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FPS Problems caused by Mouse


Hey guys!
i got the following problem: 
when i move my mouse, my gpu seems to stop working. at least thats my thought. Best example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j0CagXGhrlA
As long as the windows Task focus is on the game, the gpu seems to downscale itself when i move my mouse. 
i got the problem in Fortnite and CoD  Black ops 4, so its not like its just 1 game and it might be caused by one of the game updates or whatever.

In Fortnite the FPS drop to about +-10 fps when moving the mouse, in CoD its not as bad, but still not playable. 

My PC-Specs: 
i5-8600k @4.4Ghz
z370 Extreme4
2x8Gb RipjawsV 3200mhz
Strix 1080 advanced 8GB
500w Be Quite PSU


when u realised the problem? 
I just realised it after mondays v6.22 Update of fortnite, on Sunday everything worked perfectly fine, no windows or driver update on the day or the one before.

Ive tried: 
tried out older drivers, the new drivers after a clean install, a clean install of the old driver, ive tried playing without graphics driver, everything without a succes. 
tried out restarting the games or my pc several times, no succes. 
Ive tried different settings of the game, different resolutions, different refreshrates of the monitor... No success.

ive tried playing with and without MSI Afterburner & Riva Tuner in the background.
ive tried changing the refreshrate of my mouse (g403) that seems to downscale the problem,but it doesnt eliminate it, while im not a fan of using 125hz refreshrate on my mouse, since its quite a big diff to using 1000mhz...

My CPU and RAM Clocks are stable, Temperature of CPU and GPU are more then fine (Max Load CPU = 4-5 Cinebench runs -> Max Temp: 60°C | Max recorded Temp on GPU while trying to play a game, which is obv not as easy at it may sound cuz of the problem :D = 55°C)

Does this all mean, that my GPU is "dead"? or is it maybe just a secret win update problem, or maybe its caused by the fortnite update? i mean, that would make sense, since that is the moment the problems started, even though that wouldnt make sense since i got the same problem in CoD…

Thanks for any response & thanks for reading!

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