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    [ MSI Z97S SLI Krait Edition LGA 1150 ]
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    [ 2x4GB Hyper X 1866 (Black) and 2x4GB Hyper X 1866 (White) ]
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  1. Hello! Not really sure if this would be in Server or Networking, so I thought I would post it here. I currently am using a Raspberry Pi 3 for PiHole in my server rack. I wanted to see what others are using on these devices. Thinking about doing a PlexPi or something similar.
  2. Is there a way to have your scheduled YouTube videos show up on google calendar? Like....Videos are posting 3 days a week, and then I can see a week in advance what videos will be published on those days?
  3. Budget (including currency): up to 150$ US Country: USA Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Server Rack - 12U Other details : Watchguard Firewall (35W) , Cisco 24 port Switch POE, and small 2U server with piHole running on it currently (25w CPU). Will be adding some cameras to the switch later on (maybe 3 or 4), and adding some surveillance HDD to the server and have a recording bit added to it. So I am starting to make a homelab, and I am looking for a PDU of sorts, that has switches on the front side, and all the cables / plugs on the ba
  4. what files formats does K3B use for video files?
  5. The PS4 is actually my brother in laws, so he doesnt live with me. Its more so I could just bring the dvd over when I go visit him, and its more of so I have the physical disk because I want to let my blu-ray player have something to do XD
  6. I will have to try that out when I get home. Thank you. Ill check out both of those when I am able to. Good thing I have dual boot XD I have plex, but it would only make sense in my home environment, so i might set it up for home. But I still would want the DVD/Blu-ray because if I go somewhere for vacation, I would have the physical disks and I would prefer them be copies rather than accidently being broken on the trip.
  7. Does it also work with blu-ray? and does it have chapters inserts / scene selection?
  8. Data to. Sorry about the late reply. I am trying to take my Attack on Titan episodes, MP4 on my harddrive, and then burn them to a DVD / Blu-Ray so that way I can watch them on my TV
  9. I am looking for some burning software for my TV shows, like Attack on Titan and Sword Art Online. Was hoping to find a software that allows chapters, so that way I can either skip between them, or go to a main menu and have a scene selection. That way I can play them on my PS4, or the TV. I tried Wondershare burner, but I kept running into errors, and later found out that it doesn't support Blu-Ray disks. Which I would prefer as I got a bunch of those.
  10. So I am having this weird issue, where I want to make titles, and chapters, but for some reason my wondershare dvd burner does not have it anymore. I might have hit a key combo? or something else? So the images I posted here, that is what mine looks like (with the Dr.Stone episode) and then the other image is showing what mine is missing. Any thoughts?
  11. What would you recommend? As I am planning on going the RX 6000 series when stock and price are available.
  12. Well, after years of having the one I currently have, 21.5inch Acer 75Hz monitor, I think I am ready for a new one! Currently, I am running a GTX 1070, but plan on getting a RX 6700 (when released), RX 6800 / XT (when in stock and reasonably priced). But just 1 Not 3 I wouldn't mind going to 1440p, as right now I have 1080p IPS display. My GTX 1070 does have DP 1.4, and HDMI on it, so ports dont really matter to me much. The RX card I want, does also have DP 1.4, and HDMI 2.0, so not worried about upgrade plans. Whatever the min is for 1440p (I think its 27inch,
  13. I shall keep that in mind. Thank you Ill see about visiting him soon and trying that out. Thank you