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  1. Was totally worth sacrificing my bank account Was a whole lot of fun and ty @GOTSpectrum @Metallus97 @leadeater @j1philli for putting in all the hard work
  2. Ive been wondering: could one use a PCIE 4.0 PLX switch to split 4.0 into 2x3.0 lanes... since AFAIK the speed is negotiated between the PLX switch and the pcie card
  3. there are motherboards like that (even ones with 10) but they utilize PLX chips n so on so overall throughput is limited
  4. if youre talking about aws G instances only the 12xlarge have multiple GPUs iirc?
  5. I didnt dare to look at the rankings since the weekend but im pleasantly suprised \ ^ -^/ also @Macaw2000 you crazy [expletive redacted] you werent kidding when you said you where going to flex your AWS muscles you werent kidding, huh?
  6. so an NH-U12A then, I guess? im somewhat worried due to the motherboard standoffs being a bit higher than normal in this case... ill measure it i guess if its within 1 or 2mm i can prob. make it fit
  7. So i felt like my cpu was running too hot... not any more ^^ am gonna get a new cooler though this one is not adequate Anyone know some good air coolers that fit in a 4U server chassis?
  8. turn it upside down let it stand so that it resembles an A perhaps putting it into the cellar (where its colder) also wouldnt hurt
  9. Im tempted to break up my cpu in a bunch of small slots and get a bunch of those done for fun
  10. I think its about time i reboot my PC... Not that i didnt have longer uptimes before but that was with the PC being on standby (which counts towards total uptime) but this time it has actually been running for more than 3 and a half day > .> actually surprised how well it does hold up so far
  11. When in doubt, just drink the whole list up until now again. Worked for me
  12. yee below is mine... also note how @Den-Fi got 16m+ points that update if you look in the team view
  13. Hows your PC / Power situation going? My memory is hazy but i recall things going wrong on your end and you worrying about needing an electrician