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  1. does HTTPS encrypt post requests?

    Including the password in the URL of the request is GET rather than POST (you can use the POST verb if you want, but you aren't making use of any of the extra functionality compared to GET, and the semantics of it depend what else you do with the request). The URL, request body, and everything else, are encrypted in GET and POST requests made over HTTPS, so they wouldn't be vulnerable to man in the middle attacks. However, on your own server you are probably logging the request URL, which will store the password if you're including it in the URL. I would encourage you to include it in the request body - it's definitely the best practice. To do that using cURL, you would run curl --data "password=stuff" https://website.com/index.php
  2. Can a mod message me?

    PM sent. A list of staff members, and instructions on who to contact for certain enquiries, can be found at https://linustechtips.com/main/staff/
  3. Notification number

    That's because the most recent notification was received "just now". The number only updates once per 30s (ish, and much less frequently once the page has been left open without navigating somewhere else for a while), while the actual list is loaded from the server when you request it and can therefore contain notifications that occurred after the number was last updated.
  4. Notification number

    Hmmm, I can't see why that would happen, and I've not been able to catch your account in a situation where that would have occurred while debugging it today. Are you behind any sort of corporate firewall/caching server? If so, can you check whether it might be intercepting the encrypted connection by doing the following: Click the "Secure" icon to the left of the URL in the address bar/omnibox Click "Certificate (Valid)" Check whether the certificate displayed is for "sni215800.cloudflaressl.com", with a SHA-1 Fingerprint of 5B 68 0B 67 B7 10 92 C1 EA B8 72 F6 38 A7 13 99 48 20 33 2B (if the first 6 digits match, there's no point checking the rest). Next time it happens, can you also take a screenshot of the notification list as it showed up, and post it here along with the time (as exactly as possible) when you opened the notification dropdown and experienced this bug?
  5. Notification number

    Are you loading the notification dropdown, or going to the full notification page? Is it happening just after the page has loaded, or has the page been loaded for >30s? What is the content of the first few notifications?
  6. Question about this website's URL

    The URL gets passed to a piece of code called the dispatcher, which looks at it and decides what to output. If the URL was just /main/50-off-topic/, the dispatcher wouldn't know whether that is forum 50 (which is Off Topic), topic 50 (which was posted in January 2013 about AMD's new processors), image 50 in the gallery, etc. Having the /forum/ (or /topic/, /gallery/image/, etc) part lets the dispatcher know what type of content you want. The URL structure doesn't correspond in any useful way to pages that you can actually visit - the URL for this topic isn't an extension of the URL for Off Topic. Instead, the structure of the URLs is designed to make it easy for the dispatcher to decide what page you want.
  7. Should we expect a server maintenance vid now?

    The forum is hosted in a datacentre somewhere, with a dedicated network connection and DDoS mitigation, which would be a big problem if it was hosted at LMG. A forum maintenance video would be really dull - just running a couple of scripts and waiting for them to finish. When there's no hardware to change, server maintenance doesn't really make a good video.
  8. The forum will go offline for maintenance, lasting for about 10 minutes, at some point in the next hour.

    This is purely a security update, with no user-facing changes.

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    2. colonel_mortis


      I normally schedule it in the site's low period (middle of the night for Americans), but I don't really have much choice at the moment, so in 5-10 minutes it is.

    3. colonel_mortis
    4. Eduard the weeb

      Eduard the weeb


       lasting for about 10 minutes


      7 Minutes

      coming up short again lol

  9. Not able to post on PC

    You're the third person to report this, but I can't figure out what the common link is. Does it work using a different browser on the same device? If not, can you post the output of https://linustechtips.com/cdn-cgi/trace
  10. I Love The Layout

    Positive feedback is always good to hear (though I can't take responsibility for any of it, as the themes were originally designed by my predecessor)! Welcome to the forum!
  11. Create a video game

    Sorry, recruiting isn't allowed.
  12. One spicy meme coming through

    Memes should be reserved for status updates or the Linus Memes thread. Topic Locked.
  13. This argument about the legitimacy or purpose of NDAs stops here. It is not materially relevant to the topic at hand, and it should be abundantly clear by this point that nobody is going to change their mind based on the arguments in this topic. I'm not going to remove all of the off topic posts, as it looks like that would entail removing about three whole pages of them. Any more posts on the subject are liable to being removed, warnings being given, and/or the topic being locked.
  14. Not able to post on PC

    What is happening or not happening that means you can't post? Is the editor not loading, clicking the buttons doesn't do anything, you get an error when you click submit, ...? And can you post the output of https://linustechtips.com/cdn-cgi/trace (you can remove the IP if you like).
  15. Remember "Sort by" for subforums

    It makes sense, and I've passed it onto the forum software devs. However, they usually end up ignoring suggestions, so it's unfortunately not something that is likely to ever be implemented by them, and it's not something that we can change ourselves.