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  2. TheDeadDodo

    Is this Pc Worth the price?

    put a 1070 or 1080 in ur PC, get like 10Tb hard drive storage and a boot SSD,
  3. BigRom

    Mouse (gaming) for college.

    Logitech's G502 or its little sibling the G402 are good budget choices. Hell, the G502 is wireless now even
  4. AkatsukiKun

    Instagram Privacy Flaw Exposes User Details (Again)

    All they're gonna know is I'm a man of culture and I like plants, and my naming scheme for things haven't changed for 8 years.
  5. guiltyspartan98

    5Ghz wifi two routers

    Not exactly the biggest problem is my friend and his mom want to leave the old one still up. If allowed I would just use the comcast router as only the modem. I also didnt see your second part. But I dont know exactly what there speeds are supposed to be but with the 5ghz when it works it gets up to 21MBs
  6. Meeseeks

    Jagged Shadows,Pop in,Low LOD and jagged aa

    Same for me but with heavy performance hit and it does not fix all problems of case 2 it just decrease/remove the shimmering. It's a tweak for case 2 but not a proper fix/solution. With TAA we are pushing our GPU harder to fix what's not supposed to be there in the first place. If we (people with case 2) wanna find a fix/solution. There is no other possibility except Electricity or EMI.
  7. NinJake

    5Ghz wifi two routers

    Do you have the ability to upgrade and get rid of the double router? Also, what are you supposed to be getting in terms of bandwidth from your isp vs what you get after running speed tests?
  8. Crunchy Dragon

    Moderators on the forum

    Then you'll learn good and bad judgement over time.
  9. xAcid9

    Dauntless bad fps

    Try fix your thermal first? If i'm not mistaken Rx480 start throttling at 85c.
  10. Rear-Zero

    Is this Pc Worth the price?

    i mostly want to run games on 1080, like black desertonline in remastered mode, and stream it with good quality, long hours, but not to intensive game play / graphics but i would like to be more secure in the future, and to change out lesser parts
  11. not only does linus's wife peg linus, but the CEO of NVIDIA does too
  12. I initially had a build with a RTX 2080, but you won't need it for 1440P gaming. The MSI gaming GPU's are historically very quiet cards which is why I chose it, but if you want a highly overclocked card, you can go with the Asus Strix model for the same price. Puget does recommend 64GB of RAM for 4K video editing (or more.)
  13. Tog Driver

    Moderators on the forum

    What if you don't have any friends?
  14. Crunchy Dragon

    Moderators on the forum

    That's what BFFs are for
  15. NinJake

    Hard to troubleshoot rebboting issue

    Are you playing on the same arma server this happens to you? I've had way worse specs than you and played on a ton of arma 3 servers w/o issue. Does this happen for anything else other than arma? Do you use vsync? What is your monitors resolution and refresh rate?
  16. Jurrunio

    Motherboard Tier List

    and USB ports. That's about it
  17. Phentos

    YouTube Is Changing the Way It Displays Subscriber Counts

    So apparently Youtube thinks mass unsubscribe movements are toxic and unbecoming of the community but the rampant copyright system and Content ID abuse aren't? K.
  18. Szemike84

    Motherboard Tier List

    Not just pattern, it's better to check the whole list for differences. https://www.asrock.com/mb/compare.asp?Models=B450M Pro4-F,B450M Pro4
  19. Is this strictly limited to this software? Have you tried running without your graphics card? Fresh install of Windows? It could be driver issues or even hardware issues. Is this a laptop or desktop? Whether you obviously have adobe and windows pro licensed or not should not be a problem... but you know? That could be an issue too.
  20. Dan Castellaneta

    Gaming screenshots

    Chevrolet SS dump. Best sedan ever made, don't @ me
  21. Jurrunio

    Motherboard Tier List

    the pattern on the PCB is different I think
  22. JupiteL

    YouTube Is Changing the Way It Displays Subscriber Counts

    When I care about a channel I would keep track of the sub number, but I guess I can't anymore because of a thing. Imagine what will happen to youtube in 10 year if we get a feature removed after ONE channel has a backlash.
  23. officedemon

    PCI-E lane help for raid 0

    so would you agree to put the PCI card in the 3.0 slot? and have my video card run at 8x speed?

  25. DogKnight

    PCIE RAID assistance - Gigabyte Mobo running ESXI

    Good to know. Thank you. Unfortunately not an option. I work for a software vendor and I set this up to play with some of the companies solutions. Unfortunately ESXI is the only hypervisor supported across all of them. The good news is I get vSphere/vCenter licenses for free, so that makes it a bit easier.
  26. Me: [makes fun of people acting gay]

    Also me: [am gay as fuck and likes traps]

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