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i try not to delete torrents and become a seeder. Which torrent client is stable when having 10000+ torrents with fast download speeds? which ones also support feeds and/or devices? I think feeds download would save a lot of clicking time, like i use to do before.

I also got a old synology + qnap nas from a friend. do they use their own torrent client, how much work can they manage?




some rants you can ignore

=== utorrent isnt what it was. I managed to fix the unable to allocate memory issue after many tedious hours. but there were still crash dump issuess. 


I have so many incomplete torrents. it dump crashes every 4 to 9gb of files downloaded, thats about every 30minutes. I need it to run overnight.

even the utorrent troubleshooting forum is dead.Trasnferring old torrents to new PC didnt work either. I RECOMMEND everyone to switch to something else

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any recommendations for a Raspberry Pi 3 or Orange Pi PC 2? I don't like transmission nor deluge Thanks!

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28 minutes ago, Joel2003 said:

qBittorrent is good, but just to let you know if you're downloading pirated stuff (movies, tv, games etc...) you could run into some legal issues, especially if they're seeding 24/7.

Not that I recommend it but if you're going to seed pirated stuff use a vpn, some good ones are NordVPN, Cyberghost and express vpn, I would NOT recommend TunnelBear as it is now owned by McAfee who make awful anti virus software. 

i did run into university policy issues in UK. however i have no troubles now.

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