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    Intel core i5 3570k @ 4.4GHz
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    ASUS sabertooth Z77
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    4x4GB Corsair Vengance
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    EVGA GTX 780 Superclocked with ACX cooler
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    Coolermaster HAF X
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    250GB Samsung SSD (non-pro) + 1TB WD Black + 500GB WD blue
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    Corsair HX750 semi-modular
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    Some fairly cheap ASUS 1080p thing
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    Microsoft Sidewinder X4
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    Sharkoon Fireglider
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    Steelseries Siberia V2
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    UK, Center of the Observable Universe
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    ┌ I was born.

    ├ I found LinusTechTips.
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    Developer, Moderator and Student

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  1. It looks like it's fixed for you now - it takes up to 10 minutes for the changes to apply.
  2. I can reproduce that, but I'm not sure why it's happening. The multiquote + is served the same way as all the other icons, so it should work. In a future update, I might change how the icons are served though, to make it work better. It will be a lot of work though, so don't expect it soon.
  3. Early Feb 2016 (so just over a year ago). I can't remember how long it lasted though.
  4. No, that was status update comments that counted due to a bug, which was subsequently patched.
  5. Moved to Servers and NAS
  6. Originally some physical items were also sold in the store, and the shipping items were required so you could pay the shipping costs for your items.
  7. Moved to Troubleshooting
  8. No, the ads on the forum are not new. The fact that you've not noticed them before sort of contradict the suggestion that they are in your face or not though.
  9. I am aware of this issue, but unfortunately (and the reason that I haven't get responded to this topic - I have been reading it) although I have experienced it before, I can't reproduce it at any times when I can actually look into it at all. Next time someone is able to reproduce it, can you see whether you get the same problem (at the same time) on (though it is running a slightly different version to the version being run on this site) to help track down whether the issue is to do with the forum software or the editor itself. If it's the editor itself, I'm afraid there will be nothing I can do, but if it is the plugins added by the forum software, I will continue to try and reproduce it when I can debug it.
  10. This issue is supposed to have been fixed, so the reports from since the alpha are no longer valid. This is the first report that I have seen about it since the fix was implemented several months ago.
  11. I have been able to reproduce it (though I can't reproduce it reliably), and I have an idea for why it could be happening. For anyone who has this issue, do you type fairly quickly? Particularly between pressing the @ key and any further keys?
  12. It would involve going through IPS, so considerably more effort than modifying the discord bot/getting the discord bot modified.
  13. It is a valid RSS feed, and .xml is a valid extension for RSS feeds [1] (as well as the mime type that it is served with, text/xml [2]). If your RSS reader doesn't support the feed on this site for those reasons then it also wouldn't support feeds on a lot of other sites, such as the BBC or the New York Times. There may well be another reason that the RSS feed is invalid, but this is the first time that anybody has reported the problem to me, and there are other IPS sites that use RSS feeds more than this one but don't appear to have found the issue.
  14. I agree, and it has been suggested to the forum software devs a couple of times, but they haven't shown interest in changing it unfortunately, and it's not something that we can really change ourselves (since it involves changing quite a few parts of code that we can't safely or easily modify) unfortunately.