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  1. @Macaw2000 The only thing you missed out on was the heat and fan noise I'm very much looking forward to some peace and quiet in the house once all of my fans spin down. Not done folding by any means, but a little break will be nice! Many thousands of posts in such a short time provided a wonderful geeking out experience. For the younger ones in the crowd, this is something you'll remember decades from now as you reminisce about your "slow" 2020 gig internet, power hungry hardware, and the mere exaflop that we were excited about. From the top of
  2. I like this stat of mine (thanks to AWS): Active clients (within 50 days) 102
  3. Local news did a story on NCAR in Colorado using their supercomputer for COVID-19: https://www.9news.com/video/tech/science/supercomputer-called-cheyenne-is-helping-crunch-covid-19-numbers/73-653e6803-ad6d-4d7b-a449-13d6f4e4b872 5 petaflops is cool and all (and way more power efficient than us), but doesn't touch what we're doing!
  4. Damn, you really ramped up your resources there!! Cool to see it presented that way...
  5. Both options are available (destroy entirely or keep). Keeping the instance (storage) is new for 2020, so it wasn't that way before. There are multiple ways to bring the same instance back, so you could do it without losing the WU progress.
  6. I'm on day 17 and still have a bit of a cough. The bad stuff stopped about 5 days ago.
  7. It's also worth saying that although the cloud stuff is fun in its own right, nothing beats listening to the fans and water pump all ramped up as you sweat it out in your computer room watching the power meter spin! Having suffered through this virus, I have a personal interest in this project. For me, it was like breathing through a small straw for days on end. The mental part was horrible.
  8. https://aws.amazon.com/ec2/spot/pricing/ Spot instances are subject to being shut down at any time, but are far, far cheaper than dedicated. You want the "GPU Instances - Current Generation", Linux if you can. https://docs.aws.amazon.com/AWSEC2/latest/UserGuide/accelerated-computing-instances.html You have to be really careful with AWS though. If you don't set certain limits on spot pricing, it can get pricey quickly. If you are going to fire up in mass scale, that's a whole different discussion as there are a lot of different ways t
  9. It's pulling it from nvidia-ml-py, which I believe actually pulls it from nvidia-smi. It's a python lib.
  10. Here are power stats for the GPUs - 5 don't have WUs at the moment:
  11. @Macaw2000 is already doing this - Maybe he can chime in with the PPD on those. I think it's about half of the V100 just based on CUDA cores at least.
  12. A friend and I are experimenting in AWS - Don't worry, this isn't going to be running the entire event (maybe).
  13. Yeah, it seems to average about 4M PPD per card x 32 - So that's the 128M, not including the 256 CPUs which aren't all that much in reality.