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Paragon Software HFS+ not uninstalling

-Bought and Installed paragon software HFS+

-Stopped working after the second day, just gave me error messages saying It restarted with errors. 

-Tried uninstalling and got an error 'Service 'apmwinsrv' could not be stopped. Verify you have sufficient privileges.

-Tried multiple ways of trying to seeing if I could verify it somehow and nothing worked. So I resorted to just getting rid of the software.

-Watched a video "how to uninstall programs in safe mode" and followed directions. Somehow I think it made it worse.

- It doesn't stop to give the message midway through the uninstallation process anymore. It just speeds through everything super fast and nothing changes. The program is still on my computer.

Update: It still pauses, but now it says sometimes that I need to be an administrator to uninstall. 

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