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  1. The site code has been exactly the same for a couple of months now.
  2. I know, and it is on my list of things to investigate.
  3. Is it only when editing the first post in a topic, only subsequent posts, or all posts (you can test using a topic in the Test Posts subforum)? Can you post the output of
  4. Does it only happen when you've pasted content, or something like that? I used to experience this issue, and reported it as a bug, which I believe was then fixed, and I haven't had it for a while.
  5. An RSS feed behind any form of authentication has problems, because most readers that I've seen have limited support for authentication. However, that's not the issue - the difficult part is that the video releases are handled through the forum, which knows nothing about the backend. In addition, when you request a video, a short-lived personal token is generated for you, which wouldn't work for an RSS feed where things in there should last for longer. It is something that will be looked into with the new site, but it isn't something that can just be magically added, so it doesn't make sense to spend ages implementing it on the existing system which is not going to be used after the new site launches.
  6. In the vast majority of cases, the colour comes from content that has been pasted, rather than people deliberately changing the colour. When that happens, there already is a banner offering to remove formatting. That banner doesn't always mean that the post is not night theme friendly (though usually on Chrome it will be), and I think it doesn't actually appear in 100% of cases, but it does exist, and can't be modified much. No changes to the editor are actually realistically achievable because the editor, and most of the other client side code on the forum, can't be tweaked or replaced using the built in mechanisms, so it's not something that we can easily implement better either. There is already a night theme fixer script in the forum scripts list which you are welcome to use, as well as the one linked above.
  7. I'm curious, how often, and when, would you actually want to change the colour and font on mobile? They have been deliberately omitted due to a lack of space, but a couple of people have requested changes to the editor toolbars, so it is something that is going to be considered.
  8. Goddamn! You became an Admin! How! PS: Congrats .



    1. DocSwag


      Honestly he shoulda ages ago IMO, mortis takes care of a ton of the keeping the forum running stuff :P 

  9. Using a proxy/VPN is fine as long as you're not using it to try and break rules or avoid detection.
  10. It's something that we would like to support, but the forum software doesn't have a nice way of doing it. It may be added in the future though.
  11. This will be fixed in the next forum update, where reputation will be overhauled.
  12. There are roughly 5k night theme users.
  13. The number of protons should be written under the symbol on the periodic table, while the atomic mass is above it (though it might be given in the question, and may be different to the one on the table). The atomic mass is the number of protons+neutrons, so to calculate neutrons you just subtract the number of protons (which is given on the periodic table). The number of electrons of a neutral atom is the same as the number of protons, and for charged ions it's charge=protons-electons, so electrons=protons-charge. Not that I'm aware of. I'm not quite sure what sort of questions they could ask at a GCSE level for half lives. If the question is something like "At time 0 there are 200 atoms, and at time 15 there are 25 atoms, what's the half life", then you have to see that to get from 200 to 25, you divided by 2 three times (200->100->50->25), so 15=3*t1/2, which gives t1/2 = 5.
  14. 1% of users use the night theme, the rest use the day theme. 98% of people have never tried the night theme.
  15. That error means that it occurred on PayPal's end, so you would need to contact their support to resolve the issue I'm afraid. As for your delayed response to the support request, I have been very busy with non-ltt things for the past few weeks, so haven't been able to process support requests (or pretty much anything else related to the site). Sorry about that.