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  2. MeatFeastMan

    8k monitor supporting gpu

    Yes. In esports games and low-medium settings on the rest. And if you play assassins creed odyssey then I'd probably steer clear of 8k, cause 60fps might not even happen with a 2080ti on that game.
  3. so 5x cameraszoom is irrelevant? wideangle lense? inscreen, backpanel, frontpanel fingerprint reader. its not some small smarthphone vendor. its Huawei which is in the top 3.
  4. Killjoy_NS

    UPSAMPLED FLAC files...??

    Interesting. Very. I've got all Rammstein collection in FLAC (big fan) but that album Klavier is obviously fake. Whole album is played on piano. What is the meaning of CUTOFF in LAC?
  5. quakeguy81

    How practical is 1 CPU 2 Gamers?

    How about 2 Girls 1 CPU?
  6. Ramen Man

    Looking for a wireless mouse!

    Ah alrighty, i have just bought it so I hope I get a good batch. Was considering the G502 lightspeed but the pricing has put me off as well
  7. Hey there fellas. I've been looking into doing a custom water cooling loop for some time now and have considered getting cheap parts from AliExpress. I know, I know, but hear me out. I've heard good things about brands like Barrow and Bykski and I'm looking into buying from them. Here's what I have picked out so far: Barrow LTFHBA 04N CPU Waterblock Freezemod Pump & Reservoir Bykski B RD360 TN Don't have tubing picked out yet, though I figure that should be pretty easy. What do you guys think? Is this as cheap as you can go without completing disregarding quality/longevity? I'd like to hear some recommendations. I'm also looking for a waterblock that will fit my graphics card. I've got a MSI Armor GTX 1080, which is supposedly different than the reference 1080 PCB. If anyone knows some good brands/products to check out lemme know. Thanks!
  8. Good, we don't need more Android phones, especially ones that tell the CCP everything about you. What do I mean, by "more Android phones"? I mean they're basically the same outside of stock, minor custom ROMs but otherwise the same experience across hundreds of brands. We've hit a wall in innovation anyway, so good riddance.
  9. ThePointblank

    Sony RX10 IV is a good choice?

    You can also record to an external recorder, such as the Atomos Ninja V, which would allow you to record 4k at 10bit 4:2:2 from the Fujifilm X-T3. Another good alternative to the Fuji is the Panasonic GH5; it's a micro four-thirds camera, so it's smaller and lighter than anything else (with the compromises a smaller sensor has), and lenses aren't that expensive. Will also record oversampled 4k at 10bit 4:2:2, but can do it internally, and the camera has an optional accessory that adds XLR jacks and numerous audio controls. The only major downside to the GH5 is that the autofocus can be a bit spotty at times with fast moving subjects because it has a contrast-based AF system, but it is perfectly serviceable.
  10. Ayush007

    8k monitor supporting gpu

    Hey guys , i know u all have very depth knowledge regarding PC stuffs, so just wanna know tht can dual Hall of fame galax rtx 2080ti support 8k at 60fps??? Your co operation is really valuable for me
  11. Hey guys, quick question for you: I'm moving overseas in a couple months and will need a new laptop/PC. I have a desktop now, it's great for what I need and just got a GTX 980 and better cooling etc. But it can't come with me so it's back to laptops for now. The last one I had was a pre-touchbar MacBook pro, which I loved. Best build, track pad, etc of anything at the time but I'd like to at least try to game. My ideal laptop would be a surface laptop, great design, battery life and anything other than a 3:2 screen is a big no for me these days on a laptop. But no USB-C! Whats out there that will give me the build, design and overall niceness of the surface but with some type c for that egpu fun? Budget isn't really an issue, work can pay for it so looking around maybe £1-2,000
  12. computerscience

    Need suggestions for developer built ,please advice !

    @SupaKomputa @fasauceome I have checked CPU benchmark and found i7-9700x/8700 beats Ryzen 7 2700 also 8700 price is almost same as Ryzen 7 2700 . Further I found AMD don't have as much virtualization support as intel in developer community so choosing intel ,what do you suggest now ? And thank you all for your responses !
  13. You can Buy CPU Cooling Fans Online in Pakistan from PC FANATICS. Our store is an Electronic Store which provides CPU Cooler in Pakistan.
  14. GoldenLag

    Are strix cards worth getting

    would grab a vega 64 Nitro+ over both of those.
  15. Rangaman42

    Will chromium edge wreck my laptop?

    Almost certainly limited ram. I've tried switching acceleration on and off - it's actually even worse with it on which is a sad, sad thing. A single YouTube video is too much, even scrolling is laggy and painful on Chrome. TBH I have a real PC, a tablet, a phone and whatever else so it's no biggie. Plus a new laptop is in order for the next few months.
  16. computerscience

    Need suggestions for developer built ,please advice !

    @brob thinking to go for i7-9700 as it's 9th gen and expecting price near to 8700 @Oalei Actually my system has got random reboot problem ,my MB (dh87mc intel) shows a red light blinking near PROCHOT and it restarts though when I tried to check temps of different cores it was near 65 when it got restarts so don't feel it's a heat issue ,my CPU is i3-4130 an locked one so stock cooler seems enough isn't it? Right now it's difficult to wait for two months ,also I'm not sure it's 2 months or even more
  17. So sad it hurt right in my meow meow.. Does anyone have experienced it? 


  18. Streetguru

    Razer Phone

    Also pointless even if you have a high end PC, takes months-years to get anything out of it
  19. that was a vendor issue on early models. afaik its good now.
  20. GoldenLag

    Someone out there HAVE 2 RTX 2080TI MATRIX ?

    one of those pictures is not a 9900k...........
  21. Wictorian

    Razer Phone

    soo, what about using the computer program for razer coin?
  22. You might be able to get a Canon EOS M100 with the with 15-45mm Lens for just under a $400 USD cost: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1368608-REG/canon_eos_m100_mirrorless_digital.html Or, if you don't mind manufacturer refurbished, a Canon EOS SL2 with the 18-55mm kit lens: https://shop.usa.canon.com/shop/en/catalog/refurbished-eos-rebel-sl2-black-ef-s-18-55mm-f-4-5-6-kit
  23. trevb0t

    My very first build

    You can certainly get better coolers for the same price or less. Dark Rock Pro 4!
  24. Kirrr

    Bethesda removes DRM from Rage 2 after just two days

    Cracked before you could hit the play button in the steam client....
  25. GoldenLag

    Dead PSU?

    could just grab a corsair TXM or a Pure Power 11........... but i guess its allready ordered.
  26. Don't spread 7 year old information that doesn't apply, Ryzens power draw is pretty good, like competitive with intel good
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