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  1. Accessing sharing sites blocked by ISPs

    Asking for help with acquiring pirated content is not allowed.
  2. I paid for floatplane but I dont have access

    The floatplane support wizard might be able to fix it for you, and if not then it will direct you to the right place. https://linustechtips.com/main/index.php?app=floatplane&module=support&controller=wizard&_new=1
  3. I was tagged in your unreasonably active status update. As I have no desire to be spammed with notifications (seriously, please), and not enough patience to scroll back through it, for what reason was I summoned?

    1. Show previous comments  12 more
    2. colonel_mortis
    3. Densetsu


      Yeah, I did that my second day here.

      The status notification options need a serious overhaul. (I know that's nothing to do w/ you)

    4. pinksnowbirdie


      Just spam the devs of the software until they do it. Or other more forceful ways of making sure they make better status update notifs

  4. image rescalling

    You can resize images by clicking them and dragging the handles (though that doesn't work on mobile), or double clicking/tapping on the image and adjusting the size listed there.
  5. Issues with Text Editor

    Grammarly has caused several issues in the past, and isn't particularly compatible with our rich text editor. I have contacted Grammarly about the issues before, and their response was pretty positive, but I don't know if any improvements were made. I've not heard of this particular issue before, but any time you experience problems with the editor the first thing to check is whether they are fixed by disabling grammarly.
  6. Issues with Text Editor

    Does it still happen if you disable grammarly and restart chrome?
  7. notification weirdness...

    If you leave the site open for a while, the background checking for notifications becomes less frequent, then it stops after an hour or two; when it stops you get a pause icon in the tab title.
  8. I can't reproduce this in Android 8.1.0 using Chrome 68 and GBoard, though I can get it to repeat the last name once pressing space (but after that it works completely normally, including being able to delete the added name).
  9. Can't stay logged in after rooting my Android phone

    That is definitely a browser issue I'm afraid. Your login is stored in cookies (ips4_member_id, ips4_login_key and ips4_device_key, as well as ips4_2FAAuthenticationToken for 2FA), so if for some reason your browser isn't storing those correctly you will become logged out. The settings for cookies is in settings->site settings->cookies - make sure both options there are enabled. I would suggest clearing your cookies (settings->privacy->clear browsing data->all time) as well (or if that setting was set correctly) just in case that helps. For example, it's possible that you have hit the limit on the number of cookies that you can have, or something like that (somewhat unlikely, but possible).
  10. You can enable email notifications for "Someone comments on something I follow" in your notification settings - https://linustechtips.com/main/notifications/options/
  11. Discussing whether the EU, or California, are good places to live/well run/etc is not exactly relevant to the import tariffs, and nor are they allowed under our no politics rules. I tried to see if this topic was salvageable, but there doesn't seem to be much constructive, on topic discussion at all, so I'm going to lock this here.
  12. Forum not loading correctly on mobile

    Aw, Snap! errors mean that Chrome's renderer crashed. As it's not affecting other people, it's probably a local issue on your device. Try clearing your cache, and if that fails then maybe try using a beta build of Chrome instead - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.chrome.beta
  13. Forum not loading correctly on mobile

    It works fine for me. In what way is it not loading correctly?
  14. (Moved to feature suggestions as it would be adding new functionality rather than just fixing a bug with existing code). That makes sense, and to my knowledge it's not a stock feature. Unfortunately, it's something that would have to be implemented by IPS (the forum software devs), and the chances of them doing that are pretty slim. I will suggest it to them, but don't hold your breath.
  15. Regarding LTT blogs and their continued functionality

    Honestly, the reason that nothing has happened is that I've been busy and forgot to disable them. However, I'm willing to give it another go, and at some point this week will publicise it a bit.