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    Lauen got a reaction from DocSwag in AMD Zen Initially only Coming With 8-Core Dies-8 Core and 6 Core Zen CPUs to be the First to Hit the Market   
    Not sure what you're not understanding. What he's saying is: AMD need to price it according to their performance relative to Intels CPUs. 
    They can't really afford to undercut Intel as they don't have a whole lotta money, while Intel does. 
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    Lauen got a reaction from DocSwag in AMD Zen Initially only Coming With 8-Core Dies-8 Core and 6 Core Zen CPUs to be the First to Hit the Market   
    Yeah this is what I found. 
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    Lauen reacted to patrickjp93 in AMD Zen Initially only Coming With 8-Core Dies-8 Core and 6 Core Zen CPUs to be the First to Hit the Market   
    This time 4 cores share an FPU/Vector Unit
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    Lauen got a reaction from Enderman in Upgrading to Windows 10 just opens Windows Update   
    Looks like the option to just download an ISO straight off MS' site is gone, but the Media Creation Tool thing is currently downloading it for the upgrade through that. Hopefully this one works. 
    I would look you in the eye and thank you but looking at endermen isn't a good idea for noobs like me. 
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    Lauen got a reaction from Enderman in Upgrading to Windows 10 just opens Windows Update   
    Yeah I did that when I saw that I couldn't just download the ISO. All is well now, Windows 10 has been installed. Thank you! 
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    Lauen reacted to JoaoPRSousa in Raspberry Pi 3 is out   
    You just made my night
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    Lauen reacted to RevyOcelot in Qpad QH-90 or Steelseries Prisma   
    The Qpad QH-90 are identical to the the HyperX Cloud. They are both cloned from the Takstar Pro 80.
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    Lauen reacted to Tataffe in Microsoft ports the best software keyboard ever to IOS   
    I do not like the iOS keyboard at all. Switched to SwiftKey the day it came out for iOS, and I'm very happy with that, except for a few occasions where it's either slow or does not work at all. I I might check the WP one out, though.
    It must be mentioned though that I have big hands (among other things) and am very inaccurate on touchscreens. My brother threatened to give me a shirt that says "touchscreen dyslexic" for christmas ...
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    Lauen reacted to JuztBe in Breakthrough in battery tech.   
    I keep hearing about new battery technologies every year. Nothing has changed yet
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    Lauen reacted to GoodBytes in The last Lumia ever, but not the last windows phone from Microsoft.   
    The Lumia 950 XL, is a fine phone. It works great, it is solid. I know, I have it.
    This is my first Windows Phone ever. I got it because worked was willing to purchase any phone of my liking 100%, and that is a personal phone not company. So I took this opportunity to try this eco-system. Honestly, beside some bugs here and there, which are mostly minor, and battery life improvement which I expect Microsoft to resolve shortly, I find it a great phone, it even surpassed my expectations.
    Windows Maps is actually good, and the turn by turn voice navigation is the only one I used personally that doesn't fail miserably saying French street names. It sounds like an English person that knows French and tries to pronounce it. Very cool. And before I switch to the platform, thanks to Universal Apps, I tried Windows Maps, amongst many other under Windows 10 on my desktop, and all Google Maps search I did to get direction, where also done on Windows Maps, and both ended up with the same or very very similar results. It only failed once. On a new building that was build recently, Google Maps had the unofficial access road build, while Windows Maps didn't, so the destination was placed next to the place. I'll talk way more about teh software in my review, but it is only good. Which personally I didn't not expect that from many readings.
    Why the Surface Phone?
    Here is the problem. Windows 10 Mobile is a mature OS, finally at least. It is joy to use, especially if you look for a unique experience, and don't care about games and apps (although it has more and more apps)
    The problem with Windows Phone is the branding. Where Windows Phone works: U.K, some areas in Europe here and there, and India, where those location where Nokia strong points. People know the Lumia brand. People associate it with quality, great experience, ease of use, and amazing camera on the high-end models that pushes the industry forwards. You have TV ads for the Lumia phone there!
    Sadly, Lumia anywhere else, is just unknown. People see it, and goes "Oh Lumia... ok.. I guess it is like ZTE or some shit company, let me put the phone back". It doesn't help that in many regions especially in North America, people have a distaste for plastic. Even though a plastic phone is great. It is light, plastic can be done right and not feel cheap, allows wireless charging, don't have to worry about scratches, and more grippy. Also, you can have the back removed for removable battery, and allows dual sim.
    So the Surface team is taking the lead in developing a Windows Phone. While people pushed aside and laugh at the Surface branding at first. The sheer popularity of the device and great presenter, and great marketing, push Microsoft to make multi-billion dollars revenue out of it, and now all the OEM that complains, including Samsung, are now releasing their own 2-in-1 system competing against the Surface line, and people taking the device seriously.
    People associated the Surface brand as: expensive, but solid product, best Windows experience, innovative, best digitize pen technology for note taking and sketches, a proper tablet experience that is also a laptop. People know the Surface, my mother knows Surface, and she knows nothing about computers.
    A Surface branded Windows Phone, you'll see, will push things for Windows 10 Mobile ecosystem. It won't sale millions and what not like Apple. Of course not, It will still be third place for a while. But at least, it should make it have a larger market share than now, as people would at last give the device a chance.
