258), SU750* (Realtek RTS5733DMQ), SU760* (Realtek RTS5733DMQ) Addlink - S20 (Phison S10) Corsair - Neutron XTi (Phison S10) Crucial - MX500 (SMI SM2258), BX300 (SMI SM2258), MX300 (Marvell 88SS1074), MX200 (Marvell 88SS9189) Gigabyte - UD Pro (Phison S10) HP - S700 Pro (SMI SM2258) Intel - 545s (SMI SM2259), 540s (SMI SM2258) Kingston - KC600 (SMI SM2259) KLEVV - NX500 (SMI SM2258) Lexar - NS200 (SMI SM2258), NM210 (SMI SM2258) Micron - 1100 (Marvell 88SS1074), 1300 (Marvell 88SS1074) Mushkin - Triactor 3DX (SMI SM2258)  MyDigitalSSD - BP5e Slim 7 (Phison S10) Neo Forza - NFS06 (SMI SM2258) PNY - CS1311 (Phison S10) SK Hynix - SL308 (SK hynix SH87820BB) Samsung - 850 EVO (Samsung MGX), 860 EVO (Samsung MJX), 860 QVO (Samsung MJX), 870 QVO (Samsung MKX) Sandisk - Extreme Pro (Marvell 88SS9187), Ultra 3D (Marvell 88SS1074) Seagate - Barracuda (Phison S10) SK Hynix - Gold S31 ( Quartz SH87830CC) Team Group - L5 Lite 3D (SMI SM2258), Delta RGB (SMI SM2258), Vulcan (SMI SM2258)  Toshiba - Vector 180 (OCZ Barefoot 3 M00) Transcend - SSD370* (Transcend TS6500), SSD370S* (Transcend TS6500), SSD430S ( SMI SM2258), SSD830S (SMI SM2258), SSD230S (SMI SM2258) Western Digital - Blue 3D (Marvell 88SS1074), Blue (Marvell 88SS1074)  
    Tier C (Budget)
    ADATA - SU650* (SMI SM2258XT), SU655* (SMI SM2258XT), SP900 (SandForce SF-2281) Colorful - SL500* (SMI SM2258XT) Crucial - BX500* (SMI SM2258XT), MX100 (Marvell 88SS9189) Drevo - X1 Pro* (SMI SM2258XT) Gigabyte - SSD* (Phison S11) HP - S700* (SMI SM2258XT), M700* (SMI SM2258XT), P600* (SMI SM2258XT) KingDian - S280 (SMI SM2258) KingSpec - P4* (Maxio MAS0902A) Kingston - UV400 (Marvell 88SS1074), KC300 (SandForce SF2281) , UV500 (Marvell 88SS1074) Lexar - NS100* (Marvell 88NV1120) Mushkin - Source* (SMI SM2258XT), Reactor (SMI SM2258EN), Reactor LT (SMI SM2258EN), Triactor 3DL* (SMI SM2258XT), Raw* (SMI SM2259XT) Neo Forza - NFS01* (SMI SM2258XT) Patriot - Burst* (Phison S11), P200* (SMI SM2258XT) Pioneer - APS-SL3* (Phison S11) PNY - CS900* (Phison S11), CS2211* (Phison S11), CS2040* (Phison S11) Sandisk - Ultra II (Marvell 88SS9190), Ultra Plus (Marvell SS889175) Silicon Power - S55* (SMI SM2258XT), A55* (SMI SM2258XT), A58* (Phison S11) TC SUNBOW - X3 (SMI SM2258) [Although some units in USA and Canada ship with a DRAM-less SMI SM2258XT] Team Group - Elite GX1* (SMI SM2258XT), Elite GX2* (SMI SM2258XT), MS30* (SMI SM2258XT), EX2* (SMI SM2258XT) Toshiba - TR200* (Phison S11) Transcend - SSD420S* (SMI SM2258XT), SSD820S* (SMI SM2258XT)  
