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Chances of OP6 Mirror breaking?


So I bought the OP6 Black Mirror and I got a case for it, now if the phone drops (with the case on obviously), what are the odds of the mirror braking? Because if it has a good chance of breaking, I prefer to switch to the Matte Black.

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The odds are exactly between 0% and 100%.


Either it breaks, or it doesn't. simple as that.


It depends from what height it falls, at what angle, what acceleration, what the ground is, on what specific part of the ground it falls, etc etc.

You can let the phone drop 10 times, and 10 times it will fall differently.


It's absolutely not possible to calculate the odds as a % chance ^^ And even if it were possible, it wouldn't give you ANY information. statistics are nice, but are useless for a single Person.



Easy solution: Don't drop it / let it drop, and it won't break. Works for me since years ^^



But.. why do you think the Matte would break less easy than the mirror? Both are Glas surfaces on the back. It won't make any difference. Take/keep the model that looks better.

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