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    The thread has been answered, so I'm going to lock it before it devolves too far.
  2. Secuirty Thread

    There's not enough content to justify a whole section for it, especially as we already have a huge number of sections.

    Due to CES, there's a bit of a backlog of support requests at the moment. Assuming you sent the email to floatplanehelp@gmail.com, your support request will be dealt with in due course, but there's nothing that can be done to speed that up.
  4. Please move support buttons

    The Floatplane support link is in every place I could think of: Footer Announcement in LMG Floatplane Several staff members' signatures The store nav bar Announcement in the store FAQ Pinned in Bugs and Issues People who haven't found it in those places probably won't find it wherever we put it.
  5. 'Enter' key goes mental when typing long comments

    Next time it happens to anyone, can you Ctrl+Z to undo it so it's in the state it was in before it disappeared, then right click on the text in the editor (doesn't matter what part of the text) and click "inspect" (or "inspect element" in some browsers). It should open the dev tools with a line highlighted. Without clicking any other lines in the inspector, switch to the Console tab and enter $($0).parents(".cke_wysiwyg_div").html() It should output some text. Copy that output, and paste it into a code tag in this topic (<> in the editor toolbar).
  6. 'Enter' key goes mental when typing long comments

    I've tried before, and again today, but I can't seem to reproduce it. Can you see if you can find a way to reliably reproduce it? If not, can you point out a couple of posts where this has happened and what had been written in the editor at the time that the problem occurred?
  7. 'Enter' key goes mental when typing long comments

    You didn't get a response because I was initially waiting for more people to reply, to see how widespread the issue is, then take it from there. Nobody else did reply, and it looks like I then forgot about it (I did reply in the first topic though, but you didn't answer my question). Does it happen after pasting content, or can it occur when just typing from an empty editor?
  8. Google security checkup tells me LTT is insecure

    I knew Google had started flagging basically everything that uses their APIs as insecure, but emailing everyone to denounce it as insecure is a bit overboard IMO. I had filled in the form to get it verified, so I'm guessing it was rejected. I don't have direct access to the email used so I will try to follow that up. We barely get any information from Google signin, so I'm not sure why they are doing this.
  9. Skype finally gets End to End Encryption (sort of)

    Facebook messenger only end-to-end encrypts messages on explicitly created secret conversations. All the others are readable (and I believe read, parsed and learned from) by Facebook. The problem is partly that there are usability tradeoffs when using end-to-end encryption, because for it to be useful the keys have to be managed by you and not by the service. That's why FB messenger secret conversations are only available on the device you sent them from (not from the web version), and WhatsApp and Signal's desktop/web applications require you to scan a QR code on your phone to set them up. Hangouts is encrypted to the same degree as Skype already was - HTTPS (between client and server) but not end-to-end.
  10. email notifications

    Oops, it looks like the change that I mostly reversed had also incorrectly inverted the logic (> rather than <). Hopefully it should be fixed now.
  11. email notifications

    I've identified the source of the issue, and deployed a fix. If you continue to have issues, please let me know and I'll investigate further.
  12. email notifications

    Looks like I can reproduce it. I'll look into it and report it to the devs.
  13. Wan Show Weird Times

    Have you recently changed time zone (either physically or by changing the time on your device) by any chance?
  14. email notifications

    I can't see any reason in the code why this would fail. Is anyone else having the same issue?
  15. How do I pay for Floatplane in bulk?

    I don't know I'm afraid, though my guess would be somewhere between 1 and 4 months (but I'm not actively participating in the development at the moment, so that is a very rough guess, (I'm sure it's not going to release in January and will release in 2018)). However, it's my understanding that if you subscribe now, you are locked in at the current price, and when the new site launches the price will be going up (though I'm not sure whether it's immediately or after a period of time, and additional terms and conditions may apply, etc).