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  2. homeap5

    Windows not booting without old hard drive.

    Me reported? Because you're called me a dick? You're so funny.
  3. Ithanul

    BOINC Pentathlon 2019

    You can just do the Marathon part if that all you want to do. No requirements to do any of the other disciplines. Since the project is going to be subproject from WCG for the Marathon , I'm not aware of any parallelized WUs (Work Units). At most, each WU uses one thread.
  4. @exon654 Also set the SATA mode to AHCI for the ssd/harddrive to improve write and read speeds.
  5. bowrilla

    MJOLNIR mini-ITX Case on LTT forum?

    Had a look at your website. How close is a 2 slot GPU to the outer glass panel? Is it possible to flip the psu with the fan facing the GPU side? How big the the clearance on the bottom for fan and radiator combinations? I assume slim radiators and fans are needed? Probably also a block/pump combo like the Alphacool Eisbär? How much cpu cooler clearance does the case offer?
  6. nerdslayer1

    iPhone vs Android – The FIVE Year Test

    Can you point out the place where apple guaranteed that? iPhones are supported for a long time but it's not a guaranteed far as i know.
  7. Mira Yurizaki

    1866MHz RAM only running at 1333

    You have to set it up in the BIOS settings. Look at page 3-7 (or 85 / 176) from https://dlcdnets.asus.com/pub/ASUS/mb/LGA1150/MAXIMUS-VI-HERO/E8181_Maximus_V_Hero.pdf But generally speaking you can either set the speed directly to 1866MHz or enable XMP and select the profile that uses that speed.
  8. seoz

    iPhone vs Android – The FIVE Year Test

    Because if a company makes a phone, it should be common sense for that company to support that device for years to come. In fact, it would be the company in subject that would be treating their older phones as paperweights since they will no longer support them.
  9. flibberdipper

    1866MHz RAM only running at 1333

    Did you enable the XMP profile in the BIOS? Because it sure sounds like you didn't.
  10. jstudrawa

    What to Upgrade? Noobish?

    When you work on punctuation, I'll maybe start listening to you. Fair? To the OP's question about what to upgrade, my point stands as informative and relevant. Disagree if you want, but I'll wager more folks would agree 4K gaming takes more than a TV and a weak GPU. Post a build that'll run 4K gaming and post it up. Do a counterpoint to my position.
  11. Define S2 is 130$, and always (all skus) have USB C, R6 is specific skus. and theres more space for from rad than P600S (100+ vs 90ish) also all them are fake EATX, (280mm vs 330mm)
  12. RIP WackyJacky lol


  13. Bouzoo

    iPhone vs Android – The FIVE Year Test

    Or a Samsung S line model, per se. Read my response below yours. But basically yes. Even Google provides only 3 years for Pixel devices.
  14. handymanshandle

    New guy to the forum

    one hell of a username
  15. Electronics Wizardy

    2 vms for gaming

    Well if you want gpu passthough in windows, you need windows server 2016 and above, and its much less supported than doing it on linux. Almost all the guides out there are doing this on linux. THere are some multipoint sofware that lets 2 people use one pc with out using vms or adding a second gpu, but those have issues with some games, but you can give it a shot if you want.
  16. TVwazhere

    MJOLNIR mini-ITX Case on LTT forum?

    Who you sending review units to? Two off the top of my head that might be interested would be HardwareCanucks and Jayztwocents. Dmitri (HWC) especially will give you some good B-roll of the case.
  17. Osamaemad

    Very weak performance

    I was talking just when moving vertix in edit mode
  18. Just installed it into my maximus hero iv and says its only running at 1333MHz
  19. Obviously if the price changes so does the size of the consumer base interested in it.
  20. nerdslayer1

    iPhone vs Android – The FIVE Year Test

    I was pointing out support, and use cases. computers are used a lot longer than phones.
  21. @exon654 ^ but you should also while the USB drive is getting setup or at least before you install windows make sure everything is detected properly in the bios.
  22. And that's all I got to do after changing these parts? Just a fresh reinstall and thats it? Thank you.
  23. Anyone a Jeep fan? I know they depreciate rapidly (the ones from 2000 and above, at least around here) but I was thinking about a 1998 Cherokee, for hauling more stuff around (tired of borrowing a pickup each time I need more space than what a goldfish bowl can carry) but I know little to nothing about them, other than rust and leaf spring sag in the back. And oil leaks from everywhere it seems...
  24. Bouzoo

    iPhone vs Android – The FIVE Year Test

    In general, Samsung is much better than most OEMs. They still provide 2 major ANdroid updates for (most) phones as other OEMs, but since their S line is part of an enterprise program or something like that, the S line gets security patches for a long time. S6 got a security patch this year. That's (sadly) outstanding for Android.
  25. ravenshrike

    Single, Unemployed Better "Gamers”

    Because there's not split second spatial reasoning going on when deciding whether there's room to pass or in navigating a series of turns at all. Visualizing the movement of objects and their relative motion at the fraction of a second level is extremely important in racing. https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2008/12/081217124430.htm
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