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    UK, Center of the Observable Universe
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    ┌ I was born.

    ├ I found LinusTechTips.
    └ Now.
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    Developer, Moderator and Student


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    Intel core i5 3570k @ 4.4GHz
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    ASUS sabertooth Z77
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    4x4GB Corsair Vengance
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    EVGA GTX 780 Superclocked with ACX cooler
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    Coolermaster HAF X
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    250GB Samsung SSD (non-pro) + 1TB WD Black + 500GB WD blue
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    Corsair HX750 semi-modular
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    Dell U2515H 1440p Monitor
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    Microsoft Sidewinder X4
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    Sharkoon Fireglider
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    Steelseries Siberia V2
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  1. colonel_mortis

    can't post status updates

    Does it work if you create it by clicking the box on your profile?
  2. colonel_mortis

    status update (small change)

    Change it from "colonel_mortis has replied to a status update" to "colonel_mortis has replied to a status update by colonel_mortis"? It makes sense, and I will look into changing it for the next update (I can't guarantee that it will be possible though, and the estimated time frame for that update is mid 2019). Really, the whole notification system for status updates needs an overhaul, but unfortunately more major work would need to be done upstream by the forum software devs, not by me. Despite putting quite a bit of effort into convincing the forum software devs that status updates need work (and even offering to do it for free), they have been ignoring me, so there's not much chance of changes beyond this.
  3. colonel_mortis

    All Activity Auto Update

    That would make sense, though it's not super simple to add because if you are scrolled below the top it would be very annoying for the posts to keep jumping down, and implementing scrolling for that is somewhat complicated. I will pass it onto the forum software devs though.
  4. On OCN, there are only two registered artisans (assuming the list in your first link is accurate, which I would hope it is). It's an interesting idea, but it would definitely need to get more use than that for it to be a sensible thing to implement. I will discuss it internally though, and if anyone would be legitimately interested in selling please do let me know what sort of thing would make sense for you (what you would be offering, who you think you would be offering the services too, etc).
  5. colonel_mortis

    Floatplane Support

    Your role should be synced to Discord now, thanks for reporting.
  6. colonel_mortis

    Floatplane Support

    If you subscribed on floatplane.com, you should get the role on Discord if you linked your FP and Discord accounts on fp.com, but you don't get anything on the forum at the moment. If you're not getting any discord roles, what's your discord username, and I can pass it onto the FP team?
  7. colonel_mortis


    (Moved to Troubleshooting)
  8. Hey Colonel Mortis ^_^,

    Quick Question if I may? Has anyone else reported to you that they have been getting random notifications for sub-forums they do not follow on COMPLETELY random days at random times? Because I just got a notification saying "[USER] posted a topic in New Builds and Planning: [USER-TITLE]" about an hour ago at 3:30AM-ish. I don't follow the New Builds and Planning sub-forum by the way. This exact same thing had also happened on a random day in late November (..a week or two ago) saying the same notification but in the Troubleshooting sub-forum which I again don't follow, lol.


    I think I am using the latest version of Google Chrome as my browser. I'm also using Windows 10 by the way.

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    2. Xiauj


      @colonel_mortis I somewhat understand what you mean and also, the notification is still there. What I mean is that I do follow the NB&P sub-forum which I just realised but, it's set to "One email per day with all new content from that day" and I got a unexpected notification for a newly made topic and not a moved topic from say... General Discussion or perhaps Tech News sub-forum.

    3. colonel_mortis


      @Xiauj if this is still an issue, can you post a topic in Bugs and Issues describing the issue and including the following information:

      • All of the sections that you are following, and their frequencies
      • The unexpected notification that you received
      • Whether it was an email digest, email single content, or on-site notification
      • When you received it
    4. Xiauj


      @colonel_mortis Ok I will do.

      Hasn't happened recently/since I made this status-update but yeah, I'll definitely make a topic if it happens again as you said! ^_^

  9. colonel_mortis

    Embedded video doesn't have sound

    So it does. This will probably be fixed in the next update.
  10. colonel_mortis

    Embedded video doesn't have sound

    It's working fine for me on Chrome 70 on Linux. I don't have access to ChromeOS to test it, but I can't see this being an OS-specific issue either. Does sound work on this: vlc-record-2018-12-04-16h50m48s-TL_ Apple's Getting Desperate....mp4-.mp4
  11. colonel_mortis

    Embedded video doesn't have sound

    What browser are you using, and can you link me to a specific topic where this is happening? It's working for embedded YT videos for me.
  12. colonel_mortis

    User info's "Website" section not recognizing all TLDs

    You need http(s):// for it to work (which is an annoying and arbitrary restriction, but not something that I can quickly change), but any tld ought to work.
  13. colonel_mortis

    Image upload bug

    Your errors don't seem to be showing up in the logs. Can you open the dev tools and switch to the network tab, then try pasting an image (for the first time - not an editor with existing failed uploads that are still listed in the upload box). Once you get the error, right click on one of the requests that showed up in the dev tools, and click "Save all as HAR". Can you then send me, as an attachment in PM (it contains sensitive cookies), the file that it creates, and I can look into it further.
  14. colonel_mortis


    (Moved to Troubleshooting)
  15. colonel_mortis

    Image upload bug

    That error means that the image failed to be processed, so it is likely that it will happen every time for the same image. What browser are you using? Does it ever happen when using choose files, or only when pasting? I am aware of this issue, which I think was reported during the beta, but it's unfortunately not something that I can fix so it will need to be escalated to the forum software devs. I still need to do some more investigation before I can do that, but that is relatively high on my list of (forum) priorities at the moment. That's what this section is for! If you come across any forum bugs, please post them as separate topics (so I can keep track of them) in Bugs and Issues. I read everything that gets posted here (though sometimes there's nothing I can do).