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  1. Welcome to the world of web "standards"
  2. The favicon (tab bar icon) works, but there are a bunch of extra icons that need to be generated for other special cases - these are the ones that the forum can generate automatically from an image: but there are a few more still that require special attention.
  3. The news here is not a security vulnerability, just a subtle bug. However, there was some similar news recently that does involve security vulnerabilities - https://stackoverflow.blog/2019/11/26/copying-code-from-stack-overflow-you-might-be-spreading-security-vulnerabilities/.
  4. They used to work, but it looks like they got changed by a recent forum update. I will try to get that sorted.
  5. if (new Date().getMonth() == 11) { // It's December } else { // It's not December } Note that months are 0-indexed in javascript, so January=0...December=11. This uses the time and time zone of the computer that it's running on.
  6. Sorry, this isn't the place for memes. You can post memes as a status updates instead (from your profile or the menu that you get by clicking your username).
  7. Hmmm, ok... Can you give me the URL of the PM, from your browser history?
  8. Not without quite a lot of effort. How important is it?
  9. When you say that the PSU is off, do you mean the switch on the back is off? If not, can you try that? If the switch on the back is off, the next thing you could try is seeing if it's a problem with the cable. If you unplug it from the PC, but still plug it into the wall, does it still trip If it's tripping when plugged into the PSU that is switched off, but not with just the cable, it could be a fault with the immediate wiring inside the PSU, but you said you changed the PSU so the only thing left that I can think of could be a fault with either the RCD or the house wiring that is causing it to trip under certain conditions. An electrician would be needed for that.
  10. Deleting a PM should really be described as leaving the PM - it is still accessible to everyone who has not left. No, they was only deleted because we nuked all PMs from that account. Normally it doesn't work like that.
  11. Yes, notifications are sent async, so can be delayed by up to a couple of minutes for some topics when the site is trying to do other things in the background. That is by design, to avoid slowing down post submission when there are lots of notifications to send.
  12. Yeah, nothing (short of a complete rewrite of several things) can be done about it unfortunately.
  13. Are you really blocking everything in the sidebar except the recent topics feed?... But the most likely cause of that is that you happened to load the page while it was being recomputed, so for a brief moment there was no cached version of the feed. If that's the case, it should be showing up again now.
  14. It depends whether there is anything that Grammarly considers to be incorrect in the spoiler - if it's all fine, it should submit correctly.