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Help Pc Build For Heavy Gaming and as a Workstation



My budget for this build is a little over $5500 monitor and peripherals included.

I need help in improving my build, the fans shown are my choices for the case fans.

I have 4 dilemma's about this build

A.I'm having a hard time choosing the best PSU and CPU cooler (liquid is preferred) ? Are the one's which I've chosen already OK? or is there something better?

B.Which case should i get?

C.what type of storage should i get ? can i get 2 m.2 SSD or should i widen my range and get 1 m.2, 1 SSD and 1 HDD ? what would be the best one?

D. Ram choice, which ram should i get to get the most optimal speed? and is 32gb enough for heavy gaming and using the PC as a workstation?

Please help me improve it.

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