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Low fps overtime


I have X550ik notebook

about 7-8 months i played rainbow six siege and fortnite

on rainbow six siege ultra settings, i have around 60 fps average with fps drops when i move around

on fortnite, with low settings i have around 80 fps average with a little fps drops

when i tried to use low setting and i got similiar fps but with no fps drops and so i used low settings

about 2 months after i quit from fortnite, my fps on rainbow is 50 fps and fps drops

so i mess around with wattman

i undervolt the gpu and set the temperature from 81 max to 80 max

and still the fps is not changing

then i realize about this month my average fps on rainbow is 40 fps

so i tested fortnite to see if the fps comes from update or from my laptop

then i found out my fps on fortnite drop massively to 40 fps

i've search everything and nothing came up

any solution?

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6 minutes ago, Verilly said:


any solution?

Maybe the CPU/GPU is thermal throttling due to a dust build up inside the notebook

Work Laptop: HP ZBook 15  i7-4800QM 16GB  Home Laptop: Lenovo Ideapad 720s i7 8550u Phone: Galaxy S9  

CPU: R7 3700X GPU: GTX 1070 it Strix HDD: 1TB WD Blue SSD: 128gb 970 Memory: 16GB Crucial DDR4


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