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PC Freezing randomly in games : mouse issue?

Hello everyone.
I bought my first gaming computer in the beginning of this year, instantly I started to notice that it would freeze after a random amount of time.. Long story short, I ve been trying to troubleshoot this with the advices of the french company where i bought this computer for about 6 months.
The issue is that it will ( the time before the freeze seems to be dependant to the game i m playing, i'm experiencing faster freezes with overwatch and Fortnite), freeze, by that I mean that the image will stop, the sound will stop completely or sometimes it's just a buzzing sound, even the RGB effects on my keyboard and mouse will stop, when the freeze happens the only way I can have any response from the computer is by hard shutting down by pressing the power button..

Here are the Specs :

Windows 10  version 10.0.17134
Mobo Z370 SLI PLUS 
I think the bios is from 06/07/2018 so it's relatively recent
CPU I7 8700K
RAM 2*8Go Sport LT Red DDR4 2666Mhz CAS 16 DR

PSU  Raider S 550 W

GPU  Cerberus 1070TI  8go

Barracuda 1To
960 EVO M.2 NVME 250 Go

(and I use a K70 keyboard with a Razer Lancehead Tournament Mouse a logitech G533 headset and a Dell SG2417 monitor and a USB dongle if that helps in any way...)


And here are the tests that were realized all without any trouble :


CPU : Linx 1h30
HDD : HDTune 
SSD : HDTune

Motherboard Linx 1h30

GPU : Furmark 1h Heaven Ungine 2h Metro Last light 3h
PSU : OCCT Power supply 1h50
RAM : Linx 1h30 Memtest 4

All temperatures are fine, and all drivers were updated to the latest the 12/06/2018.
I had it returned once and the CPU and RAM were changed for new pieces. They did all this testing ( since they re professionnals i believe they did it right) and found nothing so sent it back to me.. and here I am with a Computer still freezing..

I was told the issue could be coming from the mouse, do I actually need to buy a new one to test it? will changing the polling rate or even use default DPI help in any way?
I was also wondering if the issue could be coming from G-sync ?

I'm exhausted about this whole story I reaally wish I could get some help from you guys..
Thanks for trying,

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