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  2. Seeing as AMD doesn't list a PCIe spec, Anandtech doesn't list a source to the confirmation, and there is no way to check if it is PCIe 4.0 without a 4.0 system, I'm not going to conclude that it is limited to 3.0 until AFTER Ryzen 3000 and a few driver updates.
  3. Oh come on... I know it's cool to hate on Intel these days but that's not bribery. It's standard procedure. What happened was that these researchers found an issue. Intel offered them a reward through the Intel Bug Bounty Program. One of the clauses of the bug bounty program is that you do not publicly disclose the vulnerability however you want. You need to give Intel time to fix it before making it public, which is standard practice because it minimizes the damage to users. Another clause of the agreement is that you use the NVD CVSSv3 or FIRST CVSSv3 calculators (industry standards) when evaluating the appropriate CVSS score Basically what happened was this: Intel: Hey, nice finding there. If you promise to use industry standard methods to evaluate the threat, and give us some time to fix this before going public with it you can have some money. Researchers: Baww Intel is trying to bribe us! What assholes!
  4. Some European countries have a law for defects that are discovered on a product and are assumed to be present from the beginning. It's called "out of the box defect" (roughly translated from my language where it's called "stvarna napaka") where consumer can return the product within 6 months since purchase with a written statement they want to apply for a return based on this law and it's automatically assumed the defect was present. After 6 months, the consumer has to prove it on their own. I just don't know if such vulnerabilities and drop of performance later on falls under this or not. It has to then be resolved or appealed by the supplier in 8 days otherwise consumer automatically gets the right to get whatever they stated in the written document (which can be repair of the product, new product or cashback of the purchase). Not sure how is with this across Europe but since we're in EU I think we share this stuff... I think vulnerability itself wouldn't apply, but drop in performance from pathces for it just might because the performance is not the same as when you were buying it which means you were mislead about its performance capabilities.
  5. Emirvel

    What do you guys spend your time with?

    My family often travels a lot, that's why it became my hobby. I like to explore and discover new places. Every summer we go on a trip that lasts 3 months. This summer we want to visit Switzerland, Italy, Spain and Japan. Also, I love to read travel blogs, it inspires me. Last time I found this great list, check it out https://travelsites.com/best-travel-blogs/
  6. I have never dated anyone in my life, because I live in russia and I hate dating russian girls. Is there anyone who wants to date me?

  7. Darkrunner

    34 Curved choice

    Hello I want to buy a new 34 inch Curved monitor, mainly for Mmo, of these 2 which would be the better choice? -MSI Optix MAG341CQ -HKC NB34C 34
  8. GoldenLag

    Radeon 6900 Cooling

    take of the shroud and and zip-tie fans over the heatsink. also you should consider repasting the GPU while you are at it. what GPU exactly?
  9. mtz_federico

    iperf issue

    And it still doesn’t work? weird
  10. Thought it was more common knowledge than it is maybe, most reviews I watched mentioned this fact. Below is from the actual Anandtech review where they reconfirm it is limited to 3.0. https://www.anandtech.com/show/13923/the-amd-radeon-vii-review/3
  11. _Hustler_One_

    Single Most Beefy Air Cooler?

    Thermalright Le Grand Macho RT
  12. 20190520_054321.thumb.jpg.c60d949d72bb8b54b57d2e7b25a48954.jpg



    Much better. 

    I increased the extruder retraction length and speed, as well as increasing the support percentage. 

  13. I don't think there is going to much significant change on new motherboards until more products on the market are PCIe 4.0. The lane allocation pretty much has to take in to account almost nothing is 4.0 yet so you'd be designing something with a pretty fundamental flaw if you did so now.
  14. I think the only Intel laptop CPUs without HT are a couple of Celeron or Pentium CPUs from a while back. Pretty much every recent Intel laptop CPU has HT minus a few weird atom based ones and a few others. You could argue Intel themselves knowingly sold these CPUs with defects to OEMs because they tried to fix MDS in hardware in the 9th gen products including Whiskey Lake which came out back in September 2018. Well yes, what you have now is not what was sold for someone with a CPU that shipped with HT enabled. People who own Intel powered ChromeBooks might have a stronger argument for this because HT has been forcibly disabled by Google but I think this argument still holds some water. And of course I'm not an attorney and this is not legal advice. Pretty much every mobile i5 has HT.
  15. Because it wasn't found by a specific pattern. They did the reverse. Found the bug and then discovered its trail/pattern goes way back. That's what I'm saying the entire bloody time and what I'd consider as "by chance" and not because of design that lead them through generations till latest ones.
  16. That's the first thing I've seen that says it doesn't use it.
  17. porina

    Ryzen 2600 overclock on stock cooler?

    Get a better cooler... the stock cooler does not even allow the stock CPU to sustain all core turbo without dropping clock. Well, maybe if you override the fan speed and set it higher it might give you something to play with. OC gains aren't massive anyway, given all core turbo (with sufficient cooling) is 3.9 GHz, and non-extreme overclocks would be in ball park of 4.2 GHz.
  18. Wr0ngEnemy_

    Best GPU for 240 hz

    hmm so what do you recommend for 144hz then rx 580 8gb or 1660?
  19. Sythic

    Yall think this is overkill

    this is just a meme I was bored and wanted to do something
  20. Alright, so the trade looks like this so far: my Elitebook for an Asus C201P. I'm excited lol, it'll be an awesome burner laptop. Finally I'll have my own Chromebook. 

  21. NunoLava1998

    Can one dude program a operating system?

    If you put a lot of effort into it and are already pretty experienced. That typically takes a lot more than 'in less than a year'.
  22. It is not that you can't make use of it on 400 chipset, but the overwhelming majority would never do that. We'll see what happens when the dust settles after launch, but I think most that are performance inclined would most likely buy the new chipset at the same time. Maybe 400 boards will see discounts and pick up value hunters from that.
  23. LogicalDrm

    Guys how can I fix this YouTube UI

    Can you at least tell, what are your issues with it? Only thing I don't have from that screenshot is the X in video player.
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