    Say what you want about Windows 10 Mobile and the Lumia 950 / 950 XL, but those device has catch developers interest. Despite having such a small market share, devs are like "We don't have to make a universal app, and that universal app doesn't need to be on mobile.. but what the heck...". While the movement is relatively small in reality than what I make it perhaps sound like, but at least there is something, unlike before.
    Do I recommend the Lumia 950 (XL)?
    NO! Not as we speak. I know I just contradict myself. But the phone experience isn't there yet for the best experience possible (not up to my standards), and the OS requires further optimization to reduce power consumption, and it would be nice to have a coat of polish. It is almost there, but not 100% there. In any case, the biggest problem are apps. If you don't care about apps, like me, than knowing what you are getting, it can be a device to consider, especially if you seek for a different experience than Android and iOS. If you care about apps, then you have to be careful. You have to not only make sure your app are there, but that they are not a quick port and called a day, and newer apps where there is interest by developers like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so on, while I don't use these apps/services, they are chances that it lack some features, as they have not been added yet, so you need to check for that.
    In a year from now, or maybe 6-8 months, I might start recommending the Windows Phone, if the developer interest continues to grow and not just a blip, and if Microsoft can polish the OS and optimize it more.
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    Lauen reacted to Starelementpoke in Alphabet/Google is about to become the most valuable company in the world   
    Funny enough, look at the 3 letter blocks in the top left.
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    Lauen reacted to Pomfinator in HD558 - Upgrade the sound   
    Then you're going to have to live with it.  As far as I can tell, this is a signature problem and not a problem with the audio pipeline itself, unless you're getting hissing.
    You could try playing around with the EQ on your PC to boost the treble a little bit.
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    Lauen reacted to SSL in HD558 - Upgrade the sound   
    If the 558 is expensive for you, I don't know how you expect to afford a sound card or amp.
    I'd say your best bet is a Syba DAC+amp or an Asus DGX. Probably a waste of money, though.
    First, though, you should take stock of the options on your motherboard. Try the front vs back audio jack, installing the correct drivers, setting to headphone mode and not surround. Disable effects, and so on.
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    Lauen reacted to SSL in HD558 - Upgrade the sound   
    head-fi is filled probably 95% with people who know as much or less as the reglulars in this sub. There is a vast amount of noise, hype, shilling, and anti-science on head-fi that makes it a minefield for anyone trying to get into audio.
    In any case, recommending that other people leave this forum is counterproductive to the point of having one in the first place. It's ignorant and unhelpful. Given that have you never or rarely post in the audio sub here, I don't know why you think you're qualified to judge it.
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    Lauen got a reaction from Steven9595 in 165/240hz monitor   
    240 hz isn't a thing. If you're talking about that Eizo monitor, it's a 120 hz panel with frame doubling and double backlight blinking. Not worth it. 
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    Lauen got a reaction from Sakkura in 165/240hz monitor   
    240 hz isn't a thing. If you're talking about that Eizo monitor, it's a 120 hz panel with frame doubling and double backlight blinking. Not worth it. 
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    Lauen reacted to SSL in Seneheiser 598's vs. 598 SE's   
    Imagine if you got the HD558 which is basically the same headphone for under $100. Or the HD518 which is pretty similar for half the price.
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    Lauen reacted to KaminKevCrew in Seneheiser 598's vs. 598 SE's   
    What a novel concept.
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    Lauen got a reaction from ApolloEleven in SteelSeries Siberia V2 vs kingston hyperX cloud   
    I've had 3 pairs of Siberia v2's. All got the same issue after a while, sound in right side stopped working. One did it after 6 months, one did it after a little over a year, and one lasted close to 3 years. 
    OP: HyperX Cloud's are much better, get them. I've tried both. HyperX Clouds sound very good, with decent balance. The Siberia V2's sound hollow and are not very detailed. 
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    Lauen reacted to TheSniperFox in Noise cancelling microphone for gaming with speakers (Teufel Concept D)   
    Hey Jettt,
    thank you for your help and tip to get a dynamic microphone. I am using the Samson Q1U right now, because the Audio Technica wasn't available in Germany. It does work pretty well, even with a distance of 30 cm from my mouth, it is recording in games, also music etc. just my voice. Awesome. Now I am looking forward to get a better microphone stand and a pop filter.  
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    Lauen reacted to xtroria in Will I notice a huge difference?   
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    Lauen reacted to Vitalius in [PSA] New Windows update breaks dual booting Windows with Linux.   
    You will most likely not be affected by it, in regards to Elementary OS.
    The Windows system will install the partition on the drive that Windows is installed on. And Windows will update the bootloader with where it's new partition is.
    The issue with this is that Windows adds a new partition. Grub thinks your Linux partition is (hd0,gpt4), as an example. When Windows adds the new partition, it updates the EFI partition with it's new location, but does not update it for Linux.
    So your Linux partition goes from (hd0,gpt4) to (hd0,gpt5) because of Windows' new partition, but that's only if they are on the same drive.
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    Lauen got a reaction from Vitalius in [PSA] New Windows update breaks dual booting Windows with Linux.   
    I have no idea if I'm affected by this, as my bootloader and Elementary OS install is on another SSD. Haven't booted it up in a while tho, maybe it's time to do that.