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mic static // 3.5mm USB adapter

Hi guys!

I got a question and you peeps certainly know more about this than I do!

I bought a Beyerdynamic Custom Game after doing quite a bit of research it seemed like a good headset for me!
However, after using it and skyping I was fairly disappointed by the mic quality since it has a constant beeping static. I used to use a Logitech G930 which had way worse sound quality but the mic didn't give any noise or static to the people I would skype with.

After wanting to just return in due to this issue I decided to give it a try on my laptop and phone and guess what... no static at all!
So the problem most likely ain't with the mic of the headset. So I tried to think of why the Logitech might not have this issue and the main difference between the 2 is that the Logitech is a USB headset where the Custom Game issues a 3.5mm jack. Doing some more research n finding that static occurs a lot more in 3.5mm jacks then USB connections and looking even further I found this video.
What do you guys think? is it worth it to buy a USB adapter like this and give it a shot? Or is there something else I should try before doing this?

People also mentioned it might be due to a shitty onboard soundcard so for the sake of information the motherboard I got is an Asus X99-A, is this a motherboard that is known for static audio? Or does it have nothing to do with this?

Thanks a bunch!

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6 minutes ago, Firewrath9 said:


Realtek High Definition Audio (or do you need to know something else haha :p)

Edit: Yes they are up to date.

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after doing some more stuff like trying it on a different desktop I found that it ain't the headset but the computer for sure!
A lot of ppl say it might be the PSU or the motherboard. to add some information the PSU is a: RM850i

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