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  1. Emails to outlook being dropped

    I believe the solution in this case was that we switched to a different provider, because there was nothing that we were able to do on the existing provider that helped. However, in general I would recommend ensuring that you have an SPF record set up (to whitelist permitted IP addresses) and ideally DKIM signing though that can be slightly more involved. Also make sure that your IP/domain isn't blacklisted (https://mxtoolbox.com/blacklists.aspx) and that your server has the appropriate authentication so spammers can't send emails through it either with their own or your address. -split into a separate topic-
  2. Dedicated SSL Certificate

    We used to have a custom certificate, which was at some point reset to the default Cloudflare certificate and it made absolutely no difference to anything, so we had no particular desire to change it back. In firefox, the only way that there would be to tell that there is a difference is to click 4 buttons (padlock, >, more information, view certificate), while in Chrome the certificate details are only accessible through the dev tools. There's really no benefit to anyone (except cloudflare for the extra money) of using a dedicated certificate over the Cloudflare provided ones.
  3. Billed for Floatplane but lost access - solution

    It should have told you to send an email to floatplanehelp@gmail.com for support. If the script says that it failed, rather than that it succeed but may take time, rerunning it won't change the outcome.
  4. Thank you Mortis :).


    Yes, I recently became a customer of IPS too.







  5. Subscription

    Yes, from memory the price is 10x the monthly cost rather than 12x, but you can check that on the store page.
  6. Subscription

    @Winpo to switch from monthly to yearly subscriptions, you need to cancel the subscription in the "Subscriptions" tab of the store, then once you lose access (about 5 days after the next payment would have been due) you can subscribe again. Unfortunately there's no more elegant solution available at the moment.
  7. Do something about status update notifications!

    Yes, it's in your notification settings.
  8. Do something about status update notifications!

    It's supported in general, but not for statuses at the moment despite numerous requests to IPS.
  9. More reactions

  10. Tag for Best Answer.

    No, there is currently no notification for it, nor is it possible to add one.
  11. Tag for Best Answer.

    I will look into it for the next update (I don't know it it's reasonably possible though).
  12. FPC issue w/ deleted videos

    Unfortunately we don't have fine enough control of the error message to fix that, nor would it be easy for IPS to change it afaik. It won't be an issue when we move to the new site, but for now it's not something that will be able to be fixed. Ideally the notification would be removed when the topic is removed, but IPS seem to be a bit inconsistent about how they handle those notifications.
  13. How to have floatplane videos automatically download to your server?

    It's not possible at the moment, but it is something that will be considered in the future.
  14. "Tabbed" Notifications menu

    It looks like I can reproduce it, so I've added it to the list to fix for the next update.
  15. please fix the www.Linustechtips.com layout for Samsung Galaxy Camera

    Sorry, android 4.1 is way out of support. Since it works on other (up to date) devices, there's nothing I can do. You can try making sure that your browser is up to date, or trying a different browser like Firefox or (if you're not using it already, you didn't specify) Chrome, but if it still doesn't work then I'm afraid you're out of luck.