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  1. Same with program like OBS, you can just screen record your screen...
  2. Sounds like you have issues with reseller, go ask them why they advertising they official re-sellers when they are not offical re-sellers.
  3. Like what @TofuHaroto said, if you want to first in line, grab new GPU and compare performances with benchmarks with reputable sources and if difference is less than 5% no need for upgrade cpu.
  4. You can have look at custom pfsense box. You can grab second hand/refurbish government desktop and added nic from anything above 4th gen should be fast enough. For new product, the dream machine if you want stand within ubiquiti.
  5. If you play alot of first person shooters yeah. Personally no, I would like better looking 1440p panel.
  6. I think people really need to get more basic computer security/privacy knowledge ... I have couple of friends that thought their webcam LED on their laptop was broken(always on) as usually most ask their significant other for IT advice. As the BF install the software in the first place ... they only realized after they broken up. IMO, these anti virus suite is really easy to bypass if someone like significant other have access to computer. I really think at OS level it should tell user when camera/microphone is being used in background or foreground for peri
  7. Why does this even exist. It a fucking waste of resources.
  8. You have manual, it tell you how to do it. (If not download one here: https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/support/B450-GAMING-PLUS-MAX#down-manual) Your motherboard have USB flashback so you don't even need CPU/memory or anything installed apart from power to motherboard.
  9. From experience both should be fine. That not stock ram speed, it shows the speed it can overclock to.
  10. Go with one which suit you. Look at features such as ports and expansion and see which one suit your needs. I could normally go with mATX/microATX (B450M MORTAR MAX) or miniATX as it would allow me to use a smaller case. Unless you like big boy PC with alot of empty room but yeah.
  11. Did you plug the video cable in the GPU? Try resitting the GPU and double power connection (6pin).
  12. Assume you have crap cooler now, I would upgrade CPU cooler first and then fans.