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  1. I would assume they plan to replace the chip and pin from the US vendors in their bank cards with their own chip and pin implementation. This and the whole sanctions thing are likely to be the core reasons behind it. This isn't the only thing the EU has been pushing recently when it comes to Independence from foreign sources. They're not making waves but there's a clear "We like you, but we don't need you" vibe coming off a lot of their moves like this to establish independent EU based tech ventures. I'll leave it there as i'm skirting politics enough as it is there.
  2. Nice digging on the battery details. And yes i doubt very much it can boost at 30w off the battery even with a full charge. That said even if it could, we come back to the fact that to avoid overloading the battery you need some way of monitoring the actual degredation of the battery in each specific laptop.so it knows which profile to use. If anything goes wrong with that you've got a recipe for a battery fire. And thats litigation city right there. Companies aren't going to screw around with that unless they absolutely have to.
  3. I'll freely admit, i have zero clue what any of this has to do with the point under discussion. This isn't a discussion about the mAh of the battery, thats a meaningless statistic here. It's a discussion about what levle of power the battery can sustainable about after accounting for voltage drop from discharge and battery wear from long term cycling. Thats what they set the power limits based on, the worst case real world circumstances that you can expect to happen. As for why no variable set. The complexity is one factor, the focus on long operating times for such devices is anot
  4. Here's the point thats going over your head i think. Any battery pack has a finite limit on the number of amps it can supply regardless of charge state. As a battery discharges it's output voltage under any given amps worth of draw drops. Since power is; (amps * voltage = watts), this means once the voltage drops enough it cannot supply enough watts worth of total power to run in high performance mode because it needs more watts than the battery can deliver to do it.
  5. Hey look an American. Newsflash, a lot of the rest of the 1st world doesn't have america's freedom of speech laws and never has. The government stepping in and regulating the hell out of everything is 100% the norm. That said i agree this is unenforceable. It's got the same issues as the companies hosting it doing this. Not enough man hours available to even scratch the surface. Not to mention their jurisdiction stops at the Canadian border with creates all kind sof issues. That said whilst just expecting them to apply their methods and powers that they use for policing
  6. Per the article above they installed 40,000 terminals, presumably the majority of those where intended to be used by individual postmasters and mistresses. Even the full 700 odd people caught up in this only amounts to 2-3% of all individuals, and thats spread over a long period of time and in the aftermath of a time when there wasn't really a way to detect such fraud easily. As someone with modding experiance once i grasped what was being described it made me want to punch kittens. When your modding a game and you mess with somthing in the files, (say the rate of fire on
  7. Do some more digging. The software was at fault only in so much as it did what it was designed to do in response to faulty sensor readings. The issues boiled down to insufficient redundancy in the sensors and insufficient training on the new MACS, (some of which falls on the airlines, Boeing informed them of the proper procedure to disengage it, but not all airlines passed it on to the pilots). Boeing made some pretty major screw ups, but there where issues at the airlines too, regulatory agencies also deserve some blame for not adequately looking into the MAX and thus not realising somthing h
  8. "It did exactly what we told it to do sir. Unfortunately what we told it to do was wrong."
  9. The problem seems to be all those other records where made by the people under suspicion. This is a massive screwup though, weather anything will come of it vis a vis Fujitsu is going to depend heavily on who was responsible and where they're living. If they're living where we can't extradite them it's going to be near impossible to do anything. The Post Office is an even worse mess because they really could have genuinely trusted expert advice from the company providing the software about it's reliability. That would clear them, but proving either way conclusively could be a mess.
  10. This, if anyone had died because of a fault induced by this code then every single researcher is on the hook for manslaughter.
  11. Just finished a restart to try installing a bunch of windows updates. This is my second attempt to do it. Both times after completing the process and trying to boot it reverts to the previous configuration, (I assume bcause somthing went wrong). But i'm not sure why it's failing or what to do about it. Windows 10 64 bit. Currently on 1909 and the major updates waiting to install seems to include 20H2 which i assume is the next iteration. Not sure whats at fault atm.
  12. I'm very much aware p this, hence my comment on how it sounds like the researcher mislead the board.
  13. Dang that a lot of angry nerds /s. Yeah sounds to me like the people reviewing if it counts as human experimentation don't understand what this is about very well. Which honestly is fair, they deal with a lot of stuff, they can;t be experts at everything, but it probably means the researcher mislead the board rather badly.