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PC stuck on gigabyte splash loading screen on boot after windows update

Yesterday PC was being super slow so I reset it using a USB installation. Everything seemed fine, boot was fast, browser, games, everything was perfect. When I go to turn it off it asks for update and shutdown. I click it and go to sleep. This morning I go to turn it on and it goes through the gigabyte loading and into a black screen for like 10 mins. I force shutdown and it keeps happening. After the third time, the automatic repair comes in and after loading for a bit also goes to a black screen. So the. I try booting into the USB installation and it boots up the blue windows logo and then also goes to a black screen. I’ve reset bios, changed display to internal, disconnected all USB. I managed to get to the repair screen once after plugging the PC directly into the wall outlet and unplugging everything, but haven’t been able to get back to it since. When I did get to the repair I tried to repair and came back saying it couldn’t do anything.

Windows 10
Motherboard: GA-B85M-D3H
CPU: i5-4590
GPU: R9 390
And I’ve only got 1 stick of 8gb ram 

Not sure if my PC is just dead now but I’d like to know which pieces I can salvage or if there’s a way to fix this. Thanks.

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