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  2. Belgarathian

    Intel, Qualcomm and other chipmakers cut off Huawei supplies

    I feel so sorry for Huawei. Literally getting picked on 'cause they're the biggest kid on the block. Interestingly I'd say all this is going to do is make sure that China develops in-house expertise in the areas they currently rely on America for so that America can't do this again.
  3. Yea that's the most appealing option right now but idk about the VS450 tho... Its a real bad PSU... Sure its not demanding hardware but still...
  4. .. This is actual pure perfection. Just need to get it on vinyl now.


  5. SpookyCitrus

    RTX 2070 Armor low performance

    Shit you right, total brain fart.
  6. IslandStone

    Intel i5-9400f or Ryzen 5 2600x

    Hoping it will last longer than 2020, but I'd rather go for value and upgrade at a later point.
  7. Wabbit9298

    Thread for Linus Tech Tips Video Suggestions

    Ok say I just Bought a 2080TI and an I9 9900K now except for the fact that I have to have an MB that will support the 9900k and a Power Supply to power everything can I cheap out on everything else? like get the cheapest things on Amazon or Newegg and get a killer setup or is there a point where the performance will drop with the cheaper components?
  8. LukeSavenije

    Looking to build a new PC first time builder

    unfortunately i only have on ht chips... https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=mds-zombieload-mit&num=1 ah, so it's cpu bound maybe a 8700 on a b360/b365/h370 would be a good idea
  9. federal

    Draw Distance

    So,i have a 1050ti,I5 3330,8GB of ram and 500GB HDD. My draw distance became really low out of nowhere...Can anyone help?I'm really sad because of this.
  10. Tilaron

    RGB or NO RGB

    I can't see my computer from where I'm sat, so RGB would be a total waste for me. I wouldn't mind a fancy RGB setup some day, but for now I don't really care at all.
  11. unsungheroist

    Show off your latest purchase!

  12. Windows7ge

    BOINC Pentathlon 2019

    I'm currently team rank 269 for BOINC, 3090 overall (assuming I'm looking at the correct number)
  13. Welp. Tried that and now all I get is a black screen on boot. I've tried restarting several times to no avail. Am I fucked? Time to reinstall?
  14. BuckGup

    XMP profile crashing

    Yeah generally you can get better speeds and timings manually entering in everything compared to XMP. I have never had XMP work well
  15. greenhorn

    RGB or NO RGB

    Personally, I don't care about RGB. When I want to see fancy stuff on my computer, I look at the screen, not at the case. In my opinion, RGB makes absolutely no sense if you want high performance and are on a budget. Of course I also understand that other people might have other priorities.
  16. Still amazed at how well a HD7970 GHz/R9 280X does in games. Even when paired with an i3 4160 and DDR3 1333.

  17. will1432

    1080p on 2k???

    no it is the same reselution so the only way for it to upgrade quality is higher refresh rate/cool things
  18. MrScottishGamer

    Motherboard not posting with new i5 4460

    Hi , thanks very much for the reply I'm almost certain the CPU works as its my bothers old one which he upgraded from last week , it was working in his board.
  19. BuckGup

    RGB or NO RGB

    How something looks is preference though lol. Pastel matte colors are becoming popular in cars in the US
  20. comander

    Intel, Qualcomm and other chipmakers cut off Huawei supplies

    Europe had a history of it... as did the Ottomans, as did the Chinese as did the... Basically everyone. Chinese companies have a long history of not respecting international copyrights/patents.
  21. BlackXbonE

    Mastercase H500M modding?

  22. fluxdeity

    RGB or NO RGB

    How original There's only so many different variations of black, white, and another color you can do. RGB and custom loop with colored fluid is much much better looking as you can change the RGB to anything, depending on the quality of RGB component.
  23. Teddy07

    Intel, Qualcomm and other chipmakers cut off Huawei supplies

    Just imagine for a minute a Chinese or European company would do this to a US based one.
  24. Where at? I'd be curious to see that. I haven't seen any data yet and I've been looking since last week In theory, any patches also should have a minimal effect on CPUS without hyperthreading. Actually, for both of those titles, the 2060 can actually pull off 4k 60 FPS and 1440p 120 FPS, so I still think the Radeon VII is way overspending. Here's some data with WoW: Also the 2600 will still fall flat in WoW (it'll do fine in Diablo, though). In Boralus is takes my 9700K OCed to 4.8GHz to maintain JUST above 60 FPS at max settings. My previous CPU, the 6700K would drop down to ~45 FPS in Boralus. Given, with the 6700K, I did severely lose the silicon lottery and was only able to get 4.4GHz with voltages I was comfortable with. On my 2700X machine, I have dips to 53 in the same area, OCed to 4.2GHz. And yes, I know, it's just one area, but you spend a LOT of time there, so it does mater. Everywhere else you get a solid 120-130 FPS (that cap is still a limitation of the CPU).
  25. SpookyCitrus

    8700k high temps

    The H700i has terrible airflow and the case heats up pretty quickly inside. I'd suggest a better case and cooler if possible, something with high airflow like a Fractal Design Meshify series or a corsair crystal case with a lot of intake and plenty of airflow. As well as a beefier cooler for the 8700k especially if you're overclocking, I wouldn't use anything less than a Noctua NH-D15 or Dark Rock Pro 4 for an overclocked 8700k, with a high airflow case and a dark rock pro 4 your temps would drop significantly.
  26. Gale

    RGB or NO RGB

    RGB, as long as I can set up any colour scheme I want.
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