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  2. just that pc guy

    dell optiplex 780 rgb fan?

    oof if thats the case then imma have to stick with the usb powered rgb strip that i taped on the inside, a rgb fan would be nice but its prob gonna cost too much.
  3. Yes but everyone knows how easy it is to bypass Steams age restricted content filter, it is so easy to bypass its not even funny
  4. Yongtjunkit

    Windows 10 Insider Topic

    Yup I guess Microsoft should make it clearer(it might actually pull the error from the logs ) and since my SD card reader on my laptop is from Realtek I guess it won’t be accurate since it’s still a known issue. Apparently that also seems like it’s affecting the some surface devices as well, workaround is to remove the SD card before clicking the install/update button(for the feature update)
  5. Citation needed. Citation needed. The only data available on that is what EA told its shareholders and they made no mention of the woman on the cover (seriously?) being responsible for lower sales; they said it was most likely due to the lack of multiplayer content, as evidenced by the more successful Apex Legends. Of what, that Sony has more data about who buys their products and signs up for their services than you or anyone else? Do I need to prove to you that the sky is blue? You are claiming to know more about Sony's costumers than they do, it's up to you to bring proof to the table when you argue against common sense. Sony has local divisions wherever they sell their products, this doesn't make any sense. He said, without providing any data. There isn't a single word about gamergate in the article. As for MeToo influencing the decision, what's the problem with that? It doesn't contradict a word of what I said. Sony saw that their western customers weren't thrilled with the demeaning of women in games and acted accordingly. I don't think it's the right solution but that's beside the point. Again you're showing the huge disconnect between the people you perceive as "gamers" and the actual majority of people who buy videogames. From wikipedia on TMS: clearly the game sold pretty well considering it's not quite a mainstream title. According to the same page, the reviews also rated it positively: So what's your point? Perhaps the game was made worse by the censorship, I'm not arguing that because I don't know the game and frankly I don't care - it's not relevant to the discussion - but that doesn't mean it wasn't a valid business decision. I'm not claiming it was, mind you, because I don't have the data to back that up; YOU are the one claiming it wasn't though, and you haven't provided any evidence to that effect. You're raving on about things you simply don't know and blaming it all on unspecified "SJW puritans".
  6. BuckGup

    Ultrawide monitors

    They are basically identical panels so choose which you like visually better. The Asus has a better OSD and joystick opposed to buttons. But the predator has a smaller base and IMO looks better and less chunky
  7. just that pc guy


    what you are describing i had the same exact problem, alot of people will say "oh its a dead disk" i dealt with this problem, and its gonna result in either reinstalling windows or formating the disk AND then reinstalling windows, safe mode wont work its 99% chance a update failure the sttrail file wont work and its a core part of the windows start up process, the error code wasnt the same for me since mine was on a dell optiplexx 780 but to save you time, take this with a huge glass of courage and just format the disk, thats the only option you got at this point since it wont be able to start up
  8. Idk, I've never heard of Sabrent before the wikipedia page for it has like 5 sentences I personally think it could be better to buy from a more well known seller like Samsung or WD
  9. Herman Mcpootis

    dell optiplex 780 rgb fan?

    some RGB fans have proprietary RGB connectors, others are just the standard RGB 5050. you'll also need an RGB controller for it since the optiplex isn't gonna have one of those connectors lying around.
  10. NunoLava1998

    Upgrading editing pc - help needed

    also the power supply is pretty good and fine for basically anything nowadays
  11. fasauceome

    Upgrading editing pc - help needed

    Supernova is good, so you're set there. Not sure where you heard Ryzen doesn't last, but it certainly has a longer lifespan than coffee lake, if you count the upgrade path to the new CPUs coming out in a couple months. The AM4 socket will have upgrades for a good while, so 8 cores now and if you got a good motherboard, 16 cores later. 2666MHz ram is also good, that's what I personally consider the minimum for Ryzen and I never recommend lower.
  12. BuckGup

    How Do You Like to Dress?

