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  1. Unfortunately Mozilla has announced that all extensions written using the old APIs (that is, anything released more than a year ago) will cease to work in Firefox 57, which launches in November. I don't have nearly enough time to port the whole extension to WebExtensions, the new API, so unfortunately the extension has now reached the end of its life. However, the Chrome extension, by @linusforsell, should now work on Firefox (though you may need to install the "Chrome store foxified" extension from first to be able to install it).
  2. That's a browser rendering bug, and not something we can control, sorry. The actual editor content area is a browser-provided feature, so it's not something that we can just draw diagonal lines on like that.
  3. Moved to General Discussion because it is just a discussion of whether current (non-technical) events could influence the use of a technology. Please remember that this topic is about the technology, and not politics. As per the Community Standards, if this topic becomes sidetracked discussing politics rather than the .bit name system, it will be locked. "Lots of people are annoyed right now, and some potentially privacy-invading warrants have been issued, so people are losing faith in the internet and might switch to the new system" is fine, "democrats are all members of the KKK" is not.
  4. And the slightly more involved answer is that Angular is a javascript framework that runs in the browser, so you can use it on any operating system you like; for programming it it, you can use any text editor, though an IDE with angular support or a plugin for it might make things slightly easier, with autocomplete and features like that. Compatible IDEs are available on all platforms; Visual Studio Code is an example that has support built in and runs on the major platforms (Win, Mac and Linux).
  5. You can update your status using the full editor on your profile, but it will probably also be added to the menu in the next major update.
  6. This is working as intended, though plans are tentatively on the roadmap to change it. What buttons are you trying to use that are missing from the smaller editor?
  7. The login data doesn't necessarily reflect the last time they visited the site, because when you log in as anonymous it doesn't update the last visited date.
  8. As far as I'm aware, changing your password will log you out of all other devices, but not the one you used to change your password (because that would be pointless). Does that match with what you're saying, or have you also not been logged out of another device? Unfortunately there's no way for me to check whether you are still signed in on another device, because the way the remember me checkbox works is that it stores a random string unique to your account (but not device); changing your password should mean that a new random string is generated (and set on the device that you're currently using). If you're concerned, I can reset the remember me random string for your account, but I think it should have been reset automatically.
  9. The script gave an error because you appear to have mistyped the URL (with an extra . at the end). However, it won't help anyway - according to the PayPal API, your last transaction was in July. If you have a receipt for a payment in August, send it to me by PM and I'll look into that for you, otherwise check that your card details are correct for the billing agreement (PayPal -> expand a payment -> "Manage Linus Media Group payments", then edit the details there). PayPal should retry again on Wednesday (you'll need to run the script if that goes through), but give up if it fails after that; if that happens, you can either cancel the existing subscription (but make sure you do cancel it) then subscribe again, or just wait until next month, then run the script once you are charged.
  10. Yeah, that issue is specific to the freshbooks ad, but I've identified the problem and will fix it for the next update. A couple of the replies in this topic were talking about an amazon ad issue where the ad was added in extra places on the page, but I haven't been able to reproduce that issue.
  11. Only a minor issue, but It will be fixed for the next update. The Amazon ads issue has been reported a couple of times, but I have never been able to reproduce it. If you have any idea what could be different about your setups, let me know.
  12. I'm not aware of any plane for this at the moment, but that is something that is available at the higher contribution levels, though their sections rarely end up getting posted in.
  13. I can see why this would be useful, but I can also see two possible outcomes - either people just don't know about it, in which case it's useless, or people end up using it to tag everyone when really not everyone needs to be tagged. For example, say I move a topic, and post in that topic to say that I've moved it - now I will be included in all the tags, even when it has absolutely nothing to do with me. Moreover, say someone uses this feature in the Anime or Car clubs. That would have a considerable impact on performance I think, and would spam lots of people with notifications. It's not a useless feature, but I don't think it would get enough use for the right reasons. I think it would be better if tags suggested people in the topic first, but alas the devs don't seem too bothered about that either.
  14. You can log into as many devices as you like. You may have been logged out of your other device before due to a bug (though that bug was resolved quite a long time ago), but if you had logged back in again, it would have worked.
  15. Are you behind any sort of web filter? It sounds like the images might be being blocked.