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Cheap build for gaming at 1080p

Hello there, I bought a dell optiplex in early 2014, paired it with a gtx 750 and 8GB ram, and has served me well till now. But I decided to upgrade and so, bought an Asus Dual GTX 1060 6GB quite a while ago (before the initial miner thing).

The problem is, 1: the old i3 4160 might bottleneck the 1060, 2: my rig has a 290w PSU, which is way below the recommended size, 3: I cannot pair any new PSU with the dell motherboard neither the PSU with any ordinary 24+8 pin motherboard.

So I am forced to buy a whole new system, and the release of the ryzen cpus and the new 8th gen Intel ones have stopped me in my tracks.

My budget would be around USD 500ish. Do note that shipping the parts here (Maldives) would be really expensive too, so a USD 400 mark would be much appreciated.

I'd like a CPU, motherboard, RAM, and a PSU that falls in the price point. 

I was originally going for a ryzen r3 1200 for $150 (includes shipping), but wasn't sure how it would match with my 1060.

Also, I do have an extra shark 650w(Shark atx-650-n12s) PSU rated 80+ bronze, which I think is a bit fishy (no pun intended).

Thank you!

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The Ryzen 3 is a good option, or maybe wait until Coffe Lake is more available and get a new Core i3.


I think your Shark PSU would be good until you can afford to upgrade to a Corsair or EVGA one

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How many amps can the PSU deliver on the 12V rail? A 1060 has a TDP of 120W, and a lot of Intel CPUs have a 61W TDP. ~220W should be fine. 

A used 4770/4790/1231 v3 should be fine for a 1060.

Or the Ryzen 3, that works too


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