    Tier D (OKAYish)
    ADATA - SU630* (Maxio MAS0902A), SU635* (Maxio MAS0902A) Addlink - S22* (Phison S11T) HP - S600* (Marvell 88NV1120) Hyundai - Sapphire* (Marvell 88NV1120) Inland - Professional* (Phison S11) KingDian - S400* (SMI SM2258XT) Kingston - A400* (Phison S11), SSDNow V300* (Sandisk SF-2281), HyperX RGB (Marvell 88SS1074), Q500* (Phison S11T/S13T) Sandisk - SSD Plus* (SMI SM2256S) Team Group - L5 Lite* (SMI SM2256S), Dark L3 (Phison S8), L3 EVO* (Phison S11) Western Digital - Green* (SMI SM2258XT)  
    Tier A (Ultra High-end)
    LaCie - Rugged SSD (Phison E12) Patriot - EVLVR 2 (Phison E12)  
    Tier B (High-end)
    HP - P800* (SMI SM2263) [1] LaCie - Rugged SSD (Phison E12) Sabrent - Rocket Pro (Phison E12) Western Digital - P50 (WD Proprietary)  
    Tier C (Mid-end)
    ADATA - SE760* (Realtek RTS5763DL) [1], SE800* (Innogrit IG5208) [1] HP - P700* (SMI SM2263) [1] Lexar - SL100 Pro* (Marvell 88NV1160) [1] Mushkin - CarbonX* (SMI SM2263XT) Orico - GV100* (SMI SM2263XT) [1] Patriot - PXD* (Phison E13T) [1] PNY - Pro Elite (Phison E8) Sabrent - Rocket Nano* (Phison E13T) [1] Samsung - T5 (Samsung MGX), T7* (Samsung Pablo) Sandisk - Extreme Portable (Marvell 88SS1074) Seagate - Fast SSD (Phison S10) Team Group - PD1000* (SMI SM2263XT) Transcend - ESD350C* (SMI SM2263XT) Western Digital - My Passport SSD (New) (Marvell 88SS1074)  
    Tier D (Budget / Storage)
    ADATA - SC680* (SMI SM2259XT), SD600Q* (Maxio MAS0902A), SD700 (SMI SM2258) Buffalo - SSD-PSMU3 (Phison S10) HP - P600* (SMI SM2258XT) LaCie - Portable SSD (Phison S10) Lexar - SL200* (Marvell 88NV1120) Mushkin - Source Q* (SMI SM2259XT) PNY - Elite* (Phison S11) Seagate - One Touch SSD (Phison S10) Silicon Power - Bolt B75 Pro* (Phison S11), PC60* (SM2259XT) Team Group - PD400 (SMI SM2258)  
    PM me for any changes.
    Updated - 04/04/2021
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    FIXXX got a reaction from Paul Rudd in Deadlight Director's Cut FREE on GOG March 19th   
    grabbed! ty
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    FIXXX reacted to Paul Rudd in Deadlight Director's Cut FREE on GOG March 19th   
    Deadlight DC is FREE right now on GOG provided you already own ONE Deep Silver game in your GOG library.

