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trying to fix phone cable


Hello i have a flat phone cable and i need to replace one the end, is there a tool that i can buy where it will cut the outer sleeving off or should i just use a knife and be careful..ides? please remove if in wrong sectrion.

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If you do that sort of thing alot, get a decent wire stripper. I got one a few years ago and it makes life so much easier. But having said that, I would learn to strip wire with side cutters first. Its definitely a skill, but invaluable, as often I end up working with wire that the strippers can't handle for some reason.


If youre just doing it once, try with a knife. If that fails get some decent side cutters.If you look after them they last for just about ever, but I have a tendency to knacker them after a year or two as I do so much work with them. Cheap wire strippers are not worth anything in my book.

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