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New Build freezing and closing applications

Hi All,


I have recently recently upgraded my old FX8350 system to Ryzen (specs below) and am suddenly getting freezing and applications closing. Nearly every other time I start my PC, it hangs on the BIOS splash screen until reset and will not proceed to boot. Beginning at the same time, my system has decided it would like to close (within 15 seconds of opening) some applications. These applications are normally intensive ones, (games, adobe creative, emulators, CAD) and will close with no error (apart from that stupid windows error noise).


Obviously this did not happen on my previous system so I am a little stuck. I can get steam to run games in compatibility mode but nothing else and it still hangs on the BIOS splash screen on start up. I have also never flashed/updated the BIOS but have all latest drivers. Components below are all new unless marked. 



Ryzen 2600x with 240mm Corsair AIO 

Asrock b450m pro4

16gb (2x8) hyperx 2666 DDR4

Palit super jetstream 1060 6gb (6 months old)

240gb Kingston SSD (6 months old)

1TB Seagate SShd Hybrid drive

Intel wireless/bluetooth PCI card

Corsair CX600 PSU with cable extensions. (4 years old)


Any help would be fantastic!

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