    421 Mostly Positive reviews on Steams Deadlight Directors Cut.
    Metro Last Light Redux was given away for free on GOG a few months ago so if you claimed that game then, you now qualify to get Deadlight DC now. I already claimed it and just claimed Deadlight DC just now.
    When you visit the Deadlight DC page above, it shows it as $11.99 but the moment you put it in your cart it instantly changes to FREE as long as you already have ANY Deep Silver game in your library.
  7. Informative
    FIXXX reacted to kingmustard in Huawei Band 4 experience – and why I returned it…   
    I was looking for a device that tracked some basic health functions. I don't do sport, so I don't need GPS.
    The Huawei Band 4 is £30 (free home delivery from most retailers) and comes with a black, pink or orange strap.
    If you buy two on Huawei’s website, you can them both for £50. However, the second one must be pink or orange, and delivery is £5.
    I have a Huawei P30 Pro phone, so the Huawei Health app was pre-loaded. Syncing and updating the Band was simple.
    First day
    The Band counts sleeps of under three hours as a nap and it detected my nap perfectly. First night
    I went to bed around 2am. I woke up twice in the night. My alarm was set up 8am but as it’s the weekend, I snoozed it twice (8am and 8:10am) and went back to sleep until 10:00am. Whilst the Band successfully detected my 2am-10:00am time in bed, it didn’t realise that I turned off an alarm, so it thought I actually awoke four times through the sleep, which skewed the results as it thought I kept waking up. When my phone alarm went off, the Band vibrated (nice feature). Whilst the Band is clever enough to know about phone alarms (though it didn't detect my Android-based Lenovo Smart Clock alarms), it didn’t seem to be clever enough to realise my snoozing was not a normal ‘wake up in the night’ and count the last two hours as, basically, a nap. Second day
    It detected my nap perfectly. Second night
    I went to bed around 12:00am and woke around 7:00am. The Band said I was sleeping between 3:45am and 7:00am. In reality, I went to the bathroom around 3:45am. The Band had no recollection of me sleeping between 12:00am and 3:45am, causing the app to tell me I have had insufficient sleep and having skewed results/sleep recommendations. Other notes
    The heart rate tracker appeared to work perfectly fine. It seems to measure my heartrate many times per hour. The battery life, including with continued heart rate tracking and Huawei TruSleep enabled, was excellent. Though I didn't keep it long enough to know for sure, I expect it to last at least five days between charge. The manual says charging takes around 1.5 hours. I unfortunately had to turn off the ‘raise to wake’ function as the screen kept coming on randomly whilst I was moving around in bed. There is no automatic brightness option (either via. an ambient light sensor or by downloading the local time of day) so this got annoying at night. A time-scheduled 'raise to wake' would be a nice option. When you press and hold on the Band home screen, it vibrates and allows you to change the clock face. However, when moving around in bed at night, if you rest the screen anywhere on your body, it not only turns the screen on but vibrates randomly through the night and potentially messes with your clock face. There appears to be no ‘lock screen at night’ function. Whilst it tracks SpO2, you need to trigger this reading manually. This is presumably because it takes 30 seconds or so, and you should be still. All fair enough, but if someone was hoping for continuous SpO2 tracking, it’s not realistic. Not on this device, anyway. Not sure about other devices. There appears to be no way to share the data between Google Fit, Runkeeper etc. There was no ‘Data sharing’ option anywhere in my version of the Huawei Health app (v11.0.4.523).
  8. Informative
    FIXXX reacted to itswillum in Wargame: Red Dragon free on EGS until next Thursday   
  9. Informative
    FIXXX got a reaction from Paul Rudd in Black Desert Online FREE on Steam February 25th   
    It's free as a base game and stuff. But there's lots of drawbacks in not having a subscription "buff" Premium so-to-speak. Not a sub as such.
    I can definitely recommend those that haven't played in a few years - give it a try. And those that haven't - do so. It's a masterpiece with barely any good competition.
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    FIXXX got a reaction from metaleggman in [EGS] Sunless Sea - Free till Mar 04 at 06:00 PM   
    Part of their regular release of free stuff.
  11. Like
    FIXXX got a reaction from itswillum in Absolute Drift, RAGE 2 free on EGS   
    Finally EGS has a game on giveaway that I didn't purchase yet and wouldn't mind playing. Thank you 🙂
  12. Informative
    FIXXX reacted to Windows7ge in Testing for RAM Errors w/ MemTest86   
    What is MemTest86 and how does it work?
    MemTest86 is an x86 based system memory (RAM) testing tool. Despite it's name and origin the latest free versions have compatibility with modern UEFI x64 based systems. What MemTest86 does is it uses a series of algorithms to write blocks of data to system memory then it reads those blocks back. If the data read matches what was written then the blocks pass. If the data read doesn't match what was written then an error was encountered. Under normal circumstances on a stable system no errors should be found but in the event of overclocking, hardware degradation, or DOA memory anywhere from a few to many errors can be encountered. How many errors are too many would have to be defined by how stable your computer is. If you're following this tutorial and fixing any errors you have makes your system stable again then you had too many.
    How do I use it?
    MemTest86 boots into it's own environment independent of your Operating System so you're going to need three tools:
    A sacrificial thumb/flash/pen drive. NOTE: All pre-existing data on this drive will be erased! MemTest86, the .ZIP of which can be downloaded from the official website: https://www.memtest86.com/ A means of writing the image file to your sacrificial drive the steps of which vary depending on your Operating System.  
    Installing the Image File to Your Drive
    Running MemTest86
    Connect your MemTest86 drive to the suspect computer and turn it on. Now booting to a USB drive may not be set as a higher priority than your default boot drive or be set at all. In either case you may have to enter your BIOS and manually select the USB drive to be booted first in the Boot Priority menu. Alternatively many BIOS's support a Boot Override menu via F10 or F11 at startup. Some even support boot override from within the BIOS menu itself.
    Once you successfully boot to the USB drive the first thing MemTest86 will do is start querying the system for information:
    Retrieving hardware info. Please wait... Getting CPUID info... Getting cache size... Measuring CPU/cache/mem speeds... Retrieving CPU MSR data... Getting SPD details... Getting memory controller details... Testing multiprocessor support...  
    After this you'll be shown a splash-screen:

