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8700k strange behavior


Yesterday I noticed a strange behavior, I don't know exactly from when, maybe after the October uptade. Looking at cpuz my cpu was stuck at max frequencies, no matter which power profile I choose in windows. Also I noticed slightly lower score in cinebench. My 8700k at 4.9 ghz used to score 1620-1640 but now I see about 1550. The single core score was 195 instead of 210-215. i have had to completely reinstal my OS (a clean instal of the October win 10) to fix the behavior, now frequency drop to 800, cinebench score 1620 in multi and about 215 or so in single. Quite strange, still see odd numbers in cpuz benchmark. Multicore seem ok with around 4300, but single core show a score of 470 that's nonsense cause I used to see 570 or so. My bios setting are the same as always so... I really don't know

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