    Chino volcolm pants, colorful black dress socks, gum suede black vans, graphic tee/pocket shirt/flannel/collared button up, and whatever hoodie I feel like wearing
  13. kingmustard

    Will this HDMI to DVI-D cable work for me? (1920×1200)

    @Glenwing needs a Bat-Signal
  14. realpetertdm

    Thinking of upgrade but low budget. :(

    I personally think it would be better if you waited until July, that way you can get a full upgrade If you need a temporary solution then try looking in the used market
  15. NunoLava1998

    Upgrading editing pc - help needed

    They do last for long as there's still Zen 2 and maybe 2+ or 3 coming out after that on the same socket. If it's 2666MHz, then it's DDR4 and you do not need new memory. The D15 is fine with a 9900K, but I wouldn't get the i9 as it's a pretty big moneysink for ~15% better multicore compared to the ryzen 7.
  16. Well good news! On the other side of things I got my 3720qm to turbo 400Mhz higher than stock (3.8Ghz all cores) with a couple UEFI firmware/BIOS mods (Instructions here: https://www.techinferno.com/index.php?/forums/topic/6438-guide-dell-e6530-cpu-tdpmulti-unlocking/) but it gets A little toasty (totally not 104c) This was the worst case scenario (8 thread stress test) It only got to 91 while running CB and while gaming plus I'll porbably figure out a way to cool it better (there is a 55W heatsink that dell shipped with the 39X0XM CPUs that I might look into)
  17. itchkowb

    New build with a few questions

    I'd suggest the Corsair H100i v2, so you can overclock and really take use of the k cpu. how old is old for the psu? and as far as i know, windows 10 can only be on 1 machine, but 7 and maybe 8 could have been re-installed with the product key. if its in your budget, how do you feel about a 1070ti?
  18. NunoLava1998

    Upgrading editing pc - help needed

    I'd get a Ryzen 7 2700, a good B450 or X470, 16GB of DDR4 and a SSD if you don't have one.
  19. Princess Cadence

    Which GPU for my PSU?

    I understand telling OP to go GTX 1660 for the power efficiency trying to make the PSU work out, and personally speaking the GTX 1660 should be enough for 1080p60fps by all means being a card that nearly reaches GTX 1070 performance level. Vega 56 however is obviously a more powerful card but that power comes at the cost of more power draw to the point your PSU may not suffice. This video shows how well the V56 has improved since it's release, optimizations driver wise and cuts in price have made the card a really compelling option nowadays: But like said the power consumption will be significantly higher than a GTX 1660, so you may be limited to it not because it's a better product but simply because you don't have a PSU to pair with it.
  20. Sahara874

    Upgrading editing pc - help needed

    Okay yeah, so I have a noctua NH-D15(which is awesome) my current cpu is only just above room temp even while overclocked. Is the 9900K not stable out of the box, or is it just if overclocking I should increase the voltage? Okay, I just double checked and it is an EVGA SuperNova 850 W Gold+ psu. The ryzen do look nice, but I have heard that they don't last for long? Also I think the ram is at 2666 MHz perhaps not quite sure, but can check up on it later.
  21. instead of = < do <= for less than or equal to Also, make sure to indent the lines in the if and else statement since python uses indentation to structure logic: if current_year - int(patron_year) <= alchohol_consumtion_age: print("Tsk, Tsk, no alcohol for you") else: print("It's Beer O'Clock, my dude or dudette")
  22. Startup Repair diagnosis and repair log --------------------------- Number of repair attempts: 1 Session details --------------------------- System Disk = \Device\Harddisk0 Windows directory = C:\Windows AutoChk Run = 0 Number of root causes = 0 Test Performed: --------------------------- Name: Check for updates Result: Completed successfully. Error code = 0x0 Time taken = 15 ms Test Performed: --------------------------- Name: System disk test Result: Completed successfully. Error code = 0x0 Time taken = 0 ms Test Performed: --------------------------- Name: Disk failure diagnosis Result: Completed successfully. Error code = 0x0 Time taken = 78 ms Test Performed: --------------------------- Name: Disk metadata test Result: Completed successfully. Error code = 0x32 Time taken = 0 ms --------------------------- --------------------------- help ?
  23. Charlie Cullen

    Audio Interface stuttering Mic/Speakers under CPU load

    I'll see if I can find one
  24. SolarNova

    Monitor Vs Television

    Go for the monitor. If you budget for the VDU was more in the region of $400, you would have the option of a TV good enough for gaming, but even then u'd have to sacrifice anything above 60hz at 4k, and no VRR.
  25. just that pc guy

    dell optiplex 780 rgb fan?

    ok ok ok, so my dell optiplex 780 MT fan is squeaking and slowing down a bit while its spinning, so i thought, oh perfect time to get a cool rgb lookin fan, but then i thought do they have the right size and if so do they have the right pin connectors? or is that another one of dells drawbacks for there "special" style.
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