    From here to run a simple memory test wait for the timer denoted above to expire and a test will begin automatically:

    At this stage allow the test to run to completion. How long the test will take is proportional to how much RAM you have. The more RAM the longer you will have to wait.
    When the test finishes MemTest86 will bring you to a results page to show you what errors it found if any. If you do have errors there are multiple approaches to troubleshooting them. Most methods are easy but there are progressively more difficult steps if initial troubleshooting doesn't yield results.
    Easy Troubleshooting Steps
    Disable X.M.P./D.O.C.P. Re-seat the memory. Swap the memory around in their slots. Remove a stick entirely and re-test. Intermediate Troubleshooting Steps
    Loosening RAM timing/frequency manually. Replacing RAM entirely. Difficult Troubleshooting Steps
    Testing a different motherboard Testing a different PSU Testing a different CPU  
    Closing Thoughts
    MemTest86 is a very powerful tool for recognizing memory errors when troubleshooting an unstable computer. It's worth keeping in your pocket if you work on systems regularly. It's also worth noting that MemTest86 and it's fork MemTest86+ may not find errors on the first pass. You may need to run it more than once before it picks something up.
  13. Informative
    FIXXX reacted to itswillum in Crying suns is free on the EGS until next thursday (14/1)   
    here's the steam page:

    Make sure that you grab the full game and not the demo
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    FIXXX reacted to OneMember in Inside FREE on Epic Games December 24th   
    Epic Store gives Inside for free during December 24th.
    This is puzzle x platform type indie game that simply sucks you into darkness...
    94% Critics Recommend value at OpenCritic and 96% positive reviews on Steam.
  15. Informative
    FIXXX reacted to OneMember in Metro 2033 Redux FREE on Epic Games December 23th   
    Epic Store gives Metro 2033 Redux for free during December 23th.

    It has 85% positive feedback on Steam.
  16. Informative
    FIXXX got a reaction from Tristerin in Keep "Older" R7 1700 and upgrade to R7 3800x once it drops to $250-ish OR push though for AM5   
    Probbz sililcon since the cooler is 250W rated and at light loads it under 35C with 25C room temp.
    Lottery passed me by
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    FIXXX reacted to JZStudios in Serious Sam First Encounter free on GOG   
  18. Funny
    FIXXX got a reaction from Letgomyleghoe in Steam SUmmer sale $5 off!!!!   
    Yes! I don't have any money, electronically speaking, at the moment. YES! I will overcome this sale!
  19. Funny
    FIXXX got a reaction from fpo in Steam SUmmer sale $5 off!!!!   
    Yes! I don't have any money, electronically speaking, at the moment. YES! I will overcome this sale!
  20. Agree
    FIXXX got a reaction from Paul Rudd in 2K's "Play Together" Humble Bundle   
    That's probably a solid 300 hours of pure gaming right there. Git em boyz!
  21. Informative
    FIXXX reacted to Techstorm970 in FREE Game at UP Valued at $19.99 on Steam April 14th-17th NOW AVAILABLE   

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    FIXXX reacted to Paul Rudd in FREE Game at GOG Valued at $11.99 on Steam April 3rd   
    This $11.99 Game is FREE right now on GOG. Steam link... Link.

  23. Informative
    FIXXX reacted to Eschew in [Steam] Ubisoft Publisher Sale! Up to 75% Off! (Ends March 26)   
    Everything Ubisoft is on sale! From prominent titles like Assassin's Creed: Origins and Far Cry 5 to wacky ones like Rayman Legends and South Park! Hate mainstream Ubisoft titles but interested in their classics, lesser known games, and VR titles? Those are on sale too! Only got $5 to spare? No worries, check the ones going for $3.39 or even $1.24! Got absolutely no cash? Brawlhalla is Free to Play! Grab 'em while the sale lasts, 'cause I don't actually know how long it'll last! (Update: Sale ends on March 26.)
    Ubisoft Publisher Sale Link! & The Entire Ubisoft Game List Link!
    Everything (except VR) is UNDER $30! Even the Bundles!
    List of Games and Links
    Listed prices will be in USD, but Steam is an online store and will convert to and handle purchases in your local currency.
    Asterisk (*) Notes
    Child of Light at $0.00 (vs. $5.09) on Ubisoft! This offer ends on March 28! (Credit: Beowulff83) Rayman Raving Rabbids at $2.99 (vs. $3.39) on GOG.com: This offer ends on March 30! (Credit: GOG.com Spring Sale!) Watch_Dogs at $0.00 (vs. $7.49) on Epic Games: This offer ends on March 26! (Credit: Polemical)  
    I am not affiliated with Ubisoft in any way, shape, or form, I just thought this sale was really neat. With my priorities being on finishing my PC build, I can't really take advantage of this sale, but the least I could do is share it. If you found a good deal outta this, awesome. 😁 If you know that certain games can be found at way lower prices or for free, please let me know! I'll be sure to add additional notes to the thread.
    Source: Ubisoft Publisher Sale by Ubisoft on Steam.
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    FIXXX reacted to Eschew in [Steam] Ubisoft Publisher Sale! Up to 75% Off! (Ends March 26)   
    Thank you! A little praise makes the work worth it. 😁
    Also I love how your profile pic is clapping. 👏😀
  25. Informative
    FIXXX reacted to TVwazhere in Borderlands 3 is now on steam! $30 now through March 20th   
    Rejoice all ye who've waited for April 2020 for Borderlands 3, for Christmas has come early!

    ($30 base game, $40 Deluxe, $50 Super Deluxe [includes season pass, normally $39.99 by itself])
    And yes, for your friends who bought it on Epic Games, there's cross platform compatibility!
    And if for whatever reason you want to get the steam version and play on that instead:
    I cant wait to get home and install this! Patience pays off!