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  2. Stormseeker9

    Dual system built for different purposes

    Well the fans are connected to the motherboard... so basically whatever system is running, those fans will run
  3. Lucky Me

    My new rig Questions

    Thx Lee. I think the Corsair LPX memory will do the trick for me. I don't see any difference between the 2 memories other than the RGB and it saves €30. The case I still don't know and I keep searching for the one I want. I looked at the Fractal and the Phanteks cases reviews and I'm not a real fan, so far...... The search continues...... Another question comes up... DVD or not? Also, I am a photographer and need a card reader... Would you guys make them internal or external?
  4. DilipHK

    Intel 8100 Stock cooler fan speeds

    Oh ok... so stock coolers really don't have the ability to adjust speeds. Although my BIOS definitely does
  5. paddy-stone

    Windows installation m.2 not detected

    Yes, as I mentioned before, the top slot is ONLY for NVME drives, you use the bottom one for SATA drives, you can also use the bottom one for NVME drives, but only at x2 lanes, so slower.
  6. noxdeouroboros

    Anyone know where to get DSA / SA Carbon keycaps?

    Have you even tried looking?
  7. What videocard can you recommend to use wih Ryzen 5 2600 for playing games on 1080p resolution with very high/ultra settings with stable 60+fps?
  8. GoldenLag

    Intel 8100 Stock cooler fan speeds

    use a regular fan header. doesnt need to be CPU fan header.
  9. jones177

    Gtx 1080ti + Ryzen 5 2600

    Check the power draw on the 1080 ti. If it is not reaching its limit you have a bottleneck. I think the power limit on a 1080 ti is 120% if selected on a overclock app.
  10. Quadriplegic

    Which aio cooler should I get for kraken g12

    It should be okay, I guess? If you are in doubt, I believe you would be able to fit small heatsinks on VRMs and VRAM that would help with cooling them.
  11. GoldenLag

    Second Ever Build

    Nitro+ has 3 powerconnectors.......... the strix has 2.......
  12. ArondenOuden

    Windows installation m.2 not detected

  13. I'm looking for DSA Carbon or SA Carbon keycaps anyone know where to buy some? (keyboard - TADA68)
  14. Stefan Payne

    Intel 8100 Stock cooler fan speeds

    No, but the Board is. Condolences. Since you had the Money for Intel, you have the Money for an OKish Aftermarket Cooler. That is what you need anyway as the Stock Cooler is garbage...
  15. Taf the Ghost

    One screen being curved in a dual screen setup - recommended?

    @steffeeh Not really. You'll notice the curve for about 30 minutes then forget it's there. You'll end up wanting to angle the setup a little so it's smooth moving between them, however.
  16. thinking about getting a lg 34gk950f (just under 1.2k€) instead of continuing the endless waiting game for the pg35vq. any thoughts on that?


  17. Stefan Payne

    Screen suddenly turns black then it gets normal

    What Laptop? How old? CCFL Backlight or LED? With CCFL a likely candidate could be the Inverter.
  18. ArondenOuden

    Windows installation m.2 not detected

    I used the 'ultra m.2 slot', so the top one Should I use the other one?
  19. Hellow people :). I have a question to this topic. The produkt i am talking aboute is specificly this one: DarkSide CONNECT Dimmable Rigid LED Strip - 30cm - UV I have been woundering how i am suppose to connect this to my rig. I have Corsair Commandor Pro etc, i also have the Asus ROG Formula XI, but what i see and what i know is different duo to this Led Strp. So my question is what can i do to just get it turned on and running all the time. What cable to i need, a 2 pin to a 3 pin LED connector, or is there acutally any need to buy anything ekstra to get it turned on and runnig? Maybe i can just connect it straight to the Commandor pro or? The link to the produkt is here: https://www.highflow.nl/modding/leds/led-strips-rigid/darkside-connect-dimmable-rigid-led-strip-30cm-uv.html "Sorry for the my bad english/spelling" Best regards Balkeriz, hope someone can tell me
  20. i have hyper x cloud alpha , msi z170a m5 motherboard . does i need buy sound card or dac/amp for better quality ?
  21. exon654

    Help me upgrade CPU

    How would I know if any of these new PSU's would fit in my case which is also kinda a no name (Logic concept B25)?
  22. Facebook and privacy nightmares go as well as a fine red wine mixed in with delicately grilled wagyu. In short, they go really well together.
  23. LukeSavenije

    Intel 8100 Stock cooler fan speeds

    maybe in bios you can adjust it?
  24. LukeSavenije

    Second Ever Build

    the strix is thicc too
  25. Apple does not have the guts to pick the Huawei`s Balong 5000 cause they are afraid the state will use that as a excuse to ban the iPhone, also some say that Huawei cannot make enough of the modems tough I doubt that is a issue in reality...
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