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  2. aisle9

    MX Master vs Gaming for design work?

    I would buy one or the other. If it helps, I can use my G602 for hours on end without discomfort, and I do use it for Photoshop work. I actually prefer the feel of an upright mouse over everything else, but a good upright mouse tends to be very pricey. The sensor on the MX Master isn't ideal for high refresh rate or quick-twitch gaming. That's something to consider if you're playing FPS games, e-sports, etc.
  3. 0x1e

    New PC boot fail?

    Could have been a fluke. Try with stock for a while. If all is good then try xmp again with the latest bios.
  4. I found the option in AMD Radeon settings, thank you so much.
  5. fasauceome

    Gpu questons?

    RX 570 would do better for the money, if the PSU has a PCIe power connector.
  6. rocktsrgeon

    Multi-user password management apps?

    Thanks, Secret Server does look pretty good, Any idea of what it costs, roughly?
  7. Akila_KuKu

    Which PSU is the most suitable for this Rig?

    I'm in Sri Lanka, these prices are retail prices in our ordinary shops. http://www.nanotek.lk/category/power-supply http://gamesstreet.lk/products.php?cat=Mg==&scat=NQ==
  8. Plutosaurus

    I7 8700k vs 8700

    More like 700mhz 8700 will all core to 4.3ghz Most 8700ks OC to 5ghz Don't by a K if you aren't going to OC.
  9. Schnoz

    Show off your old and retro computer parts

    There's a button in the bottom right of each post where you can post your reaction as "Like", "Funny", "I agree", or "Informative". It eliminates the need for dedicated posts. Also, when people react to your post, it gives you reputation.
  10. RejZoR

    iPhone vs Android – The FIVE Year Test

    No, there isn't any difference. Unless you in all honesty look at the screen from 5cm distance... If we did A/B test with hidden phone frame, I highly doubt people would spot the difference correctly and repeatedly. And Apple is known to have one of the best color calibrations. I've had Huawei Ascend P7 that was 1080p and I just kept it in ROG mode which was actually 720p upscaled. You had to look so hard to spot tiny difference in font. Which just wasn't worth it at all compared to how much longer battery lasted in ROG mode and how smoother it was. I also had Xiaomi Mi5, also 1080p. And now using XR for like 3 months and I don't miss anything screen wise and it's basically half the resolution. How is XR "stupid expensive"? It STILL has THE BEST chipset (because it's exactly the same as in their most expensive phones) in the world and it is half a year old. SD 855, is absolutely brand new chipset and it still doesn't match it. Gets very close but no cigar. How many other "flagships" have headphone jack? How many have SD cards? You can literally count them on fingers of a stupid clumsy carpenter. And don't get me started on privacy which is absolutely shit with Google and their long term support for OS is pathetic. Saying casual users don't care is a lame excuse because half of them don't know they are running insecure outdated OS when they could have up to date one with competition. If that was actually the case Google would be forced to provide longer support. Which would be great for end users in the end.
  11. Strider890

    Jagged Shadows,Pop in,Low LOD and jagged aa

    In 2012.Dragons Dogma is ported from I think Sony Playstation to PC. It can be...But i'm not expert in electricity.I read all above posts about electricity issues. On my AVR and stabilizer led panel shows 212 but i don't know it is Watts or it is Volts.
  12. You could’ve talked to your grandparents & heard their life stories. XD
  13. spartanvi

    Cpu cooler backplate not fitting

    When you say "doesn't fit" do you mean the standoffs do not line up with the mounting holes on the board? Or something else? For instance, I don't believe the rubber grommets are intended to pass through the holes on the PCB, only the threaded standoff nuts.
  14. It's a Ryzen 2500U, I should have mentioned that, sorry.
  15. LukeTheCoder05

    Gpu questons?

  16. LukeTheCoder05

    Which raspberry pi? (or smiliar)

    Pi 3 B+ Good value 4 your money. I have one and i'm still trying to find a purpose for mine.
  17. Like I'm gonna change my CPU every year or so. I dont really care about upgrade path, because once I upgrade to a newer CPU it'll be more than enough for at least 3 years or so, there's no point in choosing Ryzen just because it has a "longer" upgrade path.
  18. Chris230291

    Ping spikes

    Hi. Its an OSCam server I run. I connect to lots of proxies. I didn't mention it because I doubt anyone would know what it is. Basically it tries to establish a connection to a bunch of servers constantly. Seems like something is getting overloaded on my network. Something I found strange is that the ping to my switch ,which my PC is directly plugged into, is slightly higher than the ping to my router, which is connected through the switch. I wonder if my network is miss configured? I can believe the router getting overloaded, but not the switch, surely? Cheers
  19. fasauceome

    2700 + AORUS M

    Aorus M is a good board so yes that's a fine choice.
  20. Shnitzil

    Gpu questons?

    So can I use a gtx 1650 to breath new life into a pc with a i7 7th gen and a 350w power supply?
  21. You won't be getting RGB at that budget. Looks are the lowest priority on a build like this.
  22. Kaine tyrie

    I7 8700k vs 8700

    Okay thank you, I will most probably not be buying the components for a while as i am waiting for a sale. The reason that I wouldn't go AMD is that I have got literally no idea what I'm doing with it and i am confident with Intel and how all the letters numbers and hieroglyphics work. As it is going to be a while until i am able to gather all the parts and funding for the project, so when it happens I'm sure that the 8700 and 8700k will not have the £100+ difference between the two i will be able to get the 8700k Thanks all for replying
  23. BleachedFur

    Best cooling for a Core 2 Quad CPU Q9550

    I don't. A 212 is fine. When I was younger I had an Optiplex 755 with a Q9550, overclocked it to 3.4Ghz via PLL, on stock voltage with the standard fin stack cooler. Never went above 65c, even during h.264 encoding. A 212 would probably be overkill with that chip. My buddy has the same exact CPU (like, my personal chip) in a system I build for him with a newer Intel DX48BT2 board and he's at 3.8GHz at 1.35v. He's got that weird looking Zalman CNPS9900a.
  24. I choose Ryzen 7 2700 + AORUS M Gigabyte. this good MB for this cpu? I dont perform OC ..
  25. WickedStarfish

    MX Master vs Gaming for design work?

    tbh, the difference between a wired and wireless mouse is not really that noticable if you are not a competitive gamer, if your a casual gamer than a wireless will do just as good and (in the case of the master 2s) probably be a bit more productive than a standard "Wired Gaming mouse" when it comes to productivity
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