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How To Overclock Memory?

So all my games have been lagging latency and i didnt know what the problem was so i went into my Asrock B85m Pro3's BIOS and overclocked my Intel Xeon E3-1231 V3 from 3.2GHz to 4.2Ghz, it now sits at around 38c at 100% load with my water cooler as well as overclocking my Kingston KVR Budget 4x2GB set from  1333mhz to 1600mhz. Is it safe to overclock this ram? The only option i changed was the MHz, all other options are set to Auto and i did not change the Cas Timings. I then overclocked my XFX RX480 8GB to 1380MHz.

After all of that it fixed the textures loading in PUBG and halved my Rainbow Six load time

Main Rig

CPU: Intel Xeon E3-1231 V3 (4.2Ghz) | RAM: TeamDark DDR3 16GB 1600Mhz | GPU: XFX RX480 8GB OC (1337Mhz) | PSU: CoolerMaster CM Storm 600W | MOBO: MSI Z97 GAMING 3 | CASE: Phanteks P400s TG Black/White | STORAGE: 128GB Samsung SSD + 2x2TB Samsung 7200RPM HDD | SCREEN: LG 25UM58-P 25" IPS 21:9 Ultrawide 2560x1080p + 2 x Dell 16:10 Non-IPS 1440x900p | AUDIO: Logitech G430 + Shure SM58 + Focusrite Solo | Keyboard: CoolerMaster MK750 | Mouse: G.Skill MX750 |



CPU: Intel Core i7 7500U 3.5Ghz | RAM: 8GB DDR4 | GPU: Radeon R7 M445 4GB | SCREEN: 1920x1080 15.6" Non-IPS

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Yeah as long don't put too much voltages on the memory. 

Magical Pineapples

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