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  1. Nothing Yet but I may get my hands on one in a week or so what i can read thay sould be Folding between a 3060TI and a 3070 ~2M PPD
  2. Im in! if everything goes as plan i will have a RTX A4000 to add to the folding-pool
  3. Well, i run it on Proxmox, that also is KVM based virtualisation and that works perfectly so
  4. every time i try to do Boinc somthing goes bad, like i have never manage to run it more then once, i can istall run the client and after a reboot never reconnect.. F@H just works
  5. IM BACK! Hey Everyone! After a while of beeing gone im back to folding again. Hope to join up for the next event. I have some new hardware too that is pretty fun to play around with Take care! //Ola
  6. Ohh, the derpy stats.. Well! the WU have been folded even if i don't get any points for it, thats the important thing here (but ye.. points are nice...) Also! Shirt ordered!
  7. So, Last event goal was top 100, this time goal is top 10. Lets see how thats goes, i urges you all to try to kick me out of the Top 10
  8. Don't clock for folding, just let it be. Stable and cool is better then 100-200mhz more.