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  1. What version of the client did you get? 7.6.8 or 7.6.9?
  2. Source: TheWinCentral This update is way worse than I thought, hopefully Microsoft patches everything soon. Per the article there are multiple issues outlined, but at least one of them has nothing to do with the KB. Defender crashing was a known issue 3 days ago that was due to a bad AV Engine update. To fix it all you have to do is install the latest definition file. The MS Answer forum links in the article have the fix for this listed three days ago but it would appear the author of the article did not want to actually read through the forum post and check whether there
  3. FYI, when the updated client announcement was made the new Version was 7.6.8. There is now version 7.6.9 available on the website. Not sure what changed.
  4. In case it was missed, Update from EOC. LTT call out for the work server build video and team production. The video with Dr. Bowman was pretty interesting as well. https://folding.extremeoverclocking.com/
  5. Have had no issues getting WU. Appears there may have been a hiccup in the stats server last night as i got 5.8 million points and 53 WU complete at 3am and only did 6 Million PPD yesterday with 74 WU. (normally average 9 Million PPD with 100-150 WU) Nothing has been idle according to my HFM.NET install. Back to Work.
  6. Well if I could go to the office I could have an Epyc 2nd gen server built by this weekend, but it doesn't look like that will happen for at least 3 to 4 weeks.
  7. I blame @Gorgon for making me feel bad about having an empty PCIe x16 slot. Now they are all populated.
  8. Hmmmm, I must be the exception then since i am running F@H on 4 desktops and a laptop all running Windows 10 that have been running full bore for 11 straight days and counting with no issues churning out 9 to 10 million PPD.
  9. So what I'm hearing you say is I should order another 5700XT to put in my system that only has one in it and a free PCIe 16x slot. I can understand that. Putting together a plan for a new Epyc server system myself, unfortunately wont be able to pull that together until well after the competition. I feel for you on that. Starting week 3 here of work from home only and just finished the first of 3 weeks of, "stay at home unless you need groceries".
  10. Averaging 14.45 million PPD is sad. (If you say so) The next few behind you in the competition are averaging 10 million PPD or less. So you want it to be a massacre and not just a win or are you just trying to ensure the top spot on the team in general?
  11. Update from EOC: https://folding.extremeoverclocking.com/ To put things into perspective, here's a user total from the aggregate stats page. The project gained a couple hundred thousand participants in a very short amount of time! It went from ~8k active participants to over 170k, and growing! Nothing else major to really report, just fixing bugs here and trying to answer everyone's emails. I have a whole pile of post-it notes of things I still need to fix... so back to work!
  12. Yeah, my limiting factor is cooling. Have 3 of the systems in a small bedroom the rest are in the living room. Have the patio door cracked open to pull cold outside air in (the other 6 systems are sitting right next to the patio door) and a 24" window fan in the small bedroom blowing out to pull the air through. Leaves me limited to the circuits i can plug into. Still have to be able to work from home so I have to have some place that doesn't have cooling fans screaming.