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  1. I actually don't need the ssd, I already have a 2tb nvme 3.0, 2tb 2.5inch ssd and 2tb hdd, which are more than enough for me. I'm really just interested with the game and would sell the ssd immediately. But it looks like amazon is already out of stock before I made up my mind lol.
  2. So I found this deal WD_BLACK 1TB SN750 SE NVMe SSD with Battlefield 2042 in amazon for $150. Has anyone bought one already? I'm actually thinking of buying the game this way and then sell the ssd as I don't need it. But just not sure if the game code is redeemed directly on origin, epic or steam.
  3. Just to to make sure, you mentioned that you would install windows 10 in your ssd right? if so, then yes, clean install is always the best option for me. Not the fastest or easiest, as there are other ways(google how to clone from hdd to ssd). But if you just want to run games faster and not necessarily your windows to load quicker, just plug your m.2 on your mobo, format it, assign a letter and then transfer the games you play on it. If you are using steam for example, just go to your library, right click on the game you want to transfer, click on properties, go to Local files and click move
  4. If you haven't found the steps yet, what you need to do is right click on the partition that you want to merge, choose "delete volume." Once done, right click on the partition you want to add the partition that you just deleted and then choose "extend volume."
  5. really I don't want to buy the special edition since I already have the old one. But I actually found a fix now, it seems its in the nvidia control panel all this time. Wasted like 5hrs of googling about mods and fixes when nvidia has the feature already. Good to know. Anyway thanks.
  6. Nope, it really does goes go up to 165fps for me. I have the unlisted version in steam, if that would help.
  7. The games that you are getting issues on are like the open world AAA titles. Can you tell us if your games are installed on an ssd or hdd? I don't know if this helps but I had the same issue before when the games were installed in a hdd. Basically the read speed was too slow for loading the map when you are moving from place to place(how it was explained and I understood it). After adding nvme 3.0 and 2.5inch ssd and moving my games to those drives actually fixed my stutter issues. with your specs, you are probably using an ssd already but just want to make sure. Do a test were you undervolt a
  8. So I haven't played Skyrim for years now. I played it like more than 60hrs but haven't really finished the main story, so I would like to play it again. However since I have the old version, I'm getting physic errors as I'm using a 165hz monitor. I tried googling it but is there a way to lock the framerates to 60fps just for skyrim? I find it really tedious to change the framerates from 60 to 165 and back every time I run skyrim.
  9. So as I'm already in a 6-8 month count down for my steam deck, I'm already thinking which games in my steam library I would be playing once I get mine. I like platform, rpg, adventure, action, sandbox etc like FF series, dragon quest series, witcher series, resident evil series, AC series, crash bandicoot, horizon zero dawn, middle earth, farcry, no man's sky, raft, dark souls, darksiders, the talos principle, tales series. So can you guys suggest games that you have already played that might be good? indie or AAA, it does not matter. if possible i would like it to be a long game and I'm an ol
  10. I can't get a screenshot because it's not mine. I was not able to go and see the bios, but at least in apps like cpu-z, it did say it was running dual. So I didn't argue with him anymore but I got curious.
  11. So I've always followed 1-3 and 2-4 slot recommendations. But I saw my friend's computer and it's slotted in 2-3. So since 1 and 2 are both channel A, while 3 and 4 are channel B, is there a difference in performance if you slotted the ram in the recommended slot, say 1(A1)-3(B1) over 2(A2)-3(B1), even though both are running dual channel?
  12. I'm not in the US and we only have one network that currently support esim. They have bad plans and a lock in of 24 months, so I don't like them. It's not about having the money, it about not having the money for a 2nd postpaid line that would be locked for 2yrs but I would only be using for at most one. I'm not knowledgeable how early termination fees are enforced in other countries but here, it's heavily enforced. But thank you for the reply. btw I actually went with getting an android phone.
  13. So I got invite for this Pi coin so that you can mine on your phone. This is real and how safe would running this app on a phone? Anyone else heard of them?
  14. thanks for the reply. It's actually much clearing now or I'm just confused got thinking that understood it. But the gist that I got is that there are ways to do it. I would probably need to watch tutorials and guides on how to do it once I get my hands on a steam deck. Hopefully, Valve or anyone else would make it easier by the time steam deck is available. Thanks again!