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  1. One of the few, if only, reasons I can see suppressors being actually useful is in the culling of feral/wild hog populations (or other invasive/overpopulated species). A person with a suppressed AR-10 (.308 chambered AR-15-style rifle) can take down several hogs in a group without said group of hogs noticing. Other than that, it's kind of pointless. In North Carolina, hunting with suppressed firearms is now legal, and is mostly due to the feral hog 'problem.' I put 'problem' in quotes because it's only an issue because of the massive amount of pig farms to supply delicious bacon and other pork
  2. I am a long-time BlackBerry user since 2007. Started with a 7740, then 8830 World Edition, Tour [9630], Bold Touch [9930], Q10, and now a Priv; I even have a PlayBook . This device has no real interest to me, and I don't see any reason to buy this over any other Android slab. If they want to gain market with these types of devices, they really need to innovate on something; which at this point I believe is far beyond the capabilities of BlackBerry. The biggest selling point to me has always been the physical keyboard, and is why I continue to buy BlackBerries today. Before BB went
  3. Just curious if anyone at LTT knows where the ECCO name for the dolphin/video game comes from? The short(ish) story: John C. Lilly, inventor of the sensory deprivation tank, had done research involving LSD and dolphins. He thought that, on high enough doses, humans could communicate with dolphins. Later in his career, he moved from LSD to ketamine, and focused more on his own mind than inter-species communication. Through his experiences on high doses of injected ketamine in a sensory-deprivation tank (it almost killed him once; not from overdose, but he somehow rolled face-down in a float-
  4. For just recording, I use these settings. Look at the lower 'Recording' box, ignore the 'Streaming' one. You may want an SSD for your recording drive. This is an example of the quality.
  5. Yeah, looked up some reviews and the biggest complaint I saw was the price. I can't believe even new they're going for ~$100. I did find a lot more reviews on the HD8's (Linus's is pretty funny looking back at it) rather the 7's, but I'm stoked for em. Thanks for the recommendation.
  6. I ordered the HD7's. There was an open box from a seller on Amazon for $90.
  7. I don't like on-ear headphones; they sit on my ears awkwardly and they don't really isolate you from the room noise. The HD7's look good though.
  8. My DJ headphones have broken and it's time for a new set. My broken ones are the Technics RP-DH1200 and I would love to buy them again, however there are a few problems I have with it. For one, it's discontinued and the new 'updated' model looks nearly identical but costs $250, rather than the $175 I paid for the older versions. And the new ones look nearly identical with no major changes to the design. Mine broke on the right side at the joint that rotates/folds. It's pretty cheap, weak plastic, and when wearing them one-sided, it can torque the headband causing it to crack. I don't think it'
  9. ArsTechnica had an article with some pics (they're pretty crappy, so I won't bother posting them here, click the link if you want to see them) and more details: https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2017/04/inmates-built-computers-hidden-in-ceiling-connected-them-to-prison-network/ So it would appear that these inmates were a bit more adept with computers than the initial article made it out to be. I wonder what it was that these guys were in for in the first place. For those asking about parts, I imagine pretty low-grade stuff; as the article mentions, they '...were assembled wit
  10. Ingenuity cannot be caged: two inmates in an Ohio prison managed to cobble together a couple PC's out of salvage parts to make pr0n (among other things) machines. It doesn't say anything about displays, so I wonder how that was setup, in addition to the mouse/keyboard. I'd also like to see what parts were used; did they refer to LTT videos for help??? What did these guys do before they were in jail, were they hobbyist PC builders? The most interesting thing that they found on the computers to me is the, '...records of passes being issued for inmates so they could access various parts of the pr
  11. As @SSL asked, what are these 'systems?' Can you clarify what the input would be and what the outputs are going to?
  12. Make sure the correct input is selected for whatever you have plugged in (VGA from what it sounds like). Most monitors go into a sleep mode when there is no input detected after a certain time. If it's not working with VGA, try it with DVI; if it doesn't work with either it's very likely a dead panel.
  13. I really think the differences would be negligible at best. The solid panel should be quietest, but I really doubt there'd be any temperature difference. The side panel window is purely for aesthetics. The bigger question as far as noise goes, is where is your tower going to be, relative to where you sit at your desk?
  14. I haven't personally tried, H.264 is fine for me; but I think it was last week's TechTalk that Barnucles was saying YouTube doesn't know what to do with H.265 files. I guess it uploads, but audio doesn't work or it just infinitely processes? Can't remember exactly. Either way, when you export, make an H.264 and H.265 files, try uploading them, and see which one works.
  15. If Adobe CC and Serato were supported on Linux, I'd be using it all the time. I don't dislike Windows (minus the whole telemetry, data-mining, etc. with W10) but Linux is great. I've been using Fedora after Ubuntu started doing all of the social integration junk a few years back. I need to setup dual boot on my main rig, but waiting for a new m.2 drive first.