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Intel stock cooler push pins

So I know how annoying push pins are and sadly all my builds so far have featured them which is actually quite sad and annoying but I've dealt with it so far.


I'm doing a used old build desktop for a family member with a few left over parts and cheap stuff on eBay. However, the stock cooler I have when trying to put it on a 1155 motherboard is actually getting difficult. Yes I know the various methods and 3/4 pins do go in as intended with not too much force needed. 


Now.. the last pin.. yeah.. it's like it doesn't want to go in.. but when I hold the cooler in my hand and put pressure on the plastic at the bottom and push it works fine. What's up with that? I thought the black pin wouldn't go through but it turns out the plastic isn't making contact with the motherboard. I assume something may be bending as i install it or something plastic has bent but it works fine when just using my own hands. Somewhat perfect like the rest.


It's extremely stiff but every time I mount it on the motherboard it simply won't behave. I've tried to push the plastic down onto the motherboard and then push the pins but it's impossible. 


Should I give up and try another cooler as I'm worried I've possibly broken one of the push pins. I also sadly don't have the money currently just to order some cheap screw in or push pin aftermarket cooler . Yeah I'm that broke ?

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Stock coolers shouldn't be expensive to find. You could fine one for $10 on a used site.


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