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VuetifyJS Conditionally Disabling Components


Hey all!


I'm building a webapp with VueJS, implementing Vuetify to take care of the material design stuff for me.

I was curious to know if anyone could help me figure out how to make a component disabled conditionally.

All the Vuetify components appear to support a "disabled" properties, at least the input fields, selectors and buttons do.

This property obviously doesn't allow the interaction with such disabled components. It has a default value of false, making the component its a part of, disabled (duh)

Logically, setting disabled to true should leave it enable right? Well, i tried doing that several different ways. like





^I tried both of those things without the quotes as well, as well as with single quotes as well. No luck, the component stays disabled either way, using boolean values or not.

Obviously I'm doing something wrong here, I just can't pinpoint what. I couldn't find anything useful in the documentation or in the GitHub forums for it. Anyone have any ideas?

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<component :disabled="true"></component>


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