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    UK, Center of the Observable Universe
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    ┌ I was born.

    ├ I found LinusTechTips.
    └ Now.
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    Developer, Moderator and Student


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    Intel core i5 3570k @ 4.4GHz
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    ASUS sabertooth Z77
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    4x4GB Corsair Vengance
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    EVGA GTX 780 Superclocked with ACX cooler
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    Coolermaster HAF X
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    250GB Samsung SSD (non-pro) + 1TB WD Black + 500GB WD blue
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    Corsair HX750 semi-modular
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    Dell U2515H 1440p Monitor
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    Microsoft Sidewinder X4
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    Sharkoon Fireglider
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    Steelseries Siberia V2
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  1. colonel_mortis

    forum post reporting data

    There's no interface for computing that value, and I don't think it would be right for me to calculate it directly because at the end of the day it is moderation data, and although it seems interesting on the surface I'm not sure how much you'd actually learn from it because often a report can relate to multiple posts, and sometimes multiple posts are reported for the same issue.
  2. colonel_mortis

    Forum Notifications

    Both of those have been suggested to the forum software devs several times in the past, but unfortunately they haven't shown much interest in changing it. Those two changes would probably need to be implemented at the same time if they were implemented though, because there would need to be support for marking individual notifications as read.
  3. colonel_mortis

    Pretend I'm Not Here Mode Not Staying Active

    I've made a change that I think might help. If it continues happening after tomorrow, please let me know and I will escalate it to IPS.
  4. colonel_mortis

    Can't seem to update Cover photo properly

    If you set it as a banner since updating to IPS4 then it shouldn't have been deleted. You also didn't have a cover photo when the wayback machine saved your profile in January though [https://web.archive.org/web/20180105032703/https://linustechtips.com/main/profile/21562-rohith_kumar_sp/], so it's not a current issue.
  5. colonel_mortis

    Can't seem to update Cover photo properly

    Whole profile background images weren't converted to banners, it's just banners that had been uploaded in 2016-2018 (since we moved to IPS4) that should have been preserved by the update.
  6. colonel_mortis

    Floatplane Support

    If you have already cancelled it within PayPal, you're already sorted, and the cancel buttons won't show up on the forum. You will retain access for a few (~6) days after it was due to expire though. If you haven't cancelled in PayPal, and the buttons still aren't showing up in https://linustechtips.com/main/clients/billing-agreements/, then that sounds like a bug - please let me know if this is the case so I can investigate it further.
  7. colonel_mortis

    Can't seem to update Cover photo properly

    Mine wasn't removed, and nor were the other people in this topic unless they reuploaded them. Are you sure that you definitely had a cover photo before?
  8. colonel_mortis

    No Floatplane access on forum

    All videos released since floatplane.com launched are available on floatplane.com.
  9. colonel_mortis

    Is searching for topics by title possible?

    Titles should be weighted higher by default anyway, but you can restrict to just titles on the full search page either by clicking "x in content titles only" under the search box, or clicking "+ More search options", then selecting "Content titles only".
  10. colonel_mortis

    Embedded attachments working selectively

    IE, Edge and Safari don't support webm, so it degrades to a download link. https://caniuse.com/#feat=webm
  11. colonel_mortis

    notification weirdness...

    It takes over an hour to appear I believe. Unless the browser has completely unloaded the tab (which I'm not aware of any desktop browsers doing), it should be working, you just haven't waited long enough.
  12. colonel_mortis

    notification weirdness...

    How new were the notifications that you received? The forum only checks for new notifications every 3 minutes (it starts faster, but decays), so if the notifications arrived after it last checked then it can only find out after you visited. There should still be a pause icon in the title bar before you reload if there's a problem.
  13. colonel_mortis

    notification weirdness...

    Before you switch back to the tab, does it have a pause icon in the title (next to the favicon)? And how long had the tab been inactive before you switched back to it?
  14. colonel_mortis

    ifixit link embed frame too small? (W10 Chrome Desktop)

    Thanks for reporting. I will look into this, to see if it is possible to fix, though I have a feeling that doing so will break other things.