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  1. Ohh, the derpy stats.. Well! the WU have been folded even if i don't get any points for it, thats the important thing here (but ye.. points are nice...) Also! Shirt ordered!
  2. So, Last event goal was top 100, this time goal is top 10. Lets see how thats goes, i urges you all to try to kick me out of the Top 10
  3. Don't clock for folding, just let it be. Stable and cool is better then 100-200mhz more.
  4. Looking at the stats i wonder how many GPU's @ely105 got folding with wooping 11 Mil PPD even during this strugling times of getting a WU. Good Job!
  5. I do, but there is just no WU to be computed so everything just stands "Ready" waiting to snatch a WU I have moved over some to do Rosetta instead of just stand idle.
  6. Well, this was not what i did plan.. 4 RTX 2070 Super, 1 GTX 1080, 1 RX 5700XT and 2 RX480 8G and generating 800k PPD... Oh Well, It is pleasant thing that the Folding community taking and deliviering everything the WU servers can generate in super speed. Well done all of you!
  7. https://foldingforum.org/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=32424 "We've been overwhelmed with the support we're getting from new Donors. Several servers ran out of WU's overnight. The issue is being addressed as fast as the project's owner can get to it. Unfortunately the server(s) may have to be taken off-line while the new WUs are being generated. Please bear with us."
  8. Thanks for a wicked fun and challangeing Folding Month! The setup i have been running is as following: Main Folding Rig: i7-4770K @ 4ghz 2x Rx480 Nitro+ Running Windows 10 Cpu-VM: 32 vCore on Xeon E5-4650 Ubuntu 18.04 Tantrum VM (over 5 weeks of crashing and trobleshooting) 8vCore on Xeon E5-4650 1x MSI Vega 64 (-35% power and around 1200mhz Core to get it somewhat stable) Windows 10 Final Push Machine: 32 Core AMD Epyc "Rome" 1x Tesla P100 Ubuntu 18.04