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Day Eleven - The Fall of Oppression



Legs Eleven anyone? It looks like the fall of the king may be on the horizon... How will he respond? Is the king to take up arms or abdicate his throne?


Today's drink, Comforting Old Fashioned


Double Southern Comfort 

10ml Bar Syrup 

A few drops of bitters

Slice of orange

Served over ice.


Currently counting his days on the throne we have The King @Den-Fi with 233.76 million points! He has been sitting comfortably for most of the event but @Macaw2000 has rallied the mercenaries of the cloud to help oust the king, taking the number two spot with 214.07 million points it looks all but certain that he will find himself occupying the throne by the time the curtain falls. In third place we have @miker07 with 149.88 million points, he can look at the rear view mirror with some relaxation as seems to be fairly stable in the bronze spot. In forth place we have @walderston, with 146.7m points he can be proud of his achievements so far in the event for sure! In fifth place we have the eater of brains, @ZombieStew, with 114.0 million points it has to be said that he has done well for himself despite being a member of the dead.


@Ayren in 6th place seems to be losing steam with 104m points they can be somewhat confident of a decent ranking by the end of the event for sure. 7th place we see @Unilevers steaming ahead full bore, with 85m points they will certainly need to push hard if they are looking to make some headway up the ranks. @bafo_ah this strangely named individual has captured the rank of 8th so far with 85m points, but there is come aggressive moved being made to their rear that they will need to be conscious about if they wish to make that spot their own. In 9th place we find @Xoggy with 81m points, @n0xlf is slightly out producing him but with only 66m points there is some distance to clear if advancement is the aim of the game here!


11th place is seated by @LAR_Systems with 64m points. @kto can be found taking the number 12 spot with 55m points. In 13th we have an interesting case, @GalaxyNetworks seems to have picked up the pace currently sitting on 55m points there is a possibility of leadfrogging a few of the ranks above. In 14th we have @HybridTI with 54m points and finally in 15th place we have @BlackAda with 53m. But as the gate-keeper of the top 15 he will need to look out as a number of lower ranks are looking for a promotion!


Day Eleven Stats


as always:


Please remember that this is a friendly event, but we are all folding away for science, AND GLORY! 


I'm really impressed with the numbers we are seeing here for all of folding, Thank you to all who are involved and who make this worth while every event!


Remember we are a team first and individuals second, so give thanks where thanks is due and hit that reaction button when someone helps you out.


Be wary of the minimum participation requirements this year.


minimum requirements: 500k points, and 10 days of having activity over the course of our 14 day event.


Happy folding,




Recommended Comments

8 hours ago, CarlBar said:

Yeah i'm not even on the board sadly. Still every little helps.

1392 CarlBar 200,528 2,027,285 3,475,405 0.01% 0.03% 0.02%


Took me like 3 whole seconds to find you.

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25 minutes ago, CarlBar said:

Weird when i searched it i didn't show.

I already wrote somewhere about same problem someone had. Basically, you cannot CTRL+F page, you have to CTRL+F the sheet.

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On 4/7/2020 at 8:41 AM, GOTSpectrum said:



Hope you stick around after all this is done with!



I'll try to, but I have have an eye on my electricity bill, as I live in germany and I pay around 0,26EUR or 0,30USD for 1kwh. So with full capacity that would be 150EUR/month instead of 50EUR

but maybe not 24/7 and just when computer is normally on

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