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 I started my new build about a week ago.m. Original plan was white and black theme with RGBW (true white led's). Well it turns out that  no matter if it has real white leds or mixes the colors together that no white is ever the same and that also goes with same manufactures. Heck my motherboard has RGBW built into it but some of the led's on the board are not rgbw but a few are?


I decided to keep white/black but go for RGB(W) as well. I am not a big RGB fan but I mean it beats 4 different colored white lights so I started the quest to get everything controlled through the motherboard and that is very very hard granted I already had a 1080 and a few other things already. 


In the process of trying to see how to possibly replace my LED's on my EVGA 1080 FTW I figured out that they were already wired for RGB with 12V of power just to be controlled by EVGA software, so those will be next when my connectors get here because I don't want to just clip off the ends of my expensive cards. But the SLI bridge is another story. Yes gigabyte, and Asus have RGB SLI bridges but I have EVGA cards and already have a bridge so I took my it apart and looked inside. RGBW :) okay time to mod.... I did look around a bit and am surprised that in searching for this I never found it.


Here is a video of it in acton. https://photos.app.goo.gl/AlHHaEIcu9M9oKJp2


(Don't mind the 8700k with a stock intel cooler ;))



The opened SLI bridge with RGBW connector cut off (After an hour of searching digi-key I was unable to figure out what kind it was so time to solder. I am guessing its 30 AWG wire.



Shaved the bridge so the tiny wires could pass through.



Solder is done and add first layer of heatshrink.



2nd layer of heatshrink and added wire sleeving .



2 more layers of heatshrink to protect the solder joints since I only had 24AWG wire to solder to the 30AWG wires and a compete mod, very happy I did this. Next the videocards as they have RGB 12v and use 4 pin gpu mini fan header and they are on the way.

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Pretty cool man thanks for all the help on my build turned out great! Still need to fix the one fan